what to do when your mom hates you


#41 Apr 21, 2012
My mum doesn't hit me or abuse me but my dad left when I was 1 and I've always blamed myself for it and she doesn't like to talk about him because it upsets her so I don't talk about him either but I've always wanted to know about him, my mum hates her job she works as a manager of something about housing and its good pay but she can't stand it! She takes this frustration out on me and will shout at me for about an hour at a time ! Because she hates it so much she expects me to do all the housework which I don't mind much but I am only just turned 14 and if the slightest things out of place she grounds me for months and I'm not allowed anywhere! I try to do it and she's got a new husband now and they've got a child who my brother who's 6 and he's a golden boy! They leave me there dirty dishes over night with foood on it even if I wasn't eating with them the night before I've wanted to run away for ages I've dreamed about London and always wanted to live there but never had the courage to run...

Wisborough Green, UK

#42 May 5, 2012
I feel so sorry for you my mum is like that as well. I told off my sister and she was like "whatever" and just left me crying. I ran away once cause she literaly locked me out of the house in the rain so I took my chance and ran for it it I didn't know how long I was outside because I didn't have a watch on me, eventually she called the police and I got taken to childs prion for a week.
Ps here is my 2 solutions 1. just tell her to F off when your 18 best thing too do. 2. enlist for the army and get a shotgun and shoot her head off.

Wisborough Green, UK

#43 May 5, 2012
Same dude
Magsmfuevdhiswor unf

Merrimack, NH

#44 May 11, 2012
When I was seven my mom said if she could choose any one in the world she would have never picked me to be her daughter. Her and my dad r now getting divorced because of my mom I just feel like she hates me. I want to die and I get bullied at school
Hidden Identity

Dickinson, TX

#45 May 12, 2012
Megan wrote:
My mum hates me too. She is always calling me lazy and a monster and that I should move out and that I've destroyed her family life and that I'm a misery guts and all that. When I go round to my best friend's house, I feel like crying because I just see how good her mum is to her and how bad mine is. What I do is I get out of the house as much as I can. When she makes me depressed I listen to F**kin' Perfect by pink and Firework those songs really help they always get me to stop crying, if I really cant handle things then I just go to the bus stop and take a bus ride to nowhere, when I've had enough I get on the bus home.

Your story really made me think about my self. My mom is to hidden in pride to kick me out or hit me she just yells at me all the time for being my self. I love my mom soo much but she is always talking about she only liked me when i was little and that i should go back to my father (who abused us alot as a kid till last Feb) when i eat a little more than usual because im hungry she says GO AHEAD LET ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD STARVE I ALREADY PAY FOR MYSELF NOT YOU TOO, YOUR JUST LIKE YOUR FAT *** FATHER. uhh....im not fat...... we also saw the hunger games yesterday but when we got home i asked if i can stay in my room for an hour or two im adding stuff to her card i havnt really had time because ive been working so hard on school, she said how she never gets to spend time with me and all that but i never ever ever get to go to my room for five minutes im forced to stay on the couch all weekend and weekdays and watch stupid tv. having alot of friends is a blessing because i cant take it thats what i did a whole summer and half school year until i finally had to go outside when my father came home. they both tugged me outside screaming. I didnt know what was going on it was so hot and there were bugs everywhere. My mom acted like she didnt know what happened to me but i guess it wasnt her fault ever since i do get scared to go outside but i wish my mom wouldnt yell at me all the time everytime i even try to stand up to her she freaks out telling me who do i think i am. i usually do not wish to have a sibling because my younger friend who is 10 she spent pampering and she said she felt sorry for me my mom yelling at me the whole time. Im working it out its a good thing she hates all my gifts and only takes cards. I just want it to work out

Jefferson, GA

#46 May 18, 2012
sam wrote:
sara listen yeahh, my mum hates me too, she's always shouting at me for no reason and turning my brother and dad against me, she even hits me and i get so angry i start to break things and hurt myself, im 15 years old and im gonna get the hell out of here as soon as im 18 or if i cant take it then im running away....
how old are you?
I feel like my parents hate me,I do nothing wrong or If I do do something wrong its really little like tonight I didn't cleany room and they tooky dinner away and the reason they did that was because thu have nothing else to take because they have sold everything.... And they want to send me away cause they say I have problems..... Do u think my parents hate me? PLEASE REPLY

Dunn Loring, VA

#47 May 20, 2012
My mother has mood swings. I don't know if she loves me. She can either be the best mom ever, or she'll be soooooo mean that I lock myself in the bathroom and cry. When she's mean, its always for no reason. She'll say "No! I know you! You do these type of bad things!" And she's always thinking so negative of me I don't even do anything.


#48 May 23, 2012
I also have a mother that thinks im a stupid little animal but im 8 years old i think you all r going to tell me that im a little to young to do this things will I wish that all of our mother will love us and always loves you even if we do some bad stuff to them if we just pray I think that our moms will be with us even if thier dead. I also feel that I want to cry everyday some mother r so nice but if you make them feel like thier heads r on a huge baket of fire They r go to tell you to go hell or say some really bad word We all just feel so depressed I really wish that all of our wish come true :-) and I feel and sorry for all of your moms that hates you:-(


#49 May 23, 2012
Sara I wish that your mom love you to;-)

Dublin, Ireland

#50 May 23, 2012
My mom hates me she made it loud and clear and she us always fighting with my dad . Know how many times I tried to end my life because everyone hates me ? 3
matthew johnson

Houston, TX

#51 May 26, 2012
my mom always hits me whenever i do something wrong and i am a little bit lazy but i am good kid most of the time.

Gatesville, TX

#52 May 26, 2012
Mom mom ignores me when i talk to her she yells at me for no reason my bro calls me names and my mom yells at me for my bro calling me names i tell her but she mever listens to me its like im dead to her and i wanna kill myself :[[[[ im12

United States

#53 Jun 17, 2012
arianna wrote:
My brothers always hit me and mess with me and i tell my mom but she always thinks im lying . she yells at me for no reason and she was about to give me up for adoption but thats only bc i wanted to go she almost sentme to jail she even says im an evil little child and that im sycho and that im possesed when im not so i know how you guys feel . i feel like the whole world hates me .:(
well why dont you get proof of what ur brother is doin to u. Then maybe she"ll believe you:D
Mymomhatesmesomu ch

San Lorenzo, CA

#54 Jun 23, 2012
sara wrote:
my mom hates me she will put me in time out and i did
not did a thing and MY BORTHER HATES ME TO AND MY
I have the same problem and all she does is yell at me oi hate her so much and all of my sibling hate me cuz im a girl with a mustache so they always make fun of me and they always tell theire friends to make fun of me what should i do??Plzz help me im stiling i hate them all they all are so mean tol cry ma la the time, they always wear my stuff and nothign happens but when i wear their stuff the whole family turns against me, i only have 1 family member who doesnt hate me and shes my grandma, one of them is a b**** the other one is the the best i wish i could live with her i always feel like comitting suicide but i never want too

Folsom, PA

#55 Jun 27, 2012
Please Help! Any Advice! Okay, well all the time my mom finds something that is wrong with me and then she starts yelling for no reason, then I cry EVERYDAY; barely cares about it. And then when she has her stupid boyfriend she didn't even care about me and I threw up every hour.


#56 Jul 17, 2012
Sam, Sara i know my mom turns my father against me too but hey guys I'm know expert on what action to take but it's always good to know their are people out there who understand the stuff you're going through. It's shit but i hope you guys are okay

Brisbane, Australia

#57 Jul 17, 2012
i hate it she yells at me then smacks me or she tells dad and he yells and smacks i scream im 9 and i get treatin like a 3 yr old and mom hates me when dad yells at me i cant cry or i get smacked she goes out nights and then next day i get in trouble she thinks i swear but i dont and then she smacks me and she calls me stinky,fat,dum,stupid i once thought od runing away but she wouldnt care she is so mean

Liverpool, UK

#58 Jul 20, 2012
Hi. I know how you feel. My life is realy stressful at the moment. I have been home tutored for afew years because I haven't been well and I have to go back and to to the doctor ragulary because of it. Well I am suposed to go college this year only I don't want to go but my mum saiys I have to because she will loose her child benefits if I'm not in full time education. I surched for this website because she has just hit and swore at me and I have finally had enough. She always talks about haw she can't wait to get rid of me to my dads. But the only reason she doesn't actually get rid of me is because of her benefits and my dad gives her money to look after me. All she talks about is money and her boyfriend. She only wants me to clean, cook, hit and so she can get money for herself. She doesn't actually care !

Abbots Langley, UK

#59 Jul 30, 2012
My mum isn't a very nice person; well she isn't even my mum, when I was 1 year old my real mum, which I have never met before, left me and my older brother Luke at home whilst she went and slept with another man. My dad took us away and we came from London to live on the Isle Of Wight. After we had stayed for 1 year (by now I was 2) my dad had met a woman called Stephanie. She cared for me and Luke and looked after us while Dad was at work. Soon time passed and she was expecting a son. When my baby brother, Kane was born, things started to change and my life turned upside down. I was bullied at school because I was a chubby child and Stephanie had 2 more children, Tia and Neithan. Tia caught the deadly illness of meningitis but was lucky enough to survive after 3 months in hospital. No one had respect for us anymore and 'mum' had now latched onto us and was turning into a mean, nasty person. Time has gone very quickly and she now also has Troy, Victor and Is still pregnant with baby Eden, of which is 3 days late so far. I wish my mum the best with Eden but I wish she would stop being so abusive. Bless all of those with mean and nasty parents!

Brookline, MA

#60 Jul 31, 2012
Hey guys! I also feel as though my mom hates me. But I know she doesn't. She just has no respect. My parents hit me occasionally when I give attitude, but what can I say? I'm a 13 year old. Obviously I'm gonna give dumb parents some attitude. My mom thinks I'll turn into my sisters. Both of my older sisters haven't talked to my mom in forever! She hates them. My oldest sister dropped out of college. My other older sister did drugs, drank, stole, had sex at like 16, and did a lot of shit. She thinks I'll turn into them. Like WTF?! I don't do drugs or any thing like that. I go to the best school in my city, no thanks to my parents. All from my butt working hard in advanced work class ^_^ Ugh. It's so fucking dumb. I can't wait until I'm 18. They always call me a cry baby when I cry over little things. But those little things are big to me. One day, I almost killed myself. But me and my obsession with One Direction and a very inspirational YouTuber called Deefizzy/DFizzy/DamonFizzy helped me through it. I hate life. The only reason I live today is because of my idols. If they take away my iPod or phone or anything, Ill kill myself. That's the only way Ill freaking survive. FML! I know many others have it worse, and this isnt big, but I'm just hating life.

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