I'm going to start out by saying, I love garlic! Most delicious thing ever, and I don't understand how anyone could dislike the smell; yum!

Anyway, I'm currently battling athlete's foot and since soaking my feet in vinegar daily was not sustainable for me (it dried out my soles so much that the skin starting splitting and left me with painful fissures on my feet), I want to try garlic instead.

A method presented was to mince or crush the garlic and let it sit in olive oil for three days and then strain out the garlic and use the olive oil on your feet. However, I'm worried about botulism growing in the olive oil. I wouldn't be ingesting this concoction, but I don't want to take any risks!

So I was wondering, does anyone know if vinegar destroys allicin and ajoene? I could add a little vinegar to the oil upon preparation to prevent botulism, but if the vinegar also destroys the anti-fungal chemicals in the garlic, then it kind of makes it a moot point.

As an alternative idea, does refrigeration destroy allicin and ajoene? I've read that refrigeration greatly slows down the growth of botulism, and since I'd only be making enough oil for about a week at a time, that could be another solution if the vinegar is not viable.

Sorry for the strange question, but... does anyone know?