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crystal mcallen tx

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#274 Nov 4, 2010
Hey cindy......ive been taking minne for 3wks and lost 10 pounds already ive been drinking alot of water and pee like every freaken 45min....are u excersising or what are doing to loose weight .....also i dont eat dinner nomore but ughhh i want to looose the weight faster ....get back at me anyone

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#275 Nov 4, 2010
I got them from amazon too. The seller was lycdnnn2009. Has anyone purchased the pills from that seller? I have only lost about 5 pounds in like 5 weeks and it is not like people say that they don't make you hungry and that you don't need to workout of change your eating habits. What I have lost so far is caused by a change in the kind of food I eat. PLEASE give me the exact name of website from where you buy them from.

TEXA wrote:
<quoted text>
I got them from a friend that said she got them off amazon, when i finished them i ordered some off amazon as well but the package was different and they didnt work like the ones my friend gave me so i dont think the ones i ordered from amazon were real it was from some distrubutor in Florida so beware because i didnt lose anything with the pills i ordered.

San Juan, TX

#276 Nov 4, 2010
guest wrote:
<quoted text>were did you buy yours I have also been taking them for about 2 weeks and I haven't seen any weight loss at all at first I bought some form amazon 2 day diet and took them also for about 2 weeks and nothing the pills did have the mtz lazer writing on them but I did not feel thirsty the only thing I got was a head aches so I order sum meizitang for a Chinese seller they also had the mtz lazer writing with this ones I do get more thirsty and dizzy I sweat more but still no weight so can some one please tell me were I can buy the real one thank you
are the ones ur taking also light color green?

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#277 Nov 4, 2010
health wrote:
<quoted text>are the ones ur taking also light color green?
no mine or dark green and have the laser writing mtz on them

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#278 Nov 4, 2010
Well its been since September 19 and i have lost 15 pounds I stopped taking the pills 3 weeks ago and now i still have not gained anything back yet i am still currently at 169 from 186. Ive giving up trying to find the "REAL" pills because i dont have money like that to be just giving people and it not be the real thing. I did find another shop that had the same pills but they were in a bottle not the package for $30 they had the green ones and the original ones that are orange and grey in color and the shop ower said she tried them and lost 20 pounds so now im starting day one of the grey and orange pills will update.........

Brownsville, TX

#279 Nov 5, 2010
Hey I saw your review and was wondering how Its going for you since it's been a while, I just started these maybe 3 days ago, I get headaches sometimes and I heard that's normal,
On the thirds day My lower back hurts  but I'm not sure if i slept wrong or maybe the pills, I guess I'll see in a few days but..

How did it go for you? Any side effects? Or what was your experience when your first started it  And are you still taking them?

Thanks :)

Curtin, Australia

#280 Nov 5, 2010
Ronique wrote:
does anyone have a uncomfortable feeling in their throat when taking the pills!
I have really bad taste in mouth and throat was strange for a while, they say the bad taste is the fat metabolising or something drink more water.

L'epiphanie, Canada

#281 Nov 5, 2010
Yeah, I've got the weird throat feeling too. Kinda sore or dry. Like the feeling after you take a decongestant nasal spray.

I'm on day 3 - I dont feel any different, no change in appetite and no extra thirst... I did lose but that can only be water weight. From 120 to 118 in 3 days is impossible unless it's water but it's still nice the see the scale go down instead of up.

My plan is to stick with these for 10 days and see what it gives. If I don't see a reduction in appetite, I will try some other pills I bought (Fruita Planta, Super Slim Pomegranate...) to compare.

Athens, Greece

#282 Nov 6, 2010
It is amazing what happens with the fake and real meizitang. Many Chinese suppliers claim to be the ones promoting the real thing. Also, there are various kinds of bags (blister with meizitang logo, blister without the log, vacuum pack, blister with russian language) AMAZING!!!!!!! I am trying to find a reliable source for a month now and I am still unable. ANYBODY BEEN TAKING THE STRONG VERSION FORMULA? A company called lidawholesale is selling this product claiming it has a better working formula. IS THERE ANYONE WHO HAVE TRIED BOTH STRONG VERSION AND ORIGINAL ONE and is able to tell us which one works better!!! please help!

Denton, TX

#283 Nov 6, 2010
Week 2 this week was only a 2 lb weight loss but still 10 lbs in 2 weeks time is not bad.:) Especially considering this was Halloween week and there was way more candy consumption than normal. I did notice though this last week I barely ate anything and I know I did not drink nearly as much water as I should have so that might have something to do with it. I know you still need to eat so your body can function and process even better so this week I will do my best to force myself to eat like I did the first week.

I will say these pills have completely suppressed my appetite. I kinda get pissed when I go out now to eat because I leave at least half of my darn food on the plate. Feel like I am wasting money. But at least the scale is going in the right direction and I can totally see the differences daily in my body.

An odd side effect is an increased sexual appetite...anyone else have this side effect? I mean before a few times a week was normal but now its like at least once a day sometimes more. The husband of course doesn't mind that is for sure.:)

My husband started last week with me and his 1st week results were a 5 week weight loss. So for me so far so good. We will see next week what happens. I hope its more than just 2 lbs.

New York, NY

#284 Nov 6, 2010
Cindy wrote:
<quoted text> From what you discribe they sound like they might be fake because the one's iv been taking for 3 months now are a full colored green iv lost 45 pounds
If they are shiny, and have the MTZ lazered on it then its real. If they are matte (non shiny) and if the MTZ is blurred then its fake, you may want to rub some alcohol over the MTZ to see if it comes off. If it does then its definitely not real.

Dublin, Ireland

#285 Nov 8, 2010
Natalie wrote:
I've been taking for a lil over 2wks and lost 9lbs they do work but I'm also nervous abt if they really contain sibutrimane or not. I wanna keep goin only 20 more left.
ive just ordered 20 pcks from china and they were seized by customs and destroyed as they were found to contain sibutramine which is banned in eu and i think america.

Garden City, MI

#286 Nov 8, 2010
I have been on these pills Meizitang for two weeks but have only lost 4 pounds. I did not make any changes to my diet or daily routine. What am I doing wrong that my results are not as great as others?

Dallas, TX

#287 Nov 8, 2010
Well ihave been on meizitang diet pills for some while now istarted on feburary and stopped taking them in may iwent from weighing 188 to 164 in two months I stopped taking them for 2months and gained 5 pounds wich is not bad compared to other diet pills so I started on august 8 again weighing 175 now I weigh 162 but idont see I'm losing any weight anymore like I did the first time is it because isometimes don't take them in the weekends and idont drink water at all just when I'm going to take it or because I drink it with coke in the mornings also as well please tell me what are ur surggestions

San Antonio, TX

#288 Nov 8, 2010
fluffy wrote:
I have been on these pills Meizitang for two weeks but have only lost 4 pounds. I did not make any changes to my diet or daily routine. What am I doing wrong that my results are not as great as others?
The fact that you did not make any changes to your diet or daily routine is probably stalling your weight loss. The pills alone aren't going to cause major weight loss if you don't cut back on calories and exercise to burn them, too. Actually, losing 4lbs while doing nothing differently is pretty good. But if you want better results, count your calories and throw in some excercise.

San Antonio, TX

#289 Nov 8, 2010
I'd also like to add that I am back on the pills. I had stopped, but decided to start again to try and get me over the last 15lbs I'd like to lose.

Trying to ignore the weird sensations I sometimes feel while on the could be my own anxiety. I'll keep you updated...had lost 10lbs in the 1 1/2 weeks that I took them the first time and have since gained 3lbs after stopping them (been off of them 2 wks). Let's see how well I do this time. Trying to stay at 1200 calories/day and daily exercise.

Shanghai, China

#290 Nov 8, 2010
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Frisco, TX

#291 Nov 9, 2010
Has anyone ever taken more than one pill a day? Not a good idea! I cannot sleep!!! I took one in the morning and the second one at 4pm and I can not stay still or get sleepy! I had lost weight with Meizitang earlier this year but I stopped for a couple of months before I tried them again and did not notice any results the second time around, so this is my third attempt to lose 34 lbs!!


#292 Nov 9, 2010
Here I am at day 7. Before now, the only side effect I had was a weird feeling in my throat and back of my nose - it felt dry or irritated - like I had a headcold but wasn't congested. I also sometimes had a funny taste in my mouth. I have had no increased thirst so I have not been drinking anything more than usual.

Today, I feel jittery. It is likely a combination of lack of water and the fact that I am on night shifts and not sleeping very well. I just drank a whole bunch of water - hopefully it'll help.

I think for the remanider of this week, I'll do the pill every other day, reduce it in my system somewhat.

I weighed in yesterday at 116 - down from 119.5 a week ago. 3.5 lbs in a week ! I know much of that is water but still...

Oh - got my meizitang at

Since: Jun 10

Harvey, LA

#293 Nov 9, 2010
you guys do know meizitang is on the usda bann list right?

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