I have been going to the gym now for 8 months doing a weight training routine suggested by the gym instructor I saw and I am starting to feel burnt out from the intensity.

I haven't taken any time off (I train 6 times in a week) and my gym instructor says to keep at it and work through the fatigue. I have been reading around and one should be taking some days off after bouts of training hard yet he says that taking time off is nonsense. My joints ache and I am not motivated any more to hit the gym so I just go because I have a one year contract.

This article talks about how to recognize when you are overtrained and I tick all the points suggested.


I think taking some rest would benefit me at this stage, despite what my gym instructor says, but I don't know how to go about it. Shall I do some light weights when I rest, maybe some cardio? How much rest is too much? According to the article I should take a week off because I honestly feel like crap (achy joints and I cannot fall asleep every time I weight train).

Please, recommend me how to proceed to take a rest period as I have made some good gains and I don't want to lose them.