Who do you side with in Ferguson?

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#53 Aug 25, 2014
I side with the family of the victim.

Memphis, TN

#54 Aug 25, 2014
In this case, I got to side with the police officer. The officer may have been a cave ape, but if there is something that I cannot stand as much as a white mutant it would be the black thug. As a black man that is successful, lives in a well known community on the North side of town, has a well paying job, and two college degrees, and pays for everything in cold hard cash, including my new Navigator and my six figure house- I cannot stand the black boy thug behavior. The white cop was well within his rights to get rid of this thug. I have researched this and at first I was a little biased towards the whole situation, but more and more of me has began to side with the authorities on this one. The cop was attacked by this savage black thug boy. I don't have time for the thugs and they'll never earn my time either, they are set in their ways and I don't plan on trying to talk one out of it. They enjoy the lifestyle that they have and they can continue to be black boys, and I'll continue to be a black man. I have only one weakness in this life and that is the white princesses out there and we all know that a successful black man like myself are theirs. Don't discount my rant either, I still loathe the white cave dweller too and their bestiality and child molesting ways- I don't have time for them either and there is enough proof out there that shows that the beautiful white ladies don't have time for you all either.

Ripley, TN

#56 Aug 25, 2014
topix wrote:
This is a Topix site-wide discussion about the shooting and racial tension in Ferguson, MO. Have your say by leaving a comment below.
I side with justice. I am waiting to let the grand jury hear/see all of the evidence & let them decide. Trying this case in the media does no on any good.
No good side

Campbellsville, KY

#57 Aug 25, 2014
There are no sides The black community is hurting and the white community in hurting. We need peace!
sad sight

Danville, KY

#59 Aug 25, 2014
Rev. Al sharp ton should be in jail for the riots he started

Oklahoma City, OK

#60 Aug 25, 2014
So what if Mike brown was a "thug" or he stole that is not a reason to murder that cop is guilty.What if he was your child you would want justice.

Vine Grove, KY

#62 Aug 25, 2014
The officer. There is a video that was put online a few days after the shooting, by two bystanders. One of them plainly says that Brown turned around and was coming at the cop, and he (bystander) thought the cop was just missing at first (when he actually was hitting the arm). So it's pretty hard to refute that. And the reason white people don't have as many incidents with cops is because Mama and Granny would have knocked us to next week for sassing anyone in authority, of any race.

New Baltimore, MI

#63 Aug 25, 2014
I feel extremely sorry for Officer Wilson. He has been victimized in the most blatantly racist fashion... Just for cleaning up the streets.

Since: Jan 14

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#65 Aug 25, 2014
karma killer wrote:
The cop should have shot him in the leg. The thug shouldn't have been a thriving thug.
I agree. Life over death. cops cant get away with murder.
Done Deal

United States

#66 Aug 25, 2014
Al Sharpton is one of the smartest Democrats of all time.
And he says the cop is guilty.
Case closed.
schvoogie buzzer

Clearfield, PA

#69 Aug 25, 2014
I'm on the side that doesn't use racial tactics to loot like it's some personal excuse to use tragedy to dig in the Cracker Jack box of life to find the prize inside.
james k

Coraopolis, PA

#70 Aug 25, 2014
Luke wrote:
I think the cops are dirty and that it was a set up intend to take Brown out and make an example out of him. Too much going on in that place that don`t met the eye.
You are a very small brain of a human being

North Little Rock, AR

#71 Aug 25, 2014
I side with the officer!!! Im sick and tired of thugs being glamorized by a bunch of blacks who claim that it was all racial. Get a grip! Criminals dont come in a specific package and this officer did his job

Union City, TN

#72 Aug 25, 2014
little lamb wrote:
I am on the side of justice...apparently there is going to be an investigation , I hope its based on justice and not on race
I hope the police isn't victimized because he is white
And I hope the victim wasn't shot because he was black.
Well said, however I fear the officer may be thrown under the bus, regardless.

United States

#73 Aug 25, 2014
red wrote:
How can you "side" with anyone when the facts haven't been presented? All you see is biased reporting. Let the real truth come out before passing judgements on either side.
I agree but having a thug on one side and a man sworn to uphold and enforce to law on the other I lean toward the officer. We do need to wait for all the evidence though.
Too much drama

Connersville, IN

#74 Aug 25, 2014
I just wonder if a black cop shot a white thug how many whites would demonstrate all the drama?
Who do whites have to fill in for Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in that case?

Somerset, KY

#75 Aug 25, 2014
If this was a black cop shooting a white teen or a black cop shooting a black teen. We would never had heard about it.
in da hood

West Mifflin, PA

#76 Aug 25, 2014
whenever these negros start wearing their baseball hats on right i'll respect them.
the bill goes in the FRONT. not the side or the back in the front bro!
Razorbacks sux

United States

#79 Aug 25, 2014
peace dude wrote:
Gentle giant my ass! He was a thug straight up. Yes we need to wait for the facts to all come out, but the black people in ferguson have already found the cop quilty. Did he not commit a strong armed robbery right before he was shot. Why hasn't his family and race master Al sharpton apologize to the clerk that he strong armed. Straight up THUG!!!! Let them destroy their own community if that is what they prefer to do. White people are afraid to stand up to these thugs cause they want to be morally correct and are scared of the black race. Just wait till they take over, this country will end up just like Africa! Gangs and murder will rule America!
What do you know about peace you redneck one tooth sister loving maggot from Corning Ar. Yeah happened to that old oak tree downtown Corning that I used to lay the pipe to your mother's pie hole?


Since: Jul 12

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#81 Aug 25, 2014
obvious wrote:
The child he shot who was unarmed . Visit www.facebook.com/copblock
Fu ck the police state .
Child??? He was a man who wanted some smokes.

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