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Ashcroft, Australia

#1 Feb 2, 2011
can someone please tell me a little bit about the Xiyouji Qingzhi diet capsules. do these capsules contain any harmful ingredients?

I have been told by the accupunturist that these capsules contain only natural products but i am concerned that when i stop taking these i will have severe sideeffects. the only information i can find on the internet is a very poor english written paragraph that makes absolutely no sense to me.

thanks to anyone who answers this post.


#3 Feb 28, 2011
You wont get side effects when you stop, just watch your weight can creep up on you


#4 Feb 28, 2011
Would like to find out more about these there is not enough information on them or what is in them

Parramatta, Australia

#5 Mar 20, 2011
Hi Can someone please tell me if these XIY OUJI QINGZHI Capsules really work. Are there any side effects like nausea, fast beating heart and dizziness like other chinese weight loss medicines.
Has anyone taken these and found them effective.
Please share your thoughts.
Kind Regards


#6 Mar 20, 2011
Hi zenat

I have taken these tablets after nothing else working I tried everything even my personal trainer at the gym couldn't figure out why I wasn't losing weight. They did work amazingly I also had a friend who took them and lost weight. I lost nearly 10kg and even noticed my clothes were lose after a week! Side effects, yes the first day I had a terrible headache but that was only the first day, some nights would only sleep 2 hours but woke up like it was a full night. Very dry mouth making you drink lots of water and constantly going to thebathroom. I have been off them for a while an started taking again now. I have no problems sleeping just a dry mouth. No racing heart but I guess everyone is different. I recently bought some and had them sent from china. Had no issues with customs they were here in 5 days so I would assume if there was anything too bad they would have been stopped. But unless you can read Chinese who knows what's in them. But they do work

Lynn, MA

#7 Mar 21, 2011
i have those pills...i too was looking for info but i could not find anything either....but i decided to buy then anyways....i have not started taking them yet but i will start tomorrow.

Sydney, Australia

#8 Mar 21, 2011
hi guys, im on my 4th day of taking these diet pills. i am feeling really scared because my heart rate has been quite fast and im sweating a lot. the 2nd day - i had a terrible headache and i also only slept 2hrs that night even though it felt like i had a whole night's sleep. there's definately something in these pills that isnt listed in the ingredients list. i think i have to stop taking them because im getting very light-headed at work. my pants feel a bit bigger but the side effects just arent worth it. please be careful taking this diet pill. im not sure where i can get it tested, but apparently you need to have a list of ingredients that the lab will test for. they cant just tell you whats in it because there are a million active ingredients out there. its also scary because there arent a lot of reviews on this diet pill yet - especially from health websites. maybe wait a couple of months or wait until there's more info out there before you try this.


#9 Mar 21, 2011
I would stop too if I were you. Everyone reacts different. Would be good to at least get the Chinese writing translated the ones I got from china had a paper insert with them in a box ones I have got from here are just the packet and they can tell you what ever they want is in them. The list I got was all plants and can cause bad side effects but not all plants are good

Sydney, Australia

#10 Mar 23, 2011
hi i have been taking them for the 3rd week and my weight is coming of beautifully,,however,, i am debating whether to stop them also,,,,my blood pressure has shot up,,,pulse is sitting on 104,,,,and not much sleep,,,,,

Duffy, Australia

#11 Mar 29, 2011
I have been on these pills since Feb 1st and I have lost nearly 8 kilos. I have been following a healthy diet and the pills have taken away my sugar craving, which I think is the main problem that people have especially between 3pm - 4pm, I did have a few side effects like being very thirsty, going to the loo a lot, waking up during the night but I feel the best I have in years and I feel alert and the foggy head has gone. I am 51 and I can't believe how amazing these pills are. I too was a little sceptical but my sister asked her naturopath and she said that as far as she knew it was all good, we have now put our mother on these and she has lost 4 kilos in a week. From what I have been told by people taking them, everyone has been happy with the result.

Ashcroft, Australia

#12 Mar 29, 2011
guys i have been feeling the same as all of you and my heart rate was also quite high, feeling dizzy and just generally very on edge. The person i went to see told me its because i am not eating enough. I increased the amount of food i was eating and all these side effects stopped, except for the heart rate.

i went to the doctor to get a blood test done and just to make sure im not harming my body and im quite surprised actually, everything came back normal and my cholesterol (which was quite high) was back to normal.

I've lost 10 kilos on these pills and you just have to stick with them and get past the 3 months to stop feeling sick. your body needs to get used to them.

please let me know if you find out anymore about these pills.

Baulkham Hills, Australia

#13 Mar 30, 2011
I have taken cycle's of this pills on numerous occasions, they are great in assisting weight loss but there are side effects
Loss of appetite
Raised heart rate
Dry mouth
Increased metobolism (which would explain why you feel like you have to pee every 30 mins)
Dialated Pupils
- wouldnt recomend anyone over 40 to take them, but in saying that they do work hence why im still taking them even after i realised the side effects

Sydney, Australia

#14 Apr 1, 2011
thank you experienced u answered my question and i had all those symptons u noted,,,,and alas i am 1,328 days away from 50,,,,so i think its maybe time for me to stop adding extra pressure and health problems which would be self inflicted and stick to the old fashion way of weight loss,,,,,healthy eating and excersice :-(((
damn its all to hard

Duffy, Australia

#15 Apr 5, 2011
Although there are those side effects, my source tells me they are very safe to take.They don't contain any banned substances and I think that the health benefits of losing weight out way the side effects. I have lost 9 kilos in two months and feel great.

Since: Jun 10

Shingle Springs, CA

#16 Apr 5, 2011
Where can I purchase these??


#17 Apr 5, 2011
This is so good that there I this information available as when I started a year ago there wa nothing and if I had access to this kind of stuff it would have made me feel alot better. Hot mamma where do u live? U can email me at ljcincorp@gmail.com I can tell u

Ashcroft, Australia

#19 Apr 6, 2011
i guess you just have to be careful if you already have a high resting heart rate as you dont want to stress your heart too much. mine jumped to 100 and i got worried but normally it sits at 80. not sure what the dangerous resting rate would be though.

you can get them from the net or fairfield forum upstairs

Since: Apr 11

Belconnen, Australia

#20 Apr 6, 2011
I started on them in May 2010 and lost 27kg over 5months. From 107 down to 80kg and I've stabilised between 82-85kg. I originally bought the pills at $25pkt at Fairfield shopping centre NSW which I felt was worth it although I later found a supplier overseas and I'm able to pass the pills on to friends and family for $10 a packet.
I agree that there isn't enough information on the net and I'm doing what I can to rectify that so I can share it with others.

Sydney, Australia

#21 Apr 6, 2011
after everyone's advice and comments, i decided to give these pills 1 more try - im on my 7th day. i dont have any of the symptoms anymore. you were right loz - if you eat normally, the symptoms do go away. no more headaches, no more light headedness, no more insomnia. i have lost 5cm around my waist so far, im very excited.
i do also think that its a mental thing. when i first started taking these diet pills, i worried myself sick because i tried to do some research on the internet about them and found lots of negative sites about diet pills coming from china. now that im not so worried, they're doing the job and the only symptom i get is the fast heartrate, although i've found this only happens when i take vitamin c tablets with it.
good luck everyone! please update us on your progress while taking these! my friend lost 15kg is 10 weeks! amazing...

Ashcroft, Australia

#22 Apr 9, 2011
You can also get them from ioffer online. Heaps cheaper.

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