'Do-gooders' deprive poor of horse meat

'Do-gooders' deprive poor of horse meat

There are 188 comments on the Evening Sun story from Jul 27, 2008, titled 'Do-gooders' deprive poor of horse meat. In it, Evening Sun reports that:

Throughout human history, we have relied on animals and fish to provide our principal source of vital body-building food protein.

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horse owner of 3

Lake Ariel, PA

#183 Aug 1, 2008
I agree whole heartledly. not for the reasons you describe but for others but again BRAVO!

New Castle, PA

#184 Aug 5, 2008
All I can say is..........
What a dope.
Jo Singer

El Paso, TX

#185 Aug 6, 2008
"This is a form of persecution by the powerful against the economically disadvantaged, and also against our domestic animals, many of whom rely on horse-meat byproducts."

This is a bunch of horse manure! Horses in the US have been slaughtered needlessly under brutal conditions. You can watch this "humane" treatment of horses, and learn the truth about what REALLY is happening... by visiting

&fe ature=rec-fresh

Most of the horses slaughtered in the US were destined to end up on the dinner plates of the wealthy as a gormet treat.

Horses have historically have been our partners, working side by side with us, through battle, on farms, and as companion animals. They need protection, not slaughter.

To Mr Charles F. Morris, get your facts straight and please stop spreading these vicious rumors.

Winnetka, IL

#186 Aug 10, 2008
horse owner of 3, what poor person do you know that can afford to pay $20-$40 per pound for horsemeat?

Lutz, FL

#187 Aug 28, 2008
James Elliott wrote:
I run a large equine rescue in Eagle Creek Oregon. I'll reply to Mr Morris's article by numbers.
1. First of all, horse meat isn't for the poor. It is more expensive than beef. Way more expensive ! Especiall meat which is shipped to other countries by ground, sea, or air freight. I have heard rumors that federal express picks up 747 loads of live horses in Calgary often, and flys them to Japan for slaughter. I have been told it tastes pretty good. Could you amagine how good it would taste if many of the horses were not old, full of tumors, diseased, and mostly bones. I don't think Japan is importing these horses for the poor. Just like they didn't import a Kentucky Derby winner to be slaughtered for the poor.
2. You are right. Throughout History, man has relied on animals and fish as a source for protein. In fact I've read that the protein from meat was one of the main reasons our predicessors started increasing their brain capabilities. Also, one of the most the most relished food on the Lewis and Clark expidition "Corps of Discovery" was dog meat supplied by native Americans. One more thing -- A long long long time ago humans had another source of Protien. "Themselves" Won't go any further on this subject.
3. To me there are two types of people. Those who like animals, and those who don't. We have many fine volunteers at our facility, and we have met ome very special people in this venture, who have given their lives to help just equines. The same goes for other animals. Dogs, Cats, Birds, etc. Pets are animals who humans can make some kind of mental contact with and love. If possible, the love is transferred back.
Then there are those who truly don't like animals. Most of them likethemselves pretty much, and don't respect others opinios. I put you in this catgory Mr. Morris. Most people who truly care about animals don't like people who don't. I have asked this question many times.
4. I don't consider my self a "do-gooder". I agree that there are way too many equines (horses, donkeys, mules, etc) in the world. Something has to be done with the excess. Some countrys consume horse meat. Thats fine, and I don't oppose that. Certain ethnic groups in the USA consume Horse, Donkey, or Mule meat. Thats fine. Its their God given right.
What I don't like, or should I say Hate is the way Equines are treated on their way to slaughter. First of all, most go through an auction. Many of the horses are in bad shape. Not all. Some are very young, or not born yet, and some are just plain beautiful healthy horses whos owners didn't want any of their horse buddys knowing they sent their horse to slaughter. Those bought to kill, are then started on their trip to slaughter. There is some type of feedlot they must be in before killing This supposidly fattens them up, and cures some of their problems. BULL. If you don't know, these horses are transported not in horse trailers, but in stock trailers ment for cattle or some other type of shorter animal. One of the worst things any horse person can do is haul their horse in a trailer which is too short for long periods of time. Its cruel.
Thats it. Somepeople like yourself won't give a darn what I said, but I sure feel better for saying it.
James Elliott
Hytyme Equine Rescue
Please excuese my spelling and grammer errors. It is very difficult to edit this post.
Allisa Rockwood

Roseburg, OR

#188 Sep 14, 2009
I am a horse owner and always will be. I'm also just in high school. My mom knew someone that tried to rescue horses but it didn't work. We ended up with some of the horses and they were so emaciated that their ribs could be counted from feet away. Their worms were so bad that we would have to worm them 3 times the amount needed. Some of the horses had diseases and others had hoof, teeth, or hair problems.

Until recently I thought horse slaughter was very bad but now after seeing all the neglected horses I think it is good to slaughter some. The "young healthy" horses probably had a bad life and if not slaughtered might have been going to a case of neglect. The people that "rescue" horses sometimes have to many and have no money these horses start to get diseases and suffer. Why shouldn't these horses get slaughtered to stop the suffering?

I admit I have eaten horse its an okay meat a little like beef. I say that horse slaughter is okay for horses that don't have a loving home. The people that think its wrong haven't seen suffering horses and need to think about it instead of freaking out. Especially people that own horses they should understand. So I totally agree with horse slaughter.
Tom Durfee

Gretna, VA

#189 May 17, 2010
Horse meat is unfit for humans to eat.
Food and Chemical Toxicology, Volume 48, Issue 5, May 2010, Pages 1270-1274
Association of phenylbutazone usage with horses bought for slaughter: A public health risk
Nicholas Dodman, Nicolas Blondeau, Ann M. Marini

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - prohibited as well Phenylbutazone, known as "bute," is a veterinary drug only label-approved by the Food & Drug Administration for use by veterinarians in dogs and horses. It has been associated with debilitating conditions in humans and it is absolutely not permitted for use in food-producing animals. USDA/FSIS has conducted a special project to for this drug in selected bovine slaughter plants under federal inspection. An earlier pilot project by FSIS found traces less than 3% of the livestock selected for testing, sufficient cause for this special project. There is no tolerance for this drug in food-producing livestock, and they and their by-products are condemned when it is detected. Dairy producers must not use this drug in food-producing livestock and if it is found, those producers will be subject to FDA investigation and possible prosecution.

Horse Owner Survey Shows NSAID Use Trends
by: Edited Press Release
April 30 2009, Article # 14073

In a recent survey, 96% of respondents said they used nonsteroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to control the joint pain and
inflammation in horses, and 82% administer them without always
consulting their veterinarian. More than 1,400 horse owners and trainers
were surveyed to better understand attitudes toward NSAIDs, in a project
sponsored by Merial, the maker of Equioxx (firocoxib).

99 percent of horses that started in California last year raced on bute, according to Daily Racing Form. Bute is banned in the United States and Canada for horses intended for the food chain. ThatÂ’s a permanent ban.
Are horses used to make pet food?
Horses are not raised for food in the United States so they are not generally used in commercial pet foods.

Orlando, FL

#190 Aug 26, 2010
Boy you sure stirred the proverbial pot of shit with this stick!!!

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