'Do-gooders' deprive poor of horse meat

'Do-gooders' deprive poor of horse meat

There are 188 comments on the Evening Sun story from Jul 27, 2008, titled 'Do-gooders' deprive poor of horse meat. In it, Evening Sun reports that:

Throughout human history, we have relied on animals and fish to provide our principal source of vital body-building food protein.

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Jennifer Lawrence

Norristown, PA

#1 Jul 27, 2008
Horse meat was NEVER used to feed the poor in the United States. Mr. Morris simply doesn't want to admit that the slaughter of these animals was, primarily, for EXPORT to European countries (mainly France) where horse is considered a delicacy.

In all of my 50+ years, I've never seen horse meat in a grocery store or offered by the local butcher. Have you?

HSUS remains steadfast against the slaughter of horses because if that road were taken, what would be next? Dogs? Cats? Both of these animals are also eaten in other countries... why not America?

Because it's wrong.

Americans have long considered the horse to be a majectic symbol of the west, and as time progressed, a marvelous companion animal. Horses have never been raised as livestock or been regularly butchered for the Sunday dinner table in the United States.

If, as Mr. Morris says, Congress has been shirking its responsibility for 228 years, I can only surmise he is entirely unhappy in this country; he should return to whatever country from which his family blood line originates because his arguments are ridiculous.

Washington, DC

#2 Jul 27, 2008
Having read Chuck's break from reality, I would rather be a do-gooder than a bonehead such as the author of this "article." He is clueless and seems to have a grudge against a group versus a grip on the issue. Horse slaughter hasn't been banned in the US. The three plants that did operate in the US sold all of their meat in Europe as a high end delicacy. Horsesmeat hasn't been used in pet food for decades and if so necessary it is available for exotics now.

I also suggest he pick up a copy of the Constitution and other founding documents to get a grip on the operation of our government.
Valerie James-Patton

Shingletown, CA

#3 Jul 27, 2008
I am not a member of HSUS or any other animal advocate group, but speaking as an American horse owner, I can tell you that the ban on horse slaughter affects horses only - American horses. Americans don't eat horses. Horses in the U.S. are not food animals, and those that went to slaughter were young, healthy animals, most of them were race horses, pets, working horses, and even mustangs. While you might want to believe that horse meat feeds the poor overseas, as a gourmet delicacy at $15 -$25 @ lb., the poor can't afford to eat horse meat.
Horses are still being exported to slaughter over our borders, and the only thing that Congress has shirked their responsibility of, is not to have already passed the federal legislation that would prohibit the transport of our horses to slaughter over the borders, as well as to ensure against the re-opening of any horse slaughtering facility in the U.S.
D Masters

Oakvale, WV

#4 Jul 27, 2008
Mr. Morris, who fed you this propaganda? Meat lobbyists? A notorious kill auction house owner? Because it sure wasn't someone that has documented horse slaughter for what it truly is....greed, irresponsibility and flat out cruelty, with a little lawbreaking and lying thrown in.
Feeding the poor? Oh, PALEEZE!!! It's the second highest priced meat in Europe. Second only to veal upon last check. Are you the editor? Because if you are, you need to be fired for such an emotional, over the top, unsubstantiated piece of drivel. You have done a disservice to your readership AND the horses.
TheTruthWillCome Out

Owasso, OK

#5 Jul 27, 2008
The ONLY unequaled stupidity I see is this piece of crap of an article and the idiot that wrote it. Next time crawl back under your rock and spare us your lack of intelligence. This pro-slaughter spin can be used when you wipe your butt next time as that's the only useful thing for this article.

US Horse Meat is Unsafe for Human Consumption.
* Horses are not raised nor regulated as food animals in the US. They routinely receive medications that are banned from food animals such as Phenybutazone or "bute", the aspirin of the horse world. Addition medications include Clenbuterol, Ivermectin, fluphanazine, fluoxetine, methylprednisone, dipyrone, gentamycin sulfate, ketoprofen, Regumate and Lasix -- all clearly labeled, "Not for use in animals intended for food."

What are the side-effects of bute?
* Phenylbutazone has been determined to be a carcinogen to humans by the National Toxicology Program (NTP).
* Phenylbutazone is also known for its ulcerogenic, nephrotoxic, and hemotoxic effects in humans. It is known to induce blood dyscrasias, including aplastic anemia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia, and deaths.

Is bute ok for use in food animals in the countries where US horse meat is consumed?
* No. In the European Union, any horse that has EVER received bute in it's lifetime is banned from entering the food supply. They have had to implement a costly and complex "passport system" in Great Britain (a country that is also overwhelmingly against horse slaughter) in 2004 to address this very issue for the 8,000-10,000 horses that go to slaughter for human consumption in the EU each year. But what they don't know won't hurt them in the case of American horses, right???

Over 70% of Americans are against horse slaughter - so don't go blame one group for giving the horses a voice against cruelty - but it's all about greed. Horse slaughter was in violation of cruelty laws for decades just as the pockets have been padded by the legislators by big AG $$$$$.

Thanks for the laugh Chuckie!

Lisle, IL

#6 Jul 27, 2008
It is grossly irresponsible of Charles F. Morris to write on a subject he knows nothing about!

Since: Jul 08

New York, NY

#7 Jul 27, 2008
I have never seen such blatant lies and propaganda spewed by Mr. Morris in this letter.

The poor do not eat horse meat, it is a delicacy which is served in France, Belgium, Japan and other countries, but never in the United States. I don't think the poor can afford $20.00 per lb.

The HSUS never kept any lobbying secret; the case in Illinois to end horse slaughter there was documented by many newspapers across the country, if Mr. Morris had read the newspapers, he would know this to be true.

In addition, no one is keeping horse meat from being fed to our "domestic" animals, except the people in the United States. Horse meat is not used in domestic dog and cat food, because the American people were not purchasing it and the dog and cat food companies stopped using it. It's all about supply and demand, isn't it? In fact, horse meat has not been used in dog food for the past 20 years!

And lastly, no one is asking that we stop eating beef, chicken or fish. Americans do not eat horse meat, why should we be barbarically kill our horses for the benefit of foreign countries?

Horses are used as therapy, guides for the blind, military, police, entertainment and companionship. Dogs are used for the same. We don't slaughter dogs to send to China for food, why are we slaughtering our horses?

I wonder what Mr. Morris does for a living. Perhaps a breeder who has been breeding to send our noble equines to slaughter? Or perhaps someone who uses their horses until they can't work any longer? Mr. Morris believes that it is morally correct to send them off to a horrific death, as if they were an old sweater instead of a sentient being. The only name that comes to mind is, Judas.

Horse slaughter is the ultimate betrayal. Mr. Morris needs a lesson in morality.

If you agree, please call your representatives and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 6598.

Gettysburg, PA

#8 Jul 27, 2008
And while we no longer process horses for whatever, horse lovers just keep on getting more horses. But its okay to have one and let it starve half to death, let the hooves grow ever so long, not feed them and let them get diseases. And now the West is overrun with them and no one wants them. Who is going to pay for them? Why not process them and sell them to the countries that want to buy them for food.
Starving people in our own country would probably be happy to have something to eat. I would eat it if I had to. Long ago muskrats were sold in markets for people to consume. Save the muskrat. What do you do with a DEAD HORSE?
Lucille Matte

Katy, TX

#9 Jul 27, 2008
You should really do a little research on a subject before you open your mouth. The meat from the horses that the Belgians butchered alive here in the states and now in Canada and Mexico is shipped overseas to feed the RICH. At about $20.00 a pound I wouldn't call anyone eating horse meat poor. I guess it is so expensive because of all the drug additives like bute and wormer that clearly state not to be used on food animals.

Americans do NOT eat horse meat and neither do the poor in America.

Get a clue.
Jo Deibel


#10 Jul 27, 2008
Dear Mr. Morris,
You apparently know nothing about horses or the method in which they are brutally butchered, after hours upon hours of transport in overcrowded trailers meant to haul cattle.
Have YOU watched a mare be slaughtered in front of her foal? Have you seen a foal butchered while her mother watches screaming in agony?
You know not of what you speak. I live and breathe horse rescue, each and every day and am constantly fighting to raise awareness about the issue of horse slaughter.
Sound young horses go to slaughter everyday, so do old, infirm, pregnant mares, mustangs, and more...this is a disgrace and you should be ashamed of promoting this disgusting practice.
The United States was built on the backs of horses, and they are bred to be intelligent, kind animals. How can you commit a horse that has given his heart and soul for its owners to a horrible death for a couple of dollars? Don't they deserve the kindness that humans can show them?
And if an owner cant afford humane euthanasia, they shouldn't own a horse.
It sickens me that you are allowed to print this pro slaughter propoganda in MY local newspaper. I will NEVER purchase another Evening Sun Newspaper and will make sure that everyone I know gets a copy of this article.
I invite you to go to a slaughter house, your media staff in hand, and then tell me what you see is "humane" treatment.
You sir, sicken me,
Jo Deibel

Jo Deibel
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329
Cheryl H


#11 Jul 27, 2008
Mr Morris.. even if you do the minimum reseach before inserting your feet in your mouth, your comments could at least have some credibility. None of what you have stated is remotely true, and at $20lb shouldn't we just let the poor eat cake?

In the 21st century, we are now able to google virtually any subject known to mankind. Only a complete and utter idiot would post an opinion letter like this without checking for accuracy.

Next time, before you accuse HSUS, AWI, ASPCA or Mary Sue for saving horses and other animals, know your facts. while the foreigners get rich abusing and torturing American horses, ignorant and uninformed people like you keep spouting off. They're laughing all the way to the foreign banks.

Since: Jul 08

New York, NY

#12 Jul 27, 2008
Charlie wrote:
And while we no longer process horses for whatever, horse lovers just keep on getting more horses. But its okay to have one and let it starve half to death, let the hooves grow ever so long, not feed them and let them get diseases. And now the West is overrun with them and no one wants them. Who is going to pay for them? Why not process them and sell them to the countries that want to buy them for food.
Starving people in our own country would probably be happy to have something to eat. I would eat it if I had to. Long ago muskrats were sold in markets for people to consume. Save the muskrat. What do you do with a DEAD HORSE?
How about the people who are breeding these horses, stop breeding them?

There are laws against animal cruelty, so those that don't feed their horses or take care of them, will go to jail. And as the laws change in each state, they may be in jail a very long time.

So, I guess they have their choices. Be an upstanding, law abiding citizen, or be a criminal.

If you commit a crime, you do the time.

There you go, Charlie.


#13 Jul 27, 2008
The author of this article is so far off base, Im wondering if he is even a resident of planet earth?

First of all, horsemeat isnt feeding very many of the world's "poor" or the "politically weak." All horsemeat formerly exported from the US was shipped to the EU and Asia where it was consumed by anyone who can afford to pay appx.$20+ per pound.

Secondly, and I found this particularly comical, Illinois is anything but "radical leaning." On the contrary. Illinois is a state that is heavily invested in agricultural markets, and has a VERY powerful pro-slaughter, pro-factory farming lobby. In fact, as someone on the front lines of the IL bill to ban horse slaughter, I can tell you first hand that it took several failed attempts and over 5 long years to pass this bill. And furthermore, there wasnt anything "secret" about this bill. This issue was regularly in the headlines in newspapers throughout the entire state of IL as well as many other media outlets across the nation.

Get with it Mr. Morris..if you wish to speak as having knowledge of an issue, you might try having some first.
Horse and Animal Lover

Bethlehem, PA

#14 Jul 27, 2008
I am appalled by how stupid this man is. First of all, much of the horse meat that is slaughtered in Mexico (from American horses) is shipped overseas, not to "poor and politically weak" people, but as a delicacy and fetches a high price.
This man has obviously not done his homework. Not only does the horse slaughter industry make a lot of money selling overseas, but it pays a pretty penny to people who cannot afford to care for their horse any longer, which is not helping to feed people, but is just preying on people truly weakened by the economy.
I do agree with Mr. Morris about the Supreme Court and the life-term they have, but only an uneducated person would suggest feeding our and other countries' poor horse meat as a means of "vital, body-building food protein". There are plenty of much cheaper ways to obtain the RDA of protein without eating meat period, let alone suggesting we eat Mr. Ed.
Maybe Mr. Morris should read a bit before sending in any more letters.
Valerie James-Patton

Shingletown, CA

#15 Jul 27, 2008
Charlie wrote:
And while we no longer process horses for whatever, horse lovers just keep on getting more horses. But its okay to have one and let it starve half to death, let the hooves grow ever so long, not feed them and let them get diseases.
And now the West is overrun with them and no one wants them. What do you do with a DEAD HORSE?
Charlie, a little more research and you would have found out that the recent articles on abandoned horses was nothing more than propaganda to convince people like you that the west is overrun with horses. That's simply not true.
And you ask what do you do with a dead horse? Well, if you live in America, you don't eat it.

Gettysburg, PA

#16 Jul 27, 2008
What next? Dogs and cats?
Valerie James-Patton

Shingletown, CA

#17 Jul 27, 2008
Charlie, I'm sorry. I should have given you the opportunity to see for yourself the investigative reports that were done on the abandoned horse issue. It's complete with police reports and correspondence to those who made the abandoned horse claims. At least skim through the reports, as, if nothing else, it is pretty comical to read about their propaganda attempts.

http://www.kaufmanzoning.net/horsemeat/Abando... [1].pdf

Valerie James-Patton

Shingletown, CA

#18 Jul 27, 2008
I see the links didn't come through. Go to Mary Nash's horsemeat website, scroll down, and click on the "Deleting the Fiction" parts 1 & 2.
Bonnie Mizrahi

Encinitas, CA

#19 Jul 27, 2008
Reporters never seem to mention one very significant issue in the horse slaughter debate. The issue is the complete lack of regulation or oversight regarding the medications, hormones, and steroids that are commonly given to horses, some on an almost daily basis, and most which are specifically banned from being given to animals intended for human consumption.
Horses are not raised for food in this country. There is no regard given to the safety of the meat for human consumption. Horses are bred, raised and trained to serve as a working partner or valued companion and NOT with the primary goal as a food animal. Slaughter is a betrayal of the trust that we demand from horses, and slaughter is a betrayal to consumers in Europe who believe they are purchasing a pristine product. Inspections of horsemeat check for trichinosis, but there is no verification that unsafe substances have not been administered.
The transportation of slaughter-bound horses puts the health of the general horse population at risk because a "Coggins" Certificate is not required to transport a horse to slaughter. Therefore, horses with Equine Infectious Anemia can be transported and held near other horses risking the spread of infection. The disease is spread by horseflies. There is no vaccine for this disease, and one a horse contracts it, there is no recovery.
It is also interesting to note that protein from "downer" animals cannot be given to ruminants, but there is no prohibition on the use of that protein in food or supplements given to horses since horses are not ruminants. http://www.fda.gov/cvm/6597bse.htm
The meat is exported as a high priced delicacy for human consumption. The European Union has strict laws in place controlling the substances given to horses intended for slaughter. This has increased the cost of horsemeat in Europe, and the foreign owned slaughterhouses are able to slip in a cheaply purchased meat and sell it for high prices because of an overlooked loophole in the import certifications. This happens despite that the following are common substances given to almost all horses in the U.S. These are all substances that are labeled "NOT for use in horses intended for food."
Phenylbutazone, or “Bute” is a common substance given to horses for pain management. For animals, phenylbutazone is currently approved only for oral and injectable use in dogs and horses. Use in horses is limited to use in horses not intended for food. There are currently no approved uses of phenylbutazone in food-producing animals. It should be noted that "bute" is one of the substances most commonly given to performance horses including racehorses. It is NOT uncommon for racehorses to be sold for slaughter.
I have yet to see the media present this side of the argument. I am very curious to know why this issue is kept hidden. If horses are going to be slaughtered for human consumption, then the consumer is entitled to know exactly what they are consuming. I also do not understand why the cattle industry would support export competition for their product especially given the uneven economic and regulatory playing field between the cattle industry and the horsemeat industry. The foreign slaughterhouses pay very little in federal income tax and their cost for regulatory compliance is minor compared to the domestic producers of conventional meat products.
Caroline Jaffe

Crown Point, IN

#20 Jul 27, 2008
We do NOT eat horsemeat here in the US - and the people who DO eat horsemeat overseas are NOT the poor. Our horses are killed to be eaten as a DELICACY by RICH PEOPLE who respond to ads in restaurant windows such as "EAT AN AMERICAN CHAMPION."

This entire piece is a diatribe based entirely on untruths.

I am surprised that a reputable news source allowed this drivel to be published.

Only in American ...

We all need to tell our US Reps to support/cosponsor the NEW anti-horse slaughter bill, HR 6598, just introduced on July 24, 2008. Its author/proponent is the eminent Rep. Conyers of MI, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, and it is a FEDERAL CRIMINAL LAW to be a new section within Title 18, United States Code.

May it swiftly be passed and enacted to shut up people like the writer of this piece to which I have responded.

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