Wake up Fiji!!

Why hasn't the government of Fiji done something to ensure that
any mining contract in Fiji is 51% is owned by the native landowners.

This will ensure right compensation for the landowners.

Deals being done must be made for companies that will accept
this otherwise no deal is done. I'm sure many other companies
will be able to take up the offer quite readily.

It seems that all the government is doing are the same deals
previously done with Emporer Gold mine, when the going got
tough they ran and there's was no compensation for the landowners
at all.

The great economies of this world are going broke. It is very hard
to sustain the Western world without external resources.
Countries rich in resources are being robbed dry to benefit these
countries. Some are being re-colonized, like Iraq, LIbya and others
for their resources.

People make a stand and demand that 51% ownership of any mine
in Fiji is owned by the land owners themselves. This way if any
company decides to walk out ownership is kept with thelandowners themselves.

I'm not sure who Bainimarama is working for these days but he has
changed with much disregard for Fijian Affairs.
If they really stand for and with the people of Fiji they would be
making deals for the benefit of the people. But is it happening?
Are the deals made to suit these companies and not the people.
And who's coffers are being filled with these deals, the peoples?

Wake Up Fiji!