Best supermarket brand ice cream?

Best supermarket brand ice cream?

Created by jen on Oct 5, 2007

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Ben & Jerry's

Dreyer's / Edy's



Blue Bunny



Generic brand


Don't like ice cream


Costa Mesa, CA

#43 Jan 25, 2010
rcc wrote:
Carraggeenan is natural. It is derived from seaweed:
<quoted text>
MSG is natural too.

Natural does not mean safe.

Read up on carrageenan. Linked to cancer. Causes stomach distress in many. 3 out of the 5 people in my family cannot 'stomach' carrageenan. Its causes us to literally double over in pain.

Delray Beach, FL

#44 Jan 25, 2010
Ben and Jerry's used to be my favorite, then I tried the absolutely delicious Haagen Dazs vanilla. I still went back and forth. After I tried Blue Bell home made on a whim, I only once bought Haagen Dazs (to compare). Bluebell has the most delicious tasting vanilla ice cream I've ever had. Putting peanut butter or whipped cream on it would just dull the wonderful flavor. I buy the flavors that already have stuff in them (cookie dough is heaven).

Too bad it has Carrageenan. I still eat it anyway... It's too delicious.
Jacqueline in Ok

Mustang, OK

#45 Feb 19, 2010
Sam "MSG is natural too.
Natural does not mean safe.
Read up on carrageenan. Linked to cancer. Causes stomach distress in many. 3 out of the 5 people in my family cannot 'stomach' carrageenan. Its causes us to literally double over in pain."
Perfectly stated Sam...I am one of those who suffer!! IF this carrageenan is natural and safe, why are labs still testing it? IF it's ok for food, why are folks with "lactose" problems finding out, it's not lactose it carrageenan? Just remember, many products in our past were considered safe, THEN, bad!
If you suffer with this pain like I do, you will understand why it's necessary for ALL manuf. to list this on their products. KUDOS to those companies to give us a choice!!!!

Santa Ana, CA

#46 Mar 21, 2010
Sadly, Breyers jumped on the carrageenan wagon now too, so the only product free from the big C is Haagen-daz.
Jacqueline in Ok

Mustang, OK

#47 Mar 21, 2010
modo wrote:
Sadly, Breyers jumped on the carrageenan wagon now too, so the only product free from the big C is Haagen-daz.
Sad indeed, Breyers has put sales ahead of safety. I think they will regret their change. With cancer, IBS, and many other problems arising daily, any manuf. that put "our" health ahead of their profits, is a company I will "totally" support! We should all demand more healthy food!

Tenafly, NJ

#48 Mar 25, 2010

Irving, TX

#49 Mar 27, 2010
What about Oak Farms?!?!?
ice cream fan

Brooklyn, NY

#50 Mar 28, 2010
Breyers is the best. It's not overly heavy like haagen daaz or ben and jerrys and it's not filled with fillers like the other brands. Edy's and blue bunny is some of the most vile ice cream I have ever eaten. They both leave a nasty gunky mouth feel afterwards. Haagen daaz and jerrys is good too if Breyers is not available.

San Jose, CA

#51 Apr 4, 2010
The best ice cream is making it yourself.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#52 Apr 9, 2010
I remember eating homemade icecream as a child and it was the best thing I ever tasted in my life. I am not sure if it will still hold up to those memories but I am willing to try it.
ice cream manm

Madison, SD

#53 Apr 14, 2010
bchgal wrote:
where can you get blue bell ice cream
At the supermarket
Salamander Teeth

Glendale, CA

#54 Jun 22, 2010
dave wrote:
Breyers is the best ice cream. Here is why. All brands of ice cream in the freezer box contains a allergen (and possibly cancer casusing ingredient) called carraggeenan. So, for over ten years I have been looking for a brand that did not have that ingredient. About four weeks ago, I found out that Breyers ice cream do not have carraggeenan. So, I bought one, then another, and another. In four weeks I ate 8 half-gallon containers of Breyers ice cream (the one with strawberry).
And the best part is... for the past year and a half I have been trying everything to lose the 40 pounds and 4 inches that I put on two years ago. For the past four weeks I have been eating one gallon of Breyers ice cream per week, and I lost two inches along the waist line and I lost the side handles as well. I used to look like a pregnant woman (two years ago I was a 155 pound, 5'9" tall guy). The main reason I started eating all that was the excitement of finding an ice cream without carrageenan after searching for one for over 10 years. Wouldn't eat like that if you were deprived of ice cream for more than 10 years, and all that you could do was watch others enjoy ice cream?
A million THANK YOU Breyers for making me some ice cream without carraggeenan. May you conquer all the taste buds in the world!
It Took you 10 years to find Breyers?! haha
I like Breyers!

Plano, TX

#55 Jul 26, 2010
Blue Bell ice cream is one of the best ice creams I have ever tasted!:D And, it is cheap, at only 1.99 a pint, while Haagen Dazz and Ben And Jerry's are about 4.99 each. I think that BB tastes better than HD and BJ, and BB is way cheaper.:D

Woodridge, IL

#56 Aug 4, 2010
If you ever have a chance try the Kirkland brand ice cream at Costco...very rich and creamy and probably very fattening but absolutely the best vanilla out there.
Chocoholic Number 1

Tulsa, OK

#57 Aug 16, 2010
Personally I am a lover of Chocolate Ice Cream and I have found the best of the best. For all of you other chocoholics out there you need to try DOVE UNCONDITIONAL CHOCOLATE. It is the smoothest, silky ice cream you will ever eat.

Phoenix, AZ

#58 Aug 18, 2010
Yes, carageenan is made from seaweed and also from a type of irish moss. It has been marketed to food manufacturers and consumers as a natural product. Many food companies have used it instead of gelatin products to thicken and stabalize. It has an appeal because it is not an animal product and again is marketed as a natural plant based food. However in my opinion this is quite a stretch. The average consumer (like me) assumes that a natural product is not chemical altered. If it was not chemically altered they would list the ingredient as seaweed or moss....
Carageenan has made me very ill for a long time and I had no idea that was the problem. It is in so many products and we have no idea. I have stopped eating anything containing carageenan and within a couple of days had normal digestion. I can only believe that the people supporting this product are in some way connected to selling it or using it in products. I don't care what the FDA says. This is not a safe product.


#59 Aug 27, 2010
Tagarg ice cream and majoon! best iranian ice cream!
Ice cream

Saint Marys, GA

#60 Dec 14, 2010
There is a gay bar down the street called Ben and Jerry's. I don't think they have ice cream though.

Marion, VA

#61 Jan 9, 2011
Haagen daez is by far the best of the store bought ice cream brands. Anyone who has never tried there vanilla bean ice cream or there cherry vanilla ice cream doesn't know that they're missing. Seriously grab yourselves a pint of vanilla bean not vanilla but vanilla bean and eat it slowly it's truely excellent and it's all natural which is even better. To me and my entire family nothing comes close to Haagen daez. Take care

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Since: Sep 08


#62 Jan 16, 2011
I grew up kinda close to where Blue Bell ice cream is made, always hearing their cute little jingle with the happy cows commercials. And the flavors were every bit as good as more expensive brands, so of course I ate Blue Bell for decades...

UNTIL 3 years ago, when my lower intestine would swell up like I was 7-8 months pregnant, and the pain could be anywhere from a 4 up to a 9 (in addition to being a post-op nurse for many years, I've had many surgeries, so I feel those pain ratings aren't inflated).

After the typical tests all came back negative, I began my own rule-out diets, which can be confusing when attacks are intermittent. After my 2nd colonoscopy, I told my 3rd GI that even though it might sound paranoid, the only consistent food to trigger my painful, inflamed gut was commercially prepared foods, especially pre-made dinners, and some sauces.

My GI said it wasn't paranoid at all, that he too suffered from sensitivity to food additives/preservatives. For me to cook everything from scratch until my gut settled down, and carefully see which commercial foods triggered a painful reaction.

BLUE BELL ICE CREAM triggered a gut attack within 30-60 minutes! It took me a few days to figure out which additive it was, but after another attack from another food containing carraggeenen, I've avoided that horrid toxin(IMO) ever since.

In those 3 years, I eventually had at least 1-2 attacks per week, at least one of them severe. After avoiding carrageenen, I might have 1-2 gut attacks per MONTH (nitrates/nitrates kinda bother me too, but not as bad), and fairly mild compared to before.

I hope and pray most never develop sensitivities to carrageenen, but I'd recommend everyone diagnosed with IBS (and have had other medical causes ruled out) to do a rule-out diet with carrageenen.

Blue Bell, I once LOVED you, but will never, EVER eat another spoonful of your ice cream until you stop adding that vile, pain-causing carrageenen!

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