Phentermine Drug Test

Connersville, IN

#123 Sep 10, 2011
Danielle wrote:
yea i am wondering if phentrimine shows up in a saliva drug test??>. i am freaking out cause i take them but its not my prescription, and my school does the tests 4 sports.. plz help me i need to know if it shows up or how long i need to be off them so it wont show..
Yes it shows up as amphetamines. I dont care what anyone else on here says, I know for a fact from personal experience... I have NEVER done illicit drugs and my test came back positive for amphetamines. My weight loss doctor even confirmed that it will make you test positive after the fact...





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Jacksonville, FL

#124 Sep 22, 2011
Biker Chic wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't know from personal experience but have heard that it depends on the type of test and when the last dose was taken in relation to the test.
Some do a UA & others do the test via a hair sample.
I will look up the info I read and copy that over here for you.
I am currently on the methadone program and I managed to get a prescription for phentermine to lose some weight but I don't know what will show up on a drug screen and I don't want to get kicked off the program. A friend told me that you test positive for meth amphetimine when you take phentermine. Is that true?

Jacksonville, FL

#125 Sep 22, 2011
I want to know more about this pill. I am currently on the methadone program and I don't want to go into early withdrawals but can't say anything to the clinic about being prescribed these pills. Can anyone tell me more about that?
Weight Loss

Monroe, LA

#126 Oct 31, 2011
mystic199 wrote:
Has anyone taken these pills and stopped? Have you kept the weight off or gained? If you kept it off did you find that you had to work harder than you did when you were on the meds?
Yes I have kept it off, but due to regular exercise and change eating habbits!
nervous wreck

United States

#127 Nov 2, 2011
I took a drug test and I had not drank a lot of water before taking it.The test came back diluted. Weird huh? I assume it was the Rockstar energy drink that I had only consumed half of while driving up to town to take the test. Now on top of that I retook the test and it has came back pending. The company that is to hire me says that the screening doctor will call me. I have taken phentermine diet pills off and on. They are by perscription. Do you think that consuming both the energy drink and diet pill is a little over the top before a drug test?

Fort Worth, TX

#128 Nov 10, 2011




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pill queen

Mount Juliet, TN

#129 Nov 13, 2011
If it is just a standard drug test phentermine will not show up, a doctor would have to test specifically for it or have like a 30 panel test(which they do not). Trust me, from experience she will be cool.
just want to know

Midlothian, VA

#130 Nov 14, 2011
I took about 10 phentermines(that's one every other day) for 10 days back in sept. the last time I took one was sept. 26. I had a drug test today, will that show up in my urine? It was a test that tested all drugs.
country girl

Nicholasville, KY

#131 Nov 19, 2011
my fiance was taking phentarmine which isn't really phentermine but shows up on a drup test. you can get phentarmine online without a perscription. he had a failed drup test at work. can they fire him for that if you can get it online without a perscription.

United States

#133 Nov 26, 2011
i took a urine test and i am wondering is phentermine 37.5mg willshow up in my urine & cause me to fail the drug test.

Las Vegas, NV

#134 Dec 6, 2011
brownie wrote:
I would like to lose 40 pounds and I need phentermine, not fake ones......
med support online dot com Just sold me REAL ones,(no pres.) but it was around $160 for 60 pills.
they WORK! more alert, more energy, losing 1 pound a day,steady.

haven't noticed much appetite suppression, but I heard that it could take 1-2 weeks of taking it before full effect kicks in?! It has to build up in your system or something...

Leesville, LA

#137 Dec 27, 2011
I have been taking Suboxone for the last 2 years. I started out with a high dose but my doctor has slowly lowered the doseage. I'm taking 0.5 mg a day. I have to take a urine drug test on the 8th of January and am wondering if the diet pill Phentermine is going to show up on my drug test. If so, what will it show up as? Also, how long does this last in the system? What are the side effects of suddenly stopping Suboxoone if my doctor drops me? How addictive is Phentermine?

Macon, GA

#138 Jan 4, 2012
What-if wrote:
If I took someone elses oxy and or vicidons while geeting a tatoo 14 days ago with it show on a drug test
You'll be fine. If you are raining a urine test just drink a ton of water. I took a urine test while on 30mg of vicodin and passed because all I did was chug water. Regardless it is only in your system for a few days

Long Beach, CA

#140 Mar 4, 2012
dopeym wrote:
<quoted text>
Sorry to be confused, but why does it matter? They aren't illegal and they come in a perscription bottle, so I don't understand.
I am a dispatcher and a lot of my old drivers take them and they get randoms because of strict DOT regulations and none of them ever had an issue.
im a truck driver myself and i do get dot drug testing are you sure it wouldnt show up on my drug test?

Westlake, LA

#141 Mar 22, 2012
I work for DOC and I know that if you take phentermine, you will test positive for a drug test. Almost 2 months ago I had to take a random drug test and the Major (over investigations giving the test)and I were talking about it and he said yes it will test positive. Im not sure how long it stays in your system though. Now I was not taking it but I had that was something good for me to know.

Jackson, MS

#142 Mar 28, 2012
hmm wrote:
i need to take a drug screening too, and have prescription phentermines. i haven't taken any in about a week though. does anyone no how long it stays in your system? they'll be taking a urine sample.
also, for those of you looking for legal phentermines, go to your doctor. only a doctor can prescribe legal phentermines and you have to be at least 25-30 pounds overweight or a 30+ bmi.
two days after, you should b fine, unless you've ben taking them for a long time, maybe a few wks, 1/2wks, in thats case!
Drug User Inc

Salt Lake City, UT

#145 Apr 28, 2012
Excuse me, but no one has answered the actual question- DOES PHENTERMINE SHOW UP IN A UA
Drug User Inc

Salt Lake City, UT

#146 Apr 28, 2012
Excuse me, but no one answered the question. DOES PHENTERMINE SHOW UP IN A UA?

United States

#147 Apr 30, 2012
I just had a drug test that I have to answer to with adult probation in the am because the test I took 1 day after taking this came up as speed, pcp, and benzos. but the chemical structure are all simular for the drugs and can give false positives. there is no way they can test otherwise unless it getting expensive.
Wayne wrote:
A friend of mine, who is taking Phentermine that his wife ordered off of the internet, has been selected to take a random drug test.
Will Phentermine show up positive in the test? Is he screwed?

United States

#148 Apr 30, 2012
if your just look up the question on google as I did you will see on MANY different sites, that yes it will test positive for amphetamines due to it has the same chemical structure. good luck cause Im most likely gettinjg locked up all because Im fat and wanted to lose wieght. I have 3 kids.
Drug User Inc wrote:
Excuse me, but no one answered the question. DOES PHENTERMINE SHOW UP IN A UA?

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