what to do when your mom hates you

Etobicoke, Canada

#61 Sep 16, 2012
my mom is not a human .she is a devil . she has turned everyone in my family against me. my dad thinks i'm a lier ,my sister thinks i'm a robber ,my grandfather thinks i'm a evil kid without feelings.whenever something happens in the house or something breaks in the house always i'm the one to be blammed.i hate my life .till now i'm trying to restore my honour .:'(

San Antonio, TX

#62 Oct 18, 2012
I know what u guys mean.it's hard feeling like nobody cares for u or is even near loving u. I feel very rejected sometimes not just by my family but by the whole world.:(I know I'm not perfect and I make mistakes, and I try my best to not make mistakes but its like they don't get that I try. And I just want a person in this life that will understand me for who I am. I guess my Family will never accept me 100% into their lives.

Roseville, CA

#63 Nov 11, 2012
I dont know what to do.... My mom hates me.... But I still loves her... My fucking step-dad dont care, and watch us fight.. My mom hits me in the face and pulled my hair... I feel like I'm alone..... I dont know where's my dad.... My dad and my mom got divorce on May 2009.... I really need help... I just wanna run away but I dont know where I'm going..... I know that I made mistakes but hitting and pulling your hair to your own daughter is not a good choice.... I need some love in my own mother... I need to wait 5 years to be 18 years old... to leave my mom and my step-dad... For now I guess I need to deal with it...They said I'm lucky because I'm the only one child and my mom's attetion is all with me... I dont think so... I'm crying right now.. I prayed to the lord that I need peace and safety for myself...

Roseville, CA

#64 Nov 11, 2012
ooopsssss...sorry I doubled mine cause of my computer... Doesnt work proely...

Roseville, CA

#65 Nov 11, 2012
properly..stupid computer...


#66 Dec 12, 2012
my mom hates me too and shouts at me for no reason, i want to live with my dad but there isnt enough room in his new house with his girlfriend and her daughter. i really want to run away but i couldn't leave my friends and rest of my family because i love them. i DON'T know what to do it makes me cry all the time and i start throwing things. i hit my mom the once but she acted all innicent and turned the rest of my family against me. im only 12 but my sister is 20 but doesnt live with me. My brother is 16 but is always at is friends house so im nearly allways alone with my mom with nowbody to defend me or help me. it NEEDS to stop :(


#67 Dec 12, 2012
Help me :'(

Houston, TX

#69 Dec 19, 2012
I know how you feel its just feels like your alone with nobody that how my mom treats me she alwyas says that im stupid and a good for nothing.and it actually hurts because you love them and they treat you like this.im always crying.

Jasper, AL

#70 Dec 31, 2012
Ok so along time ago my mom and dad got divorced. Like when I was 1. Then my step dad and her got married when I was like 2 or 3. Both my dads had major temper isues, and took it out on me and my mom. So now I'm 12 and my mom and my step dad are frying duvorced and my step dad and my mom are both already seeing other people. My mom dosent talk to me anymore and never shows me any effection of love. I try to be perfect hoping she might like me, like frying straight A' s or doing extra chores ect. But nothing works. The other day my step dad told me she only loves me because she feels bad I have to go to my real dads house all the time. I don't know what to do. Nobody will listen to me. I need help. Any suggestions? Please!
Khloe lee


#71 Feb 3, 2013
My mom alway tells me her life will be better of without me and wish i didn't exist,she hits me with everything next to her she calls me a failure in life,she even told me she hates me,but when ever she's with my sister her mood lightens up,she spill food sometimes when i cook than cook the same food but enough for her and my sister.what should i do

Huntersville, NC

#72 Mar 2, 2013
My mom calls me selfish a
bastard and I'm only ten I don't have a dad and she wants me to go pack up she gave me a suitcase today to start packing and leave where should I go? I'm only 10 years old

Dundee, UK

#73 Mar 14, 2013
Hi my mum hates me the only thing that makes me not running away is listening to my music in my headphones so im in my own world

Dundee, UK

#74 Mar 14, 2013
Just phone the police or a family member and they might help you good luck x

Monroe, VA

#75 Mar 20, 2013
Hi, we are on spring break right now. We were at a creek in the forest and I got my phone to make a video. Be4 that my brother had to use the restroom so my mom ordered me to get the hotel room key from my dad (who was on the other side of the creek) to get to the restroom. And I was trying to take a video of the creek. I shouldn't have said this but I said "you get it" and she took my phone and was yelling at me and said," I'm gonna hit you" the rest of your guys stories sound bad. I guess mine is not as bad, but I kinda felt how you are all feeling. Just know that if your mom is mean to you to a terrible extent, seek some help from somebody else. Like, if I tell my grandma ( my moms mom) shed be like," well you shouldn't have given your mom additude" well, she threatened to hit me :-( and she hit my brother yesterday! It's like she's turning into a monster!!! She's not normally like that. I think it all started when we started packing for our trip, and she was so stressed out, but now it's insane! We're on a nice family trip and idk what's gotten into her!!! I've been so nice to her! I thanked her for taking us here on the trip, I was gonna buy her some pretty jewelry at a store...( idk what to do either. Just stay strong :-)
Love your life

Hebron, IL

#76 Mar 20, 2013
I'm about the same age 11. Every day my mom says she wants me and my dad out of the house
And likes my brother best.i am also scared to get help because my mom will yell at me and kill me.
ADVICE: do some research about what she is doing it is not okay if you have seen sighs talk to a guidance counselor and get helpCAUTION:if she is physically hurting you call the police NOW

United States

#77 Mar 21, 2013
man my Fricking mom hates me to death so far I have had 5 depressions and 35 suicidal thoughts IT SUCKS!!!!!!!! God I feel like I deserve to die or not be born but for some mystical reason I have a porpoise I just don't know what for but then again I always have wanted to be in the Marine Corps.

Sacramento, CA

#78 Mar 22, 2013
My mom always yells at me likes my brother better than me practically acts like I am not alive she hates me she doesn't treat me good when I do to her fml !!!

Phoenix, AZ

#79 Mar 24, 2013
yeah my mom strangled me today. she gets so pissed at me sometimes i dont even know why. sometimes i wish i could just be in a different family. i can still feel her hands around my neck and it hurts i feel like im gonna throw up.

Grays, UK

#80 Mar 26, 2013

United States

#81 Apr 3, 2013
My teacher HATES me,she thinks I'm the reason her husband died hahaha!!!!!!!yea right

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