Students grind into Fiji Junior Certi...

Students grind into Fiji Junior Certificate exam

There are 77 comments on the Fiji Times story from Nov 5, 2009, titled Students grind into Fiji Junior Certificate exam. In it, Fiji Times reports that:

Rishikul Sanatan College student Arishma Lata Kumar busy with her Basic Science Fiji Junior paper yesterday.

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Suva, Fiji

#1 Dec 31, 2009
Why Scaling???

Its SO NOT fair!!
bill gather

Suva, Fiji

#2 Jan 2, 2010
pls can u out the exam result 4 2010

Suva, Fiji

#3 Jan 6, 2010
desperatly waitin,confirm da date pliz
Average Joe

Suva, Fiji

#4 Jan 6, 2010
Relax nerds! There is something else called "enjoying your holidays" apart from thinking of your school work 24/7.

School Sucks!

What losers these nerds are.

Suva, Fiji

#7 Jan 11, 2010
when will the FJC,FSLC n FSFE result will out>>>>>>
caz we really need more weeks for holiday caz when the school starts then there wont be enough time to relax but to struggle in school in order to upgrade the standard of our school and our nation

what you guyz think???!!!!!!!

Suva, Fiji

#8 Jan 11, 2010
School is about to start - FJC exams results is not out yet -- come on ministry of education -- be considerate!!1

Suva, Fiji

#9 Jan 11, 2010
need to know about my results....and those of you still need more tym to relax,contnue doing it but ready to go back to school....
wiliam lewesi

Suva, Fiji

#10 Jan 13, 2010
y scaling its unfair to those who work hard
salome tuva

London, UK

#12 Jan 13, 2010
commona man, plizz we want to know our school children result,and there is only two weeks left
wake up

Port-vila, Vanuatu

#13 Jan 13, 2010
realy want 2 knw ma results,man skul's bout to start...
Glenda sera

Coopers Plains, Australia

#14 Jan 13, 2010
m in aussie n in order 2 get my school hia i nid my FJCE results....w@ is happening ministry..huh!!
skul is abut 2 start n the results are not out yet..
N [email protected] up wid d scaling huh!! we work hard 2 achieve those marks..wake up minister we are frustrated!!

Suva, Fiji

#15 Jan 13, 2010
plizzzzz...really want 2 knw my "FJC RESULTS",skul is near nd we "FORM 4s" really want 2 knw our exam results,so dat means stop relaxin nd get your but up nd start sendin us our results!!!!!!!,thank u

Suva, Fiji

#17 Jan 14, 2010
th results r out..!!!=) gud luck to all of u...

Suva, Fiji

#18 Jan 14, 2010
why do you say results r out on web. when it is not.students get frustated as they have been waiting 4 the result. at the same time the toll free number is busy and the web is not working.
Glenda sera

Coopers Plains, Australia

#19 Jan 14, 2010
Yea.....u sad it!!!!!!!!!!

Suva, Fiji

#20 Jan 14, 2010
ok! waitin 4 dis stupid results r a pain in d ass 4 me.its killin me , im goin insane.lmfao
Average Joe

Suva, Fiji

#21 Jan 14, 2010
They scale marks so that everyone has a chance to reach the next level of education. If they don't scale marks and if they don't increase the marks of those academically poor students, then those students will fail and drop out of school. Do you want those academically poor students to drop out of school and be unemployed? Do you want to see Fiji full of thugs robbing people because they were not allowed to study further?

You nerds complaining over here about marks being scaled and that it is not fair are just a bunch of uneducated low life clowns! You nerds think you are really smart. You think you know everything so that is the reason why you should be the only ones to further your education and not those academically poor students. You think that just because you clowns are the only ones who can perform well academically, it makes you the only ones to further your education and not those academically poor students.

Tell me, is there anything wrong if marks get scaled? Is there anything wrong with scaling up the marks of academically poor students so that they have a chance of furthering their education? Why are you nerds so upset about getting your marks scaled down? They don't scale your marks down to the level where you fail the exam and are unable to enter university. They don't do things like that! Scaling is done to make everyone look equal and have a fair chance at education.

Do you f*cken nerds realize that the literacy level of a country is one of the factors that is used to determine whether a country is a first, second or third world nation? With the type of attitude you nerds are showing about being against the scaling of marks, no wonder Fiji is a 3rd world country. Hell, 90% of you nerds over here don't have an idea about what a 1st, 2nd or 3rd world nation is! And you clowns call yourselves smart. Books aren't the only things meant to be in your life. Get out of your f*cken schools and study rooms and realize what the world is, arseholes!
Average Joe

Suva, Fiji

#22 Jan 14, 2010
You clowns complain that you don't like marks being scaled. Tell me what the hell is wrong and so unfair about it? Haven't you clowns had more than enough opportunities to score high marks internally? Wasn't that enough for you crybabies? And just what the hell will you crybabies get even if you do score high marks? Are you going to get some "internationally" recognized award for it?

Do you realize that the required marks to enter University and FIT are 250 and 200 respectively? So what the hell is the point of wrecking your brains trying to reach 450/500? Now you losers will tell me that you aim for scholarships. Not every nerd ends up getting it. Even academically poor students get it. So there is no use being selfish. Instead of always being selfish and trying to reach 480/500, can't you fools for once "study to learn", instead of "studying to score high marks"?

If your marks get scaled down and the marks of those academically poor students get scaled up, then what is the problem with it? I am sure all of you are religious over here! I am sure all of you believe that god makes everyone equal and that greed is an evil thing. I am sure all of you believe in sharing. But when it come to you school work, all of your religious beliefs disappear. You start practicing greed, being unequal and unfairness. You want to be the only one scoring good marks and furthering your education, and you want those academically poor students to be forced into a situation where they are unable to study because of low marks - because you clowns "DO NOT" want their marks to be scaled up so that they have a chance of reaching USP or FIT and get diplomas and degrees.
Average Joe

Suva, Fiji

#23 Jan 14, 2010
Grow up you f*cken Nerds! Stop worrying about your marks being decreased! At USP level nobody cares about getting A+. They only care about successfully passing all the units and then completing their degrees!

You aren't the only ones to live in this world. There are others too. The only difference is that they are academically behind you. So what the hell is wrong with that? If they are poor, and if you lose a bit of your marks and they are given a portion of it, then are you going to lose your life? Look at the positive sides of it. Your marks get scaled down, the marks of academically poor students get scaled up, along with you they are able to enter university and complete their degree successfully, they are able to find good jobs and support their families, the literacy level of the country increases, there are less unemployment, poverty and crime, finally the country has a chance of making a better image for itself, the country starts getting more developed, this causes the country to have a chance of moving from a 3rd world nation to a 2nd world nation. But still, because of selfish nerds like you that don't like the scaling of marks, we are forced to live in a 3rd world nation. Whatever I have explained above, have you ever had the potential to understand that? Were you smart enough to realize how the simple use of the scaling of marks can build a nation? I don’t think so. You clowns call yourselves smart, but still none of you are broad thinkers. You are all a bunch of narrow minded nerds! You think you are smart. Well it might be true because of your high marks. But none of you are intelligent. All of you nerds are smart, you are all narrow minded thinkers. But none of you are intelligent, you are not broad minded.

Now go and get yourselves a life instead of talking about schoolwork all the time. Forget about school work altogether and enjoy your holidays. Form 7 and University doesn’t start till end of February or early March. Seriously take part into sports – and not play only to refresh you mind from studies. How about you clowns go and learn what a soccer or rugby ball is? You f*cken narrow minded nerds!

Coopers Plains, Australia

#24 Jan 14, 2010
Ok we didn't need d@ long speech k!!......
Simple!! y we dn't wn't our marks scaled is because we work hard 4 it k...n yea we do care about doz students who are if marks are jst given 2 dem so d@ dey dn't fail dan how r they gnna learn..n also dea r sum students which i knw of who are capable of passing but dey dn't try n yet our marks are scaled n given 2 dem...who dn't deserve n u dn't even knw hw d smart students feel when dea results are out n dey gt less den day expected jst because of d scaling.. we work our blady butts out 2 getthoses marks n yet sum students sail through easily cz marks are given 2 dem m nt pointing out @ d slow ones m talking about d students who are capable of passing but they dn't even try so before u start calling us selfish nerds and [email protected] crap u dragging about u also think of us...n plus i wouldn't call not wanting scaling a selfish thing we earned it u freak!!

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