This not only highlights the incompetence and unprofessionalism of our police force in this country but also how many instances of misconduct and incompetence there really are within our police force.
Acts such as these normally get covered up and this is the function of the Professional Standards Dept (PSD) within each police force and it is their task to ‘play down’ and gloss over the many complaints they receive and prevent them from being made public or being taken any further, such as a prosecution. They do a good job of protecting, defending and ¿sheltering¿ their officers who commit acts of misconduct and incompetence!
Thames Valley Police force have a notorious reputation for being one of the worst performing in the country and for having a very large number of complaints raised against them. For information, in 2008 two complaints that were deemed upheld & substantiated were against the same officer within Thames Valley Police Force, DC Mark Torrington who is based in Banbury. The complaints were raised through the IPCC and after an investigation by the Thames Valley Police Professional Standards Dept (PSD) it was concluded that both complaints against were indeed upheld and substantiated.
The complaints were for ‘Improper Disclosure of Information’ and the investigation report details that DC Torrington disclosed personal & private information and data to the complainants employer on a regular basis and continually providing ‘updates’ therefore breaching the Data Protection Act 1998. Due to this breach Thames Valley Police have also been reported to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).
The second complaint which was also concluded as being upheld & substantiated was for ‘Mishandling of Property’. This involved the same officer, DC Torrington giving away various personal possessions & items of the complainants property to an unauthorized person and also without permission or even recording it.
The investigation report details and concludes that DC Mark Torrington will receive Management Advice from the Area Commander as a result of his actions.
This officer should have been prosecuted in the same way as any member of the public would have been!
However this once again highlights the poor conduct of officers and the very low standard within Thames Valley Police which on many occasions just gets glossed over from the public. The actions of this officer are just one example of why Thames Valley Police have got such a poor reputation and proves that officers including DC Torrington obviously can not be trusted!!