There is NO reason why anyone cannot make more than minimum wage. If you are motivated, you can find companies who are ready to help you. It may not be the conventional J.O.B. which I call ‘Just Over Broke’. At the same time you don't want to get involved with a MLM (Multilevel Marketing) company where you work really hard only to have your hard earned income go to the people at the top. Take time to search and when you find a company you think is a good fit, there is no harm in researching the company through the Better Business Bureau, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), State Attorney's Office. Those are the organizations helping consumers protect themselves. I can tell you Internet search is NOT the best or proper research. Every time I see the commercial with the ‘French Model’ and the young lady says,“If it's on the Internet, it must be true”, I have to laugh, because she thinks like a lot of people. The telephone book and your telephone are best.

When I took early retirement because of 911, I still needed income to make up my take home pay. I was approached by several MLM companies and because I had taken that route years before with no success and loss of money, I didn't dare look, even when told,“You can get in on the ground floor”. That usually means the company will get a good start, but usually within 5-years they are dead.

My expertise life training was medical technologist, doing lab work, helping doctors, but moving to a southern state, the pay was unacceptable, so I trained in the airline industry. There I helped people with travel arrangements. When retirement was offered, I needed something new. I wanted to get back into medical somehow, but not in the sense of working nights and weekends. We are all trainable, but to do something different, different means you also have to be coachable. My marketing and advertising department trained me to do something I had no idea I could do. My team helped and coached me, so don't think because you are not trained in a different industry, you can only do what you have done since your working days began.

Students are graduating college and many can't find jobs. So the traditional job may not be what is right for you now.

Go out, find it; it's there for you. I found my company, because they are always looking to help others. So you too can find something great.