xocai chocolate pyramid scheme

San Diego, CA

#24 Sep 2, 2009
Gail wrote:
http://www.smh.com.au/news/nat ional/sweet-schemes-the-great- chocolate-ripoff/2008/08/01/12 17097533797.html
Gail, are you blind? Did you not see from the post above that this article was debunked and is full of lies? http://www.mlmwatchdog.com/mlm_mxi_xocai_ques...

My doctor took me off high blood pressure meds because of Xocai and I know plenty of people that lowered their cholesterol and helped their diabetes because of this chocolate.

There are tons of articles like this one done by reputable scientists a lot more believable than you: http://globalnation.inquirer.net/cebudailynew... saying "A separate study in Tufts University and the University of California, San Francisco, confirms the U of C and Dusseldorf findings on vasodilation and added the information that consumption (in moderation) of chocolates did not increase the lipid (cholesterol) level. Review of other studies reveals that “flavanoids from chocolates have an anti-inflammatory effect by controlling the activation of several pro-inflammatory agents in the body.”

Either you are a liar or your healthy diet is a joke and you are blaming the chocolate instead of what is staring back in the mirror.

Portland, OR

#25 Dec 20, 2009
Karen wrote:
I absolutely love this healthy chocolate and can't think of being without it! My reply to CIPHIGuy is to just continue eating the unhealthy stuff. If you want to look at the facts simply google 'dark chocolate' it's all there. The difference with this is you don't get all the unhealthy stuff that normally accompanies dark chocolate. The company markets a product that nobody else has. When you have a product that 9 out of 10 people already love then I'd say you're in the right place at the right time!
Dont be a dumb ass, buy your cocao from a local supplier for half the price.

Portland, OR

#26 Dec 20, 2009
Dont be a dumb ass, buy your own cocoa from a known supplier for half the price.

Spokane, WA

#27 Apr 22, 2010
Xocai, is a great product, I lost 10 pounds in 12 days using this product , before i even sighned up.
my friend kelly lost 16 pounds in 4 weeks.
I found a new sense of focuse and feel great.


#28 May 3, 2010
The same kind of diagloue I see all over the net. Network marketing seems to have even after all legal challenges. People still feel that the top makes all the money. Every job I have ever worked at there were others that were making more than myself. A business structure is set up which then allows you to build a network. Being a person that beleives that if I help you with success then my own will be there also. With this company the plan is you have to help others or you can not advance.
We have been taught all our lives it's all about what you do don't let anyone see what you are doing. If you during school look over to someones eleses work you get in to trouble. With network marketing it all about the team. As a team we all advance to what level we want. With the right product or service and s long as you are willing to share the idea that working for yourself can be good. Even if you just were eatting and had a few others wanting more health and a little more wealth then you can have both. Just having your own business you have the right to have business expensives that the government gives to business owners. Most don't understand it's no different then going to your financial planner which sell mutual funds and insurance they take your money and say they can't garentee a rate of return yet they still charge you the fees. How has your RRSP or 401k's doing since 2009??? Why not take advantage of the tax laws.
So for myself the world is changing as it has in the past. There are many things that for some it's just not for them now but as more and more companies see the advantage of network marketing as a way to create a long and lasting flow of product it will become the norm. If you work in construction then you are working your way out of a job. If you are in retail then you hope they(company) has the market share to keep you working. And for the government worker you and I had better hope that the ones that are working will keep paying their taxes or we will not
have a job.
The world is changing did you know that the biggest problem is they think we all will be rich. I would like an extra 600.00 a month as that would give me almost 10,000.00 per year when I take into account my tax benifits from being a business. I can still be a firefighter and have the extra not be a millionaire but have choices. And after 5 years of being steady I maybe have been in the right place at the right time. As I joined.
Richard Lewis

Salt Lake City, UT

#29 May 25, 2010
john wrote:
I was eating the protein bars for over a year. I got very very sick and my cholesterol went sky high! DON'T BE SCAMMED!!!
you're an idiot, take a look at your diet

Boise, ID

#30 Jul 4, 2010
Who are the idiots? Making products that have saturated fat!

Grass Valley, CA

#32 Aug 27, 2010
This is a great product. I've been eating the chocolate for 6 months and I'm off of blood pressure and cholesterol meds I had been taking for 15 years.
private note

Lancaster, CA

#33 Sep 8, 2010
It is good to be aware of the + and - of any product you consume. Why call eachother idiots, it just makes you look like one. Now, I started the chocolate--expensive--about a week ago. The shake. Three friends of mine are taking it and I have seen such incredible things with them--including decrease in blood pressure, weight loss, energy increased--that I am willing to give this stuff a try. So far, I am noticing increased energy and a small weight loss. I too don't like that the product is not organic and that it is so expensive, but the concept of Antioxidants helping with weight loss is more than brilliant. Acai and the chocolate are very high in antioxidant. I don't like that Splenda is in the shake either, but research shows Splenda is not as bad as some of the other artifical sweeteners. I am watching very carefully right now for any helath changes good or bad. Be aware because there are a lot of dangerous things out there. I don't think this is oe of them, I think it is a sound, healthy product. If it is not, it will come out. As far as those who had increased cholesterol and the colon cancer victim. I cannot imagine how upset you must be, thanks for sharing and I will keep an eye out for any changes in my cholesterol and colon health while I am taking this product. Peace be with you.

Reno, NV

#34 Apr 7, 2011
my wife got roped in to the xocai koolaid mentality. Sure there is some validity to their claims; but just try to sell this overpriced product to any one! Obviously most of the positive bloggers in this forum are Xocai distributors. It is common place in MLM's to post positive messages in these forums. Part of the koolaid mentality!

San Diego, CA

#35 Apr 8, 2011
The product may be decent but it is way overpriced. Many leaders have left and MXI is busy cancelling distributorships of anyone that they dont like.
Tony Kaye, who opened the UK - gone.
Ronnie Webb, an MXI rock star - gone.
Laura Holbrock, another MXI rock star - gone.
Dr. Warren, the "validating" voice of Xocia - gone.

A sign?

Canton, NC

#37 Apr 25, 2011
The product is fantastic. As far as selling and recruiting, it takes a lot of hard work to get started, but once you start building your legs you start seeing a good amount of money coming your way. As long as you can outsource and sell the "idea" instead of the chocolate itself, you will do well in the business.

On a side note, whoever is crying about their cholesterol spiking and weight gain. Look at the rest of your diet, don't blame the chocolate.

Blue Jay, CA

#38 Apr 26, 2011
I have been told that in addition to cacao their protein drink includes coca.
That could be the reason for all the weight loss and energy those people are getting!

Sterling Heights, MI

#39 Aug 19, 2011
Wow, a bunch of shills posting on a subject. Google shill for those who don't know. Hint: distributor=shill.

Who is going to buy that much chocolate per month? Who can afford it? Why is my Special Dark Chocolate from Hershey so bad for me versus Xocia's stuff? My Dad and Grandpa ate it and my Grandpa died one month short of 100!!!!!!!!!! So all of that processed stuff is so bad for us but it didn't hurt him, why? Please don't say that he's the exception because he's not.

Titus is a joke as are many others. Salesman or not, selling the idea is ridiculous when you are expected to purchase all that chocolate as are others beneath you. The whole thing will eventually crumble and many will lose a lot. Sad, but true. Good product or not, it's highly overpriced and is only making the rich richer. Good day!

Edmonton, Canada

#40 Jun 21, 2012
Perhaps you should have tried the XPower squares instead. I've had great results with my Cholesterol to the point where I did not need the drugs at all to damage the rest of my body. This Chocolate actually has Value and is not a simple Candy with No Nutritional value at all. It is not overpriced, it is Invaluable!! Also lost 22 lbs eating this Chocolate and complete Meal replacement. It is the Antioxidant value and Certified Testing (4 times per year per product) that makes it different from the rest. According to Dr. Richard Cutler, former Director of the Anti-Aging Research department in Washington, D.C., "The amount of antioxidants you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long and healthy you will live."

Santa Fe, NM

#41 Jun 24, 2012
Amelia wrote:
Once you understand what a pyramid is, you understand that this isnt it. it's just a different way of selling and spreading the word. Lots of companies do this...nothing new. And there are far too many clinical studies backing Xocai not to at least give it a try....just wait until Hershey's and other chocolate companies start selling chocolate with health benefits...and you'll say, I remember when....
yes, and they will sell it for a fifth the price. For what it is even considering the acai and blueberry additives, it is grossly overpriced.

Trondheim, Norway

#42 Jun 28, 2012
The truth about Xocai: Overpriced "healthy" chocolate with no health effects (=swindle) sold through pyramide-scheme (=swindle) activly promoted through social media and networking by sellers with economic interests(often pretending to be neutral). In Norway critics has been threatened by a subsidiary of the MXI Corp (whos owners have previosley been behind several similar schemes).

English-language blogpost with links to documentation: http://venstresida.net/...

El Monte, CA

#43 Jul 22, 2012
Just left the meeting. It's all the same lies nobody makes money except your up line. See just that term up line turns me off. That is fraud talk you Canadians think your slick. Lol anything to promote and steal from the blind. Overpriced poop tell willi wonka to cut it out... I seen the movie I wonder who gets the winning ticket and a trip to Canada lol to the redwing chocolate factory with the cold midgets with big boobs.

El Monte, CA

#44 Jul 22, 2012
Freddie wrote:
<quoted text>
yes, and they will sell it for a fifth the price. For what it is even considering the acai and blueberry additives, it is grossly overpriced.
. Your desperate I lived in newmexico rio rancho your a playa there is no work in newmexico your trying to steal I lived acrossed the street from intel. You are living in lalaland

Cambridge, Canada

#47 Oct 8, 2013
My sister in-law is trying to get me to sell this product. She called me on the phone and I swear she was reading off of a piece of paper. I am going to say NO!

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