Will fast-food protests spur higher minimum wage?

Aug 5, 2013 Full story: Northern Michigan News 711

Terrance Wise has two jobs in Kansas City - one at a burger joint, a second at a pizza restaurant - but he says his paychecks aren't enough to buy shoes for his three daughters and insure his 15-year-old car.

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“Happiness comes through giving”

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#49 Aug 5, 2013
inbred Genius wrote:
one word......baloney
You want fries with that?

“Happiness comes through giving”

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#50 Aug 5, 2013
carey529 wrote:
<quoted text>
then open a mcdonalds and pay them...
Sorry, I'm too busy running my refried yak franchise. Besides, we're in competition with McDonalds in getting first dibs on the local sewage plant - aka "the cream of the crap".

“Happiness comes through giving”

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#51 Aug 5, 2013
Aphelion wrote:
<quoted text>
Who are you to determine what profit level a company makes is enough?
Who are you to ask who am I?

Kerrville, TX

#52 Aug 5, 2013
Eighthman wrote:
Lower gasoline prices.
Stop this insanity.
Does fracking violate landowner's rights ...


“Happiness comes through giving”

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#53 Aug 5, 2013
sheepleloveroyalty wrote:
<quoted text>
They do deserve to make a bare minimum livable wage but from the corporation's stand point what is a 'huge profit'. What is a huge profit for a smaller business. Or what is a minimum profit for the corporations. If government dictates to businesses pay based on their profit that is not only government interference in private business it's one step closer to dictating to small businesses and individuals. Your life will basically become based on a mathematical formula, there will be no thought on how much you pay or what for.
The problem is that most of the companies in question become too big to fail by expanding too fast taking out not only the competition but OTHER companies where an employee could progress or go to if they didn't like conditions or a wage at a corporate fast food place. They need to strengthen anti trust laws for starters.
I'm sorry. I'm not going to weep for the corporate Godzillas. I'm saving my tears for the people they exploit by paying them slave wages. There oughtta be a law.

“Happiness comes through giving”

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#54 Aug 5, 2013
Obama is a Horses Rosette wrote:
<quoted text>No. But everyone on this board knows that you're Lawrence Wolf's butt-buddy.
Jealous huh? Just bend over. You're bound to get lucky sooner or later.

Quakertown, PA

#55 Aug 5, 2013
Most economists support raising the minimum wage because one, it has not kept up with inflation, and two, it gives people more buying power which helps stimulate the economy. It just makes economic sense.

Since: Oct 08

Decatur, GA

#56 Aug 5, 2013
Voice Of Raisin wrote:
<quoted text>
The fast food industry doesn't pay folks enough money for them to make a career out of it. That's OK, it's a free country, and it's their perogative to pay whatever they want.
After working six months at a fast food joint, I know I'd be ready to move on to something else. All this talk about a "living wage" is based on the false assumption that people who work in fast food as basically stuck there and have no other options. There are always other options.
Perhaps one day McDonalds will decide to outsouce all their labor to China and sell their hamburgers from vending machines, and then it will be a moot argument.
Unions will ruin fast food as soon as they get their foot in the door....they ruin everything.
Happee New Year

Fishers, IN

#57 Aug 5, 2013
RustyS wrote:
So, if we made the minimum wage $30/hour could we eliminate all welfare programs?
Rusty! U can be bee 2016President!!!;-00
Dr Pepper

Fishers, IN

#58 Aug 5, 2013
Eighthman wrote:
They should be paid the same as Senators even though the burger flippers do more work.
U C the Senaters pay how much for talking show and Drama Club? and restoorant people working hard flip flop those burger!!it's dat funnie and guessing hu vote for em????????;)
1914 coming

Fishers, IN

#59 Aug 5, 2013
hav fun kids;)

Quakertown, PA

#60 Aug 5, 2013
inbred Genius wrote:
<quoted text>
Unions will ruin fast food as soon as they get their foot in the door....they ruin everything.
Those damn unions gave us an eight-hour workday, vacation time, sick leave, health benefits, pensions, social security, child labor laws, health and safety laws, minimum wage laws. Yeah, those unions really messed up this country.

Festus, MO

#61 Aug 5, 2013
blackiethecat wrote:
The minimum wage will not matter. Just wait until the feds allow the families of illegal immigrants to enter the country under any new immigration law. Estimates are that millions more unskilled and poorly educated people from the third world will enter the USA in the near future to join the 14 million or so illegal immigrants. Millions will certainly work for less than minimum wage just to survive.
The job market will only get worse when ObamaCare is fully implemented and companies reduce hours and/or lay off workers to reduce their expenses under ObamaCare.
Blacks deserve the economic mess they are in for blindly voting for Obama just because he looks like them. They still have nothing and Obama has thrown them under the bus. Once again they have been used but are not smart enough to realize it.
Agreed, well spoken .

Lehighton, PA

#64 Aug 5, 2013
RustyS wrote:
So, if we made the minimum wage $30/hour could we eliminate all welfare programs?
Hahaha ..If we got a business friendly president ..all the college grads working in fast food could have a shot at the career they trained for..This kind of strike could raise the cost of all foods and hurt the poor the most..
Cordwainer Trout

Elizabethtown, KY

#65 Aug 6, 2013
There's room to move as a fry cook.

Brooklyn, NY

#66 Aug 6, 2013
Pay them whatever,my concern is americans eating this garbage. Its so unhealthy. Eat right and feel good about yourselves. Just do it.

“I just hate stupid people”

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#67 Aug 6, 2013
The libtards wont be satisfied until a extra value meal cost $50.00.

Houston, TX

#68 Aug 6, 2013

Philadelphia, PA

#69 Aug 6, 2013
lolol wrote:
an employee dumps a bag of fries in oil, pushes a button and when the timer beeps removes them. Another takes an order, pushes button marked with names instead of punching prices, the register tells them the change amount if any. So how much is an unskilled, uneducated job worth to an employer ?. The cashier can be replaced by a card only kiosk that the customer can use. In japan the fry cook is replaced by a vending machine. These jobs are largely just make work jobs for teens and minorities and paying minimum wage is the marker for the job skills required. Automation used to be expensive, but nowadays will probably look a lot more plausible to these employers to eliminate the 'gimme gimmee' attitude of low to non-existent skilled employees that will never be capable of garnering a livable career.
It is an entry-level job to teach teens work ethics or to provide additional funds for adults. It is not meant to be a job to raise a family on. You reap what you sow; if a parent fails to get an education or learn a skill, he has only him/herself to blame for their plight.

Newport News, VA

#70 Aug 6, 2013
Lawrence Wolf wrote:
Fast food employees deserve a livable wage. These companies make profits huge enough to sustain current prices to consumers. Even if prices increase, people who consume this edible garbage will remain addicted to it.
The vast majority of fast food employees are rude idiots anyway. They cant even count out correct change. Those jobs were never meant to be career choices. But hey....I worked them as a teenager....and quickly found there I didnt want to do that for the rest of my life. If I had a business which required unskilled help that Id pay them for what they were worth. On the other hand....I would bypass them..pay just a tad more and actually get somebody with an education, knowing this was a stepping stone for them. But that would be racist bigoted or somethign right????

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