Has anyone experienced Any Side Effec...

Pasay City, Philippines

#24 Feb 1, 2010
Ayette wrote:
Hi. I too take slimina. I posted a testimonial as well. Testimonials on their website is genuine and unedited. I lost 7 lbs now taking it for a month, kinda slow but it's ok as long as im safe.
Just follow the precautionary measures and don't take it if you have illness. Consult your doctor before taking it. My doctor said i need to take reductil which has the same effect but it is so expensive that's why i took slimina instead.
so far i am happy...
me too so far so good. im on my 1st month and lost a total of 22 lbs. i just bought my 2nd bottle this morning. i will keep you posted guys.

Dipolog City, Philippines

#25 Feb 8, 2010
I am currently using Slimina and am having the same side effects. Since I am studying in a reputable medical school, let me just share with you a tip on how we could avoid dehydration: Drink Gatorade or any other substance with electrolytes. Sure, we could drink water too but it is also best to accompany with it Gatorade because water alone would cause our body cells to be hypo-osmotic, since water is less concentrated than our body fluids. In this way, we could avoid disrupting our body system and prevent premature destruction of our kidneys. I believe that once we have reached our weight goal, we should already stop taking diet pills and instead focus on maintaining it by exercising and eating the right kind of food. I hope this helps. Good luck everyone :)

Quezon, Philippines

#26 Feb 18, 2010
i bought a bottle of slimina just a week ago and i only able to take 5 pills.. and im very particular in following every instructions given by magic potion i drank more than 20 glasses of h20, i never skip a meal and also i increase my fruit intake..

day 1: upon taking 30 mins before breakfast and immediately i felt intense thirst so i did drink more than 20 glasses, in fairness to slimina it did decreased my appetite and another s/e is insomnia im still awake even at 3am

day2: same as day 1 but with intense headache i wanted to rest but still im awake till 4am

day: 3 no headache but with dizziness.. fyi i did not skip any meals

day 4: dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and I feels like there is something stuck in my throat,

day 5: with chest discomforts, its not palpitation and also started to experienced shortness of breathe

to be fair i loss 3lbs in that 5 pills, but its not worth the risk
i am a nurse by profession and experiencing those side effects really scared me, i already stopped it for 2 days now and im feeling much better..

Cainta, Philippines

#27 Feb 19, 2010
i'am so in love with slimina. i bought 1 bottle last january, i lost 21 lbs in one month. i just followed the instructions that the sales lady gave me. :)

Levittown, NY

#28 Feb 23, 2010
Just one advise on those people taking slimming pills.....those are not good for your kidneys! That's it. Go the natural way!

Quezon City, Philippines

#29 Feb 26, 2010
Magic potions clearly stated in their leaflet that one of the effects is dehydration. That's why they suggest to drink plenty of water. Those people who keeps on complaining surely didn't read and follow the instructions that's why they're having negative effects!!! One more thing, the manufacturer stated that you should not take slimina if you know you have health problems and to consult your physician when you are taking medication.

I've been using the product for more than a week now and I can say that I am happy with the results. The effect of the increased energy is so helpful due to the nature of my work. Good thing I found this!

Los Angeles, CA

#31 Mar 4, 2010
I don't really care about the posts regarding slimina. All I know is that I lost 23 lbs in just 2 months! I work 72 hrs per week in 2 acute hospitals here in california and taking slimina has never affected both my physical stamina and mental sharpness in performing my job!thank you slimina!you made my dream come true! and for those who think slimina sucks, sorry! maybe you just have to find another way to loose weight!


#32 Mar 7, 2010

To all people who are using diet pills, i think the effect of it relies solely on the person taking it. I agree with Mil, you have to see a doctor first before taking any medications. I don't think there is a drug that doesn't have any side effects. The best way to counter these effects is to be familiar with it and look for a way to overcome them. If you think you don't feel great with your body right now and taking diet pills is the solution then so be it. Just be careful, research the product, know its effects, and SEEK MEDICAL ADVISE. Make sure that while taking these pills, you still make an effort to have a balanced diet, exercise and most of all maintain a healthy lifestyle. Remember, in order to achieve your goal, you have to make sacrifices (whether following simple instructions from the product or giving up your favorite chocolates and cakes). No pain, no gain. The thing is, slimming pills or not, it all goes down to how you see yourself. This maybe a cliche but then BEAUTY IS IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER! CONFIDENCE!


#33 Mar 7, 2010
I agree with you Kakai. Way to go!!


#35 Mar 13, 2010
i've been taking slimina for a week now. I do experience heartburn from time to time.. and I have this feeling of having a lump in my throat... Is that normal? I'm getting a little scared... I need some true answers as to this pills side effects...


#36 Mar 15, 2010
I stopped using slimina after 6 days.. The reason is that i experienced tightening in my chest for several days plus I suddenly coughed out blood. It scared me.. I think all of us know when our body is not reacting normal anymore. If that happens, the only answer is to stop whatever it is you're doing or taking that had caused this. I did lost a few pounds, i give that to slimina, but the side effects are really harsh. No matter how frustrated I am with my size, I'm not risking death just to get the body I want.

Orland Park, IL

#37 Mar 25, 2010
I've started taking this pills 2 days ago. This is my 3rd day and all I've been experiencing is frequent urination which is a side effect to some of the ingredients of the pills. Also some chest pains but nothing too serious. I hope I'm just adjusting to the pills since I really wanna loose weight before summer comes. So far, no effects yet.

I'll be posting more as time progresses.
omriye melbourne

Roxburgh Park, Australia

#38 Apr 3, 2010
today is my 6th day taking the slimina diet pill. I bought a bottle off a friend I thought I will give it a go but I have some concerns about it. They say this product is registered in china and a nother regitration deparment I called up magic potions and asked for some proof they didnt know what I was talking about. Do you guys know why. Ill tell you why because this product has some sort of chemical product in there.And they are triking people by fake testomonials. I thought I was dieing today.
omriye melbourne

Roxburgh Park, Australia

#39 Apr 3, 2010
by the way im getting this product tested. hopfully i would have some answers very soon.asiye were abouts in melbourne do you live. because we should start warning our community because there are alot of people out there using this product.6456

Since: Apr 10

Cape Coral, FL

#40 Apr 17, 2010
HI, I just starded slimina 3 days ago and so far no side effects like some people stated here, i only experience the dry mouth and my hunger have left the building, i hope to lose 20 pound with this pil

United States

#41 Apr 20, 2010
I took this pill last year for 2 weeks and I had lost several pounds noticable by my family and friends,no side effects but I take it after eating breaksfast instead of after,so atleast something inside has to be digested or else my digestive system will fail...If ever you forgot to take it early morning I suggest that you take it the following morning instead of taking it later that day for you will not be able to sleep since this pill produces energy,improves metabolism as well..
Once I achieve the desired weight, I decreased the pill gradually making it every other day for a few weeks then 3x a week then once a week for maintenance..It worked for me, I was able to maintain the weight,with ofcourse the help of fruits & veggies and gatorade or vitamin water will decrease the dehydration.


#42 Apr 27, 2010
i used slimina but i always gat a head ache and i got lots of symptoms.. like sipon and ubo.. then in 1 week i lost 5 pounds only.. but its ok.. i like it anyway..
1 month slimina user

Makati, Philippines

#43 Apr 28, 2010
somebody asked who drinks 20 glasses of water?... I DO and more... i think i drink an average of 9 liters of water a day... the worst side effect is that when you are outside drink and peeing like crazy is tough (also my biological clock got bad because of the peeing and thirsty thing). It is more manageable like xenical (but pooping too much is harder). And just like xenical (which was fda-approved), this is not for everyone. You see, I am young and come from healthy non-sports aficionado genes (both sides). I'm the type who rarely gets sick and pimples, even if we do eat a lot of meat at home and almost no veggies. The point is that since you drink tons of water you will feel fuller, so it's just not water weight. I have two 1.5 liters of personal water bottles on hand at home and bring one of them outside to make it easier on me. Also, try to listen to your body and it will answer if it's safe. i was using zhen de shou and admittedly this is less effective - however i experienced side effects with that one from the first time i tried it. Though i suspect slimina may need more time to produce effect compared to other brands, and it's basically up to the user how much weight he/she is gonna lose if any. You have to lessen your calories intake. It's not a miracle drug. This is just to complement your dieting.
1 month slimina user

Makati, Philippines

#44 Apr 28, 2010
oh sibutramine side effects are here:http://women.emedtv.com/s ibutramine/side-effects-of-sib utramine.html

i forgot to mention depression as a side-effect, but then I am taking these because of my depression due to my non-perfect body (no family history just bad history)

and it said it is an approved content.

sibutramine was pulled off due to heart-related side-effects so... if you or your family have a history of that... spare yourself, don't take this.
amber lopez


#45 May 8, 2010
im using slimina for mos. now and yes im also experiencing being dehydrated.. but when you follow the intructions to drink plenty of water everything will be perfectly okay... not neccessarily 20 cups but just drink water as often as possible besides water is good to our skin..

before im using bankok pills yes i lose weight but so expensive and it has a drug content.. but when i discover slimina .. im so thankful same lbs i lose w/ bankok pills 10 lbs in 3 weeks... more cheaper and safe... just follow the instruction! thanks slimina... my boyfriend is so happy with my figure now..=)

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