what to do when your mom hates you

Ottawa, Canada

#104 May 30, 2013
Listen my mom is always acting like she is hitting her period. She always acts like I'm a disgrace ( my mom and dad broke up never got married)
She is the devil no don't say talk to her because I've had it with her and my friends mom acts likes I'm her kid and I love that feeling. Mom mutters to her self saying that I'm bad stupid ect on the other hand her precious little son like an angel she's always saying that my little bro is so smart she sais that he's handsome and all that stuff and guess what mom never aid anything like in movies
(Movies about perfect kids parents like parental guidance ect I hate them just the family part)
Also mom always taunts me so does my English teacher. Mom throws my out side in just my pjs when it's winter mom also buys my little bro something every weekend me non
I'm 11 year old girl who needs to fix this mess p.s I already have a counselor not going to we'll but going good;)

Delray Beach, FL

#105 Jun 1, 2013
My mom hates me.she yells ar me for no reason. She gets mad at me out of nowhere.i have tried cutting myself and it made me feel better,but i stopped because i didint wanna get obsessed with it.she treats my sisters like the best mom ever and me as a piece of garbaje.she is just never fair 😭
She does more but i dont feel like whiting it

New Albany, OH

#106 Jun 7, 2013

Bentleigh, Australia

#107 Jun 13, 2013
She does not let me do anything

Mount Waverley, Australia

#108 Jun 13, 2013
HonestlyEva You go tell A person you trust all of this , then go to your mothers house and tell her how you feel and ask her do you want me to go leave you guys life forever or do you want a change? Tell her why who what and when and how

Malton, UK

#109 Jun 14, 2013
Megan wrote:
My mum hates me too. She is always calling me lazy and a monster and that I should move out and that I've destroyed her family life and that I'm a misery guts and all that. When I go round to my best friend's house, I feel like crying because I just see how good her mum is to her and how bad mine is. What I do is I get out of the house as much as I can. When she makes me depressed I listen to F**kin' Perfect by pink and Firework those songs really help they always get me to stop crying, if I really cant handle things then I just go to the bus stop and take a bus ride to nowhere, when I've had enough I get on the bus home.
Heya you are just like me. I also listen to Pink when me and mum are not seeing eye to eye, like today. Sara, I feel for you. I suggest that when you are having an argument,, exuse yourself, go to a different room, and calm down. Think of how you can resolve the problem. Giving your mum a big hug helps. Say your sorry even if you didn't do anything. I can't understand why you get hit though. I say if you get hit, BACK OFF!!!!!!!!

Oxford, MS

#110 Jun 18, 2013
sara wrote:
my mom hates me she will put me in time out and i did
not did a thing and MY BORTHER HATES ME TO AND MY
well this what u do act like u hate your mom back an she wll forgive u

Vaucluse, Australia

#111 Jun 23, 2013
sara wrote:
my mom hates me she will put me in time out and i did
not did a thing and MY BORTHER HATES ME TO AND MY
ok I understand you my mum does that but one day when she hit me I scrame at her I was scared but I cldnt do nothing I said YOUR THE ONLY WOMAN I HATE IN THIS WORLD because I was angry then she continued I said isn't there anything better to do then hitting a child huh wait no there isn't cause the only thing you like to do is hit me nd my sister and she stopped she barely hits me notw cause I run away ps I hope this helped u

Vaucluse, Australia

#112 Jun 23, 2013
well one day you could speak with her saying mum the things that you do isn't helpful the more u hit me theres nothing gonna change when she tries to hit u or u no she is gonna hit u just sit down get a book quietly and do homework maybe that's all she wants from you to sit down and read books and study because my mum used to hit me until I sat down did my homework study she stopped hitting now she sometimes hits me

Las Vegas, NV

#113 Jun 23, 2013
Rupert wrote:
I think That ur mothers love you and your over axzadurating have u ever thought about what your mother gibes to you and dies for you? Well she gave you life and you should be thankful for her. Next time u get into a fight even if u did not start it just say I'm sorry mom I love u and then she will say I love you to. I don't care if she started the fight what I care about is that u end it
It's not going to change anything and so many of us have been abused by our mothers. They refuse to own up to what they did and they will always blame you, no matter what :(

London, UK

#114 Jun 25, 2013
i feel like my mum hates me e screams at me Im never aloud out she makes me cry and hurt myself she never hit me but I know she wants to shes made mylife hell she found out about me being bullied in school because a teacher told her and cutting she cried in front of the teacher but as soon as we got in the car she shouts at me and calls me not normal I miss my dad him and my mum split up they both got re married and I would love to live with my dad but its complicated I wish I know what to do with my life right now but I don't please help me
P nittis


#115 Jun 28, 2013
My mum hates me I'm only 11 and she leves me at home while she goes shopping with this man that I have never met I feel like jumping of a bridge and I am an only child with separated parents I want to leve this this place that I'm living in its like a jail I hate my mum she has ruined my life and wants to make my hurt myself she even said to me that she wished that I was never born and she does not only hate me she hates my dog my dad my step mum and they are the only people that love me.
P nittis


#116 Jun 28, 2013
Don't worry I'm Paris and I'm and only child with the same problem u have and I mean it both my parent are re Maried and I want to live with my dad too . My mums a devel are u shore are mums are not related

Blackstone, MA

#117 Jun 29, 2013
My mom hits me swears at me and threatens to put me in a hostel help me I'm only 10

Gloucester, UK

#118 Jul 8, 2013
Sometimes my mum gets angry with me but she really does love you no matter what you might think that she doesn't and she is turning your family against you

She does love you, she might seem a bit scary but SHE DOES deep down, why would she make you if she hated you, and gave you food?
Just stay strong!!!!!!

Carson, CA

#119 Jul 14, 2013
My mom told me that she hates me she also told me that im not her daughter anymore she tells me that she dosen't hit me because she may hurt me but I don't understand why she tells me that when I go somewhere with my mom she makes me look stupid in front of people and when we get home she laughs at me and I don't cry because my mom just want to see me cry and when I cry I go to my and lock my self and sometimes I think of cutting myself but I don't im only 12 years old help me sometimes I think to myself if I kill myself my mom wouldn't even care one day I told her that I would kill myself she told me that better for her and she doesn't care about me please help please .

Wimbledon, UK

#120 Jul 21, 2013
Over the last few years my mom has started to hate me, saying that I am rude, cocky and disrespectful and always punishing me so bad. It seems like she loves shouting at me and she gets mad and screams at me for stupid things like leaving my jacket somewhere, and she will yell for ages, she always seems to pick out my flaws and always puts me down like you have no social skills, are rude and lazy. I am slightly lazy but what do you expect from a guy who has to sit at home for months doing nothing but studying and now i have holidays from school and hardly go out. Anyway my sister ALWAYS gets in trouble like getting kicked out of university, drinking underage with her friends, fights with my mom, and has a serious attitude problem and takes it out on me and my mom, but my mom hates me much more than she dislikes her. I do have anger issues but i never take it out on anyone and seem to be very good at keeping it all in, but every now and then i do say the odd thing out of anger, and it makes everything millions times worse. if we are having an argument my mom will be like look how angry you are touching your eye or something. and I would be touching my eye out of itchiness and this makes me angry, because she always thinks she is right about everything and then sometimes i will prove her wrong and try and prove it but she will just be like stop answering back! she is a single parent and always says she has no money when i ask her for things, but then she seems to have enough money to go out and buy 2/3 pairs of shoes at a time. I mean she does buy me things but it seems like she doesn't like to. please help me idk what to do i always try and prove i am right because i am a clever person and i am open minded but she is so narrow minded and does not practice what she preaches, so i try and correct her when we are having an argument. I literally sit at home all day and do jobs (as in tidying, painting stuff in the house, repairing stuff, gardening) but she doesnt seem to appreciate it, she will pick up on the minor things i have not done. Please help me i cant stand it.

Raeford, NC

#121 Jul 23, 2013
may wrote:
I know how it feels because my mum always tells me she's better off with out me and tells me all my siblings hate me and that i should go die and for me it feels like she just stabbed me in the chest and i feel sick all the time she calls me fat and throw me out the house in my pjs when it was raining. i cry my heart out almost every day thinking no body wants me because no body does..
that's how my life is I feel all alone like no one loves me we have a lot in common

Raeford, NC

#122 Jul 23, 2013
I feel alone no one loves me not even God she


#123 Jul 26, 2013
Sara im sorry for your sutuation my dad hates me most in the family I hateee himmm I wish I can kill himmm but hes my dad at the end he never blames no one for his loses only me I do what he wants im good at school I dont ask for money alot but he dosent aprricate cant wait for me to reach 18 so I can leave my family alone and go for my own

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