2 Day Diet Japan Lingzhi Review

Kenly, NC

#110 Oct 9, 2008
Erika wrote:
I just had a baby six months ago and have been heavy all my life. I have been on the two day diet for almost two months starting weight 268, lost 11 lbs in the first three weeks and have not lost anymore in the last four or so. I guess i hit a plateau and have not bugged.
I probably dont drink as much water as i should and i eat horribly. Exercize whats that, when i am as big as i am it is difficult to find the energy to even try. Hell going up and down the stairs leaves me breathless, so i think im going to try and drink alot more water and see if i can break the plateau. If i can loose a bit more weight i may have the energy to incorporate exercize.
Just a question to all, would crystal light be just as effective as drinking plain water?
I know exactly what you mean. I started out weighing 265. I lost quite a bit my first couple bottles and then it all of sudden stopped for a bit. I think it was due to the fact the my body pretty much became immuned to the dry mouth part so therefore I wasn't drinking enough water anymore. The past couple of weeks, I tried drinking a crap load of water (about 120-140 ounces) a day. and mane, the scale is sure flying down again. I'm down to 223 now. I completely understand how you feel about working out. My sisters and friends are always saying blah blah blah you need to work out.... They just don't understand. But, because i'm down to 223 now, i just joined curves (an all women gym) with my sisters & friends. You might want to check them out once you decide you would like to excercise. The workouts aren't that hard. It's only a 30 minute work out but boy you'll sure feel as if you've worked out for hours. Cool thing is you rotate around a bunch of excercising equipments and you don't stay longer the 30 seconds at each. It's recommended to go three times a week, but just go as you like. They've also got personal trainers to help you until you're capable of being on your own. Oh yeah, and they now have these smart machines that records all your workouts and gives you tips on which parts of your body you need to work more. But yeah, sorry.. going off topic here...... About crystal light.. Emmmm... I think it shouldn't be too big of an issue but you should still drink some water. I know..... I hated water back then tooo.. I was all about Capri Suns, Crystal light, propel, gatorade & so on.. But now that I've learned that water is the KEY to weightloss.... I try not to drink anything but water now.. Just afraid to mess up my routine i guess you can say. Hahaha but yeah, just drink plenty and i'm positive you'll see results again.

Scarborough, Canada

#111 Oct 11, 2008
Liz wrote:
Hi, I just bought the pills today 9/10/08 from a Chinese market which sell the original ones, I will be starting them on 9/11/08 will let you know how much I lose!!! My current weight is 132 pounds.
Where in Orlando did you purchase your pills?

Leesburg, VA

#112 Oct 29, 2008
Hi, I have been searching for the pills that were out there early 2008, I first purchased Japan 2 day diet pills at asian market in Dulles Va. worked great, started to spread the word around to a few friends that i thought would be interested, went back to same store, everybody agreeded no why was as effective of first 2 bottles that powder inside dark green, like a military green, odor was definitly herbal, I honestly believe about June of 2008 all fake ones came out, the oatmeal color pills are no way as strong as the original ones I got back in late April. I even took them back to store and openned up the pills I had originally purchased. Store owner openned about four other boxes all beige powder, un like the ones she sold me in the past months Basically she had no Idea what was going on even though she remembered me from past, and knew I had bought the previous ones from her . Obviously her supplier, had changed stock. I would like to find the real real original ones, so anyone that has pills with dark green inside please let me know they are the real ones
Lucys mom

Harpers Ferry, WV

#113 Oct 30, 2008
I haven't written since two months ago, so I thought I'd give you all an update. I've lost 10 more lbs, 31 total, as of this morning. Those last 10 took 2 months, average 5 lbs per month, which seems kind of slow, but it's steady, and I'm pleased. Still taking the pills from the same supplier (they seem to be the "real" ones). The appetite suppressent seems to wear off in the afternoon, but it doesn't take much food to take my hunger away -- just a bite or two of chicken or some nuts or something, and I'm OK. I think I learned better healthy eating hapbits in the first 4 months that are sticking with me. People are now noticing my weight loss, which feels great. My old "fat" clothes are too baggy, so I'm going back to skinnier clothes I already have until I reach at least 20 lbs more. THEN I'll treat myself to some new clothes.

Anyway, the weight loss is slow and steady. Good luck to everyone!
Jimmy From California

Garden Grove, CA

#114 Nov 7, 2008
Hi everyone I am a wholesaler i can sell you all the 2 day diet products for a good price with free priority 3 day shipping my email is pham242@gmail.com I use paypal so your purchase is safe with me email me for pricing I don't sell fake products money back gureenttee

Escondido, CA

#115 Nov 14, 2008
where did you buy them at? how much did you lose? any side effects?

Since: Jul 08

Raeford, NC

#117 Dec 1, 2008
Okay everyone.. It's been a long long time since I've updated anything... I've been out shopping like crazy and I've recently joined curves.. So, I've been super super busy... Anyway, here's an update...

First Started on
06/18/2008 - Weight=265.5
07/02/2008 - Weight=254.5
Ended.. Had to reorder...

Started back on
07/21/2008 - Weight =255.5
07/27/2008 - Weight =251.0
08/18/2008 - Weight =244.0
12/01/2008 - Weight =203.5

As of today, I've lost a total of 62 lbs. I do notice that the weight loss started slowing down.. But don't let it discourage you. It might take a little longer but you'll eventually get there. I joined curves about 2 months ago and I'm loving it there. I was told from my trainer at curves that in 2 months I've lost a total of 39 inches from my waist, arms, bust, hips, and tummy. So, though my weight is not dropping as quickly as it first did... I know for a fact that I'm losing alot of inches. I've gone from pant size 26 in Womens Plus size down to a 14 in Womens... and from shirt size XXL down to a M/L (depending on the brand). I'm aiming for a size 8 or 10, I'm sure I'll be able to reach it within a couple months. A little tip for everyone using the pills.... EXCERCISE & DRINK twice the amount of water you normally do and you'll definitely see great results. That's it for now but i'll definitely be back to update everyone..
Japan Lingzhi Warning

Hubbard, OR

#118 Dec 5, 2008
Warning wrote:
WARNING TO ALL BUYERS: miracledietstore, easytobefit ebay store sell fake japan lingzhi products as 2 day diet, slim 3 in 1, imelda, 3 day fit. Read all the posts around here and you will see.
To Noy: stop selling fake products or you will get sue

It's a long story but over 2 months 3 of us purchased this diet pill on-line and we all got fakes. We all purchased from different sites. My niece got an eye rash and they didn't do anything but give me a headach. Recently I went to the oriental store (where the original person I heard about them buys from) and compared the pills....The real pills are a deep deep violet...not a deep red. This pill really works but I wouldn't buy on-line. I'll post the sites we purchased from as soon as I call and see what they say...

Phoenix, AZ

#119 Dec 7, 2008
I just started the pills and I'm on my 4th day. Other than being a lot more thirsty, I'm not really feeling anything. What, if anything, should I be feeling? Should I be going #2 more often? I've been checking my weight on the scale, but haven't lost any yet. I definitly haven't been snacking as much, which I know will help my weight loss. Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on what to expect in the first week or two. Thanks!

Newport News, VA

#120 Dec 8, 2008
This is my 2nd day of taking the pill I feel
don't want to eat anything
1st day 121.5
2nd day 121.5

i'm only 5 feet

I bought this product form kyduyenhouse.com , the pill is deep violet

Newport News, VA

#121 Dec 8, 2008
This is my 2nd day of taking the pill I feel
Nervous (miss spell)
Donít want to eat anything
1st day 121.5
2nd day 121.5

Iím only 5 feet
I bought this product form kyduyenhouse.com , the pill is deep violet

Richmond, VA

#123 Dec 8, 2008
I have to report I have been conned by MiracleStore thanks for taking advantage of me. The pills are fake. Could there possibly be any more typos and incorrect grammar on the bottle. Shame on you for charging so much and taking people's money. You should be reported!

They do nothing but make you sick. I would be better off ingested RAT posion XXX you guys are gambling with your lives!!!!!!


Tampa, FL

#124 Dec 8, 2008
I think the less weight you have to loose the longer it will take to loose. Don't give up, re: 121.5.
I've taken the pill for the 2nd day side effects are dry mouth and I am tired, will that be persistant, I don't want to be tired. Also I have a sparatic fizzle that goes and comes on my forehead. I bought my pills for chinese market. at 45.00, way more then I now see on line. But I believe mine is authintic. But What's up with the price.

Tampa, FL

#125 Dec 9, 2008
Ok, I would like to know if any of you have the effects I am having. Besides real thirsty, my eyes are dry, and I believe I am developing UTI. I am going to go over board with drinking th water. Still tired. But I am determined to give this product a week. Did I mention I paid 45.00.

Houston, TX

#126 Dec 9, 2008
Has anybody else experienced constipation on the pills? i was expecting more egular "movements" based on what some of my family memebers said who are also taking the pills. But its just not happening. I am losing weight though and have to make myself eat because I have absolutely no appetite. And now sweets just taste disgusting to me. I have bought the tea in hopes that it relieves the constipation.

Tampa, FL

#128 Dec 10, 2008

I think you may only have constipation, cause you are not eating. I notice the less I eat the less I go. But eating regularly will cause you to go. When I do go it is loose bm. Do you have any other side effects. I am loosing some of the side effects. My eyes were dry, as well as dry mouth, but they are not dry after a couple of days. I was told that I would have more energy, and I am real tired especially after working out. I used to get energy from working out. I take the pills 30 minutes in the morning b4 wrkout. Then when I get to work I am exhausted, noticably. People comment on how tired I look. Whats up with that.

Richmond, VA

#130 Dec 10, 2008
I have been on these pills for a week. I got on the scale this morning - Experiencing no side effects and have lost 3 pounds already

I bought my pills from MiracleStore in CO.

So excited !!

United States

#131 Dec 11, 2008
Funny the last two days I've taken two pills in the morning, and now the side effects are going away, that is really odd. But, I've gotten on the scale everyday. I started out at 154.5 went down to 153.5 and then today 155.5, whats up with that? I work a late shift and get home around 7pm thus I eat late and I am wondering if this is having an effect on gaining. I plan on eating less in the evening. Its only been 5 days, so we will see, I've worked out 3 days, so not sure why I am not getting results.

Venus, FL

#132 Dec 12, 2008
I started using the 2 day diet(japan Lingzhi) in april 2008, i experienced headaches, it made me tired all the time. That was nothing to me, i continued taking it. I was on it for two months(2 bottles of pils) I lost about 20pounds and more. My lower abdominal use to hurt a lot and my back would hurt also, i suffered back pain due to a car accident but the pain increased due to the pills, i stopped in june2008. I suffered, yes i did. I found out that a cyst grew inside of me i did not know why. Then my doctor removed it and the pain was gone. I started it again in November 2008, a week after i begun the pills i would feel that same abdominal pain i used to feel in april when it first started. Let me tell you, the pain starts really low then it gets really bad to the point where i would have terrible mentrual. I used to have to run to the emergency room. I stopped taking it because i realised that it was the pills are not good for your inside period.
You have to understand the pills work. They work fast, too fast but the side effects are not jun at all. I WANTED TO SAY THIS I WOULD NOT WANT ANYONE TO GO THROUGH WHAT I WENT TROUGH WITH THE PILLS. Please think twice about what you are taking for diet, from a VICTIM.

Tampa, FL

#133 Dec 13, 2008
This morning at 152, side effects have gone away, which is quite odd.

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