rakhi ji donot do any thing wrong which harms baba ramdev .baba ramdev is a great saint and and he is improving lifes of millions and he is having the a great social status ".what you have said "---how it can feel bad to your family .have you ever thought . from the old ancient times ,like this kind of bad wisdoms and traditions are coming on .because of those how many lifes and familyies are spoiled so far those quarrels are not stoped .
we wish BABA RAMDEV become a good and great saint .and inprove and save the lives of every one
rakhi ji if you can do anything good for baba ramdev praise for his work which he has done for betterment of peoples .and respect him .
rakhi ji if you want to see baba ramdev's respect for eleders then watch this video on you tube google channel----------Baba Ramdev visits Isha Yoga Center - Part 1