Why are kids so annoying?

Stuttgart, AR

#106 Dec 7, 2012
You need to stop thinking this, If you raise your child right, it will be different, besides why talk like this? HUH! You were once a little butt sometimes, so shut the **** up! Geez, why..
They want you to take them to McDonalds, what do you do? They want you to buy them a toy, what do you do? If it annoys you like hell, then either deal with it, teach them manners or don't have kids (Then don't fuck/have sex) I'm out PEACE!

Fairfax, VA

#107 Dec 9, 2012
hannah wrote:
anyone want my child?
its so annoying

Collingwood, Canada

#108 Dec 25, 2012
Kids are annoying as he'll. Glad we don't have any! And there is no damn god nor are you blessed to have your damn kids. Abortion however should not be the solution, be an adult and take the right precautions in advance. It's not that hard. If you f'd up and thought you wanted kids because your friends and mommy told you they were the best thing ever, well now it's your job to raise these kids... Man up!

Denham Springs, LA

#109 Jan 9, 2013
I ran across this forum randomly, and I am shocked. I find it odd that adults on here are labeling children as "self centered" "rude" and "annoying". I would say these very same adults are self centered, cold hearted, and despicable. I'm not religious in anyway, but I do believe these little souls are the greatest gift anyone could have the pleasure to receive. I am 25 and have a 5 year old, I fully understand the trials and life changes made when having a child. While my life is very different, it has also been enriched by this little person that I have the honor of caring for.

To the person who said, "I can't do anything, I'm so depressed".
Perhaps you should spend time with your children. Get to know them. Individually. Help them develop his or personality. Get out of the house. The simplest outing is exciting for little ones. If by your statement you mean, you can't get trashed every weekend now, You're right. If you are by any means a decent parent, staying in shouldn't be a sacrifice. You're not a single, worry free teenager anymore. So don't act like it.

As for the abortion posts. I don't really need to say it. It's murder. This is a life. A baby. Just because you don't want this gift doesn't mean they're aren't people out there desperate to have a child. Adoption is a tool. Use it.

I guess I've put my two cents in. I've never even posted on a forum before. Like I said, It was a complete shock to see what adults have written about children. Keep in mind you were a child once. Someone cared for you.

Dexter, MO

#110 Jan 21, 2013
Kids can b so mean 2 I'm a kid and thin their annoying. I mean we is lol and it's usually the parents fault cuz they didn't rase dem rit nd disipline dem win dey needed it so whoever strted this thread nose Wat dey tlkin about. I'm only 12 so I don't really no nything lol but whatever

Mobile, AL

#111 Jan 28, 2013
Sounds like a bunch of people who really shouldn't be around kids. Kids are awesome! Lighten up you losers!

Birmingham, AL

#112 Feb 5, 2013
njtp wrote:
It depends on the person, but some people really don't want kids but have it thrust upon them, usually because of religious reasons such as the "pro-life" idiocy that so many people have. Accidental pregnancy shouldn't have to result in birth, especially where every precaution was taken!
Personally I think some kids should be aborted after birth...
Stop having sex you idiot! Hey, if you want to decide who gets to live or not, don't be surprised when a skinhead or thief decides that dead bodies make good witnesses.

El Paso, TX

#113 Feb 19, 2013
I hate kids

Calhoun, GA

#114 Mar 1, 2013
Birth control methods are not 100% effective. Condoms break and pills don't always work. So some people believe its ok to go through with a pregnancy if you tried every measure not to become a parent? Its wrong to go through something that you didn't want to happen to begin with. If you choice to go through a pregnancy just because it's the " right thing to do" just imagine what type of mother/father you would be in that situation. It would be unfair to the child and also unfair to the parents all because of guilt tripping on behalf of conservative groups.

United States

#115 Mar 11, 2013
Your an idiot, please don't have kids. Actually don't have sex it increases the chance of you producing some.
Steelcore1085 wrote:
I do think kids are VERY annoying. They are selfish, loud, stupid, bitchy, and those high pitched voices... DAMN I hate those stupid ass high pitched voices. I had to deal with 30 of them at a baby sitting event once, and after that I never wanted to have a family.
Even though I don't like kids very much, I would never have some kid go through abortion because the couple didn't want him in the first place. If you don't want a kid, then you shouldn't "do it" with your husband or wife. In response to 'njtp', I don't think abortion is the right way to go, that is called "murder" if you didn't notice. Also to say that people who are pro-life are idiots only shows me that you're stupid, and will get you killed someday if you say something like that. I'm pro-life, and I don't appreciate being called stupid by someone whoprefers killing some poor soul who just came into the world. Your second comment makes you sound like a killer, btw.
kids are annoying

Vedbęk, Denmark

#116 Mar 14, 2013
they are annoying cuz they mistake me for being a girl just cuz i got long hair

Vedbęk, Denmark

#117 Mar 14, 2013
i hate it when kids stare at me
dumb kids

Atlanta, GA

#118 Mar 15, 2013
These kids ARE so annoying, but I wonder why people don't even want to admit it ??? If I see a kid at the store or at some place and they are just like I want this and that I would so dare slap them because no one else in the store wants to hear the shit !!!!

Lafayette Hill, PA

#119 Mar 23, 2013
Why are parents so annoying? If that question is too hard to find out I'll give you the fn answer. Because a lot of them don't have great patience. I was actually looking for a topix blog that said "why are parents so annoying " but of course this world is stupid and they don't have one. So I decided to answer this one instead. Today my dad said subliminaly that I act like the world revolves around me. Immediately after saying that I recalled once when he called me arrogant. Almost as if a pattern is emerging. The thing is I do think about other people but at the same time I don't think I'm a irrelevant son of a bi+©h. I am important and for some odd reason my dad feels my ego and me are the same fn thing. The reason why he said that the world doesn't revolve around me is because we were having a discussion and he told me that someone was proposing to someone else. Now obviously I'm happy for them but I'm not gonna beat my meat for them out of excitement. And just because of that he feels that I act like the world revolves around me. Not only this but he always has a attitude when I do anything. Like for example I was telling him something and he easily got mad because I didn't get to my point quick enough. Lack of patience like I said. And it is annoying as s#!t. I miss my old dad even if he was more immature I don't give a fu¢k. Now he is just mad and different compared to how he used to be.

United States

#120 Apr 4, 2013
I am 58yrs old and some kids annoy me as some adults do. The questions. "Can I do that", "why are you doing that?", "buy me some ice cream", and basically give me and do for me everything and I don't care what inconvenience it causes you! If you think about it, that's children and adults alike. Its just easier to avoid and walk away from adults. I've made a promise to myself that from now on I will just say NO or I DON'T THINK SO to kids and their rudeness. Hell, especially when the parents don't step in and correct. Why don't they? Do they think its cute?
understand man

Worcester, MA

#121 Apr 6, 2013
I love my kids and everything about them teaching them how to do things is fun I think. kids do require a lot of work because of all the questions they ask and how sometimes you have to argue with them to do the right thing but I cant stand other peoples kids they run around cause trouble and their parents think its funny. those kids have no direction and are annoying as well there's nothing more annoying.

Fox Lake, IL

#122 Apr 15, 2013
Because they're children... they need attention.

Philadelphia, PA

#124 Apr 17, 2013
This has to be the best website i ever visited. Kids are so lame and annoying, and this world would be better place without them. Parents are jealous of people who dont have kids they just dont like to admit it cause people with no kids have a life and they gave theirs up.
A babysitter

Revelstoke, Canada

#125 Apr 27, 2013
foco wrote:
Kids are freaking annoying. At age 4 they can remember shit they did last month or last year. Remember every detail, but they can't remember not to jump on the couch. They are self centered, rude, loud, and ungrateful. They feel the whole world exists for them. I hope when my kid is 5 or 6 she starts to act more like a rational adult. Thank god kindergarten is starting soon. Kids suck. All you parents out there know it but are to scared to admit it. There is nothing joyous about raising kids. The best part will be when she grows up and moves out. That's not to say I dont love her, support her, and am not involved with her. You can love to no end, but it doesn't mean they aren't annoying, whiney, loud, and rude. And the fecking sickness they get from other people's dirty little kids... damn.
I facking hate children.

Orlando, FL

#126 May 1, 2013
I find other peoples children to be so repulsive that I'm getting a vasectomy to assure I will never have to deal with any little devils of my own!!

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