No One Smiling at Kool Smiles

No One Smiling at Kool Smiles

There are 213 comments on the WXIA Atlanta story from Nov 5, 2007, titled No One Smiling at Kool Smiles. In it, WXIA Atlanta reports that:

Tens of thousands of Georgia children may soon lose their dentists. A major provider of dental services in Georgia, Kool Smiles, with ten dentist's offices across the state, is suddenly losing two, big ...

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Fountain Inn, SC

#186 Oct 2, 2012
PMS wrote:
<quoted text>
You must work for Kool Smiles to be so defensive. As a former employee of Kool Smiles I can tell you they do put low quality sealants in. I checked them and one fell out before the patient even left the building. All of the employees "drink the juice" or get dismissed.
I agree! Andd obviously annd sealants are NOT fillings I have sealants that have been in for over 10 years!!!!
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#187 Oct 8, 2012

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#188 Oct 8, 2012
ksemployee wrote:
I have been setting here reading this forum and I really can't believe what some of these parents are actually saying has happened! I am currently employed with kool smiles in amarillo and we have never had anything like this happen! Most of the reason kids get held down on a papoose board is because either the parent doesn't want there kid put to sleep at the hospital (which we will readily refer them to with no problem) or they agree to have the work done and the dentist starts and then the child starts acting up! If a dentist opens a tooth they half to fill it or it could cause an infection. Our dentist will not do any other teeth just that one, and then refer him to another dentist to be put to sleep. But you also half to think about why the kids are there anyways most of the time we get patients that are no more than 2 years old and already have to have either crowns put on there front teeth or pulled out! Thats because there parents let them sleep with a bottle. Please don't do that it is so sad to see this on any child. Our office is most of the time packed and sometimes we do get frustrated but who doesnt that works with kids all day! But none of us have ever hurt a child!! I know that all of you have had bad experiences at other offices but don't pull down all of them just for that one!!! Sorry if i have upset anyone that was not my intention!!!
I have insurance and I work for the government so my children are not high risk or in that category. I found out that the Dental Assistants are highly ignorant and do not like what the do and have low tolerance for children

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#189 Oct 8, 2012
kym wrote:
no its bot free. if you don't have insurance you will have to pay something out of pocket even at the health dept.
<quoted text>
I work for the government and I have very good dental insurance and you are correct. Most cases there are with Medicaid. This is the reason why I am changing my kids dentist. They treat some of those children terrible and have major attitudes (dental assistants). So I guess the saying is true you get what you pay for and so I am going to where my kids can have better services.

Baton Rouge, LA

#191 Oct 26, 2012
Kool smiles is terrible. I took my son there twice and i will NEVER again visit Kool Smiles. My son requested to have me back in the room with him while they filled a cavaity because he was scared. so i went back there and the dentist was completely rude and impatient and my son told her she was hurting him. she kept threating to kick me out if he didn't behave and to strap him into the board. she was not good with children. finally i just had to get up and leave with my son and request a refund. DONT GO TO KOOL SMILES!!

Wichita Falls, TX

#192 Dec 25, 2012
Not all koolsmiles are bad, I personality work at one in Texas and our dentist are great with the children and if your child is not corporaing with any procedure we refurral out due to trama that is unnecessary to the child also one parent is allowed with the child. I actually care about every patient I see and love where I work.
Brandieperformed B

Columbus, GA

#193 Jan 11, 2013
Here is a link to a story posted on Frontline's web page. It talks about how a Texas legislator wants to crackdown on for-profit dental chains... Kool smiles' name was mentioned.

Revenue quotas = unnecessary work performed

Columbus, GA

#194 Jan 11, 2013

Best report I have read regarding Kool Smiles:

Covers a lot of topics mentioned in previous posts.

I would also like to say that not all Kool Smiles patients are on Medicaid. My husband is retired Army, and we have Delta Dental insurance. There are many people that get sucked in by the bright colors, flashy logo, and playground. Looks a lot more exciting than a plain dentist office, with only the name of the dentist on the door. From the outside, it looks like a fun, kid friendly place to take kids. If you live in the Columbus, Ga area, and are looking for a kid-friendly dentist, I highly recommend dr. Thomas Lee on Warm Springs Rd. everyone there is great. It is a plain building with his name on it, but the inside is brightly colored, and they have play areas... Large basketball hoop, play house, slide, etc. My son loves their pet spiders (turantula, wolf spider) that they have in terrariums.(only part I really don't care for in this office). My son has severe anxiety, but has never had a problem here. They give them funky sunglasses to wear under the light and talk to the kids the whole time. I have never seen a child screaming or flipping out. Kool Smiles could use more than a few lessons from this place.

No one should have to subjected to sub-par care because they are having financial problems. I hope that those who disagree are never faced with financial hardships.... It can happen to anybody. It is too easy to judge when you are on the other side of the fence.
Robin Combs

Virginia Beach, VA

#195 Feb 6, 2013
I am a dental assistant with 26 years experience and I tell ALL parents. Go with your gut feeling. If you are uneasy about what you see, hear and what your instincts tell you. Kindly gather your child and belongings and seek assistance else where. Parents are to be commended for trying to get the best care for their children but, if a parent is unaware of what to look for, they tend to be easy targets of offices that "prey" on folks. Many dental procedures are very expensive and when offices learn you have Medicaid, Delta or a high dollar dental policy, Unnecessary work suddenly becomes the topic. Lots of dental offices that are popping up are corporate run whose only interest is to recoup the funds that investors have put into the practice. Patient care is not one of them. If you walk into an office and it's packed like DMV. Expect to receive poor service. That means they are over stuffing the schedule so they do not miss out on a dollar. Do not feel embarrassed or dumb by walking the hell out. If one of these offices move into the area. Google them, contact the better business bureau and ask who the dentist is. Research his or her credentials and yes, grill them. They cannot exist without YOUR money, insurance or referral. A child going in for a simple procedure can carry life long scars due to a traumatic experience all because no one asked questions....
email me

United States

#196 Feb 7, 2013
whats upppp

Fairfax, VA

#197 Mar 22, 2013
I think kool smiles is the worst denisty buisness! its a kid factory. Kool Smiles just wants to get as many kods in and out of there!. they just want your money. they don't care about you child's name, how they feel, or what's going on! I have seen a dentist get mad at a child because she was crying, so the dentist just stop and started slamming down supplies! this is not exceptable! they arent very friendly, and they are an enconvience! after 3 visits I have seen enough! my child will never go to kool smiles ever again! I will always tell ppl how horrible Kool Smiles is! the location I was on the south side of indianapolis on east st!

Moneta, VA

#198 Mar 30, 2013
I wouldn't take my dog to Kool Smiles. In the beginning when they first opened in Portsmouth Va, it was ok. After a while people started bringing 4 to five extra people with them to their children's appointment. This created people hanging around the entrance, men constantly harassing me for my #, the adults cursing and carrying on. You shouldn't have to be harassed or uncomfortable taking your kids to a dentist. Even worse, you have to look threw a window to see your child getting dental work, instead of holding your child's hand. It may not be all Kool Smiles, but the one in Porstmouth Va is by far the worse. My boys haven't been to Kool Smiles in over 6yrs and glad I made the choice to change dentist.

Darlington, SC

#199 Apr 6, 2013
I used Kool Smiles as a second opinion. I went to a more expensive dentist and they said my daughter had 5 cavities. I took her to kool smiles and they said she had no cavities but 3 spots to keep an eye on. I don't know who to believe. Obviously if Kool Smiles was all for the money they would have wanted to fill the "invisible" cavities..
Traumatized mommy

Atlanta, GA

#200 May 23, 2013
I signed the parts of the staff conduct I was comfortable with. I declined to have them hold my 4 year old down. They did that anyway making her terrified of the dentist. The staff was not patient at all. I even overheard the person who did her cleaning say something to the effect of "oh great, a first visit. That's a joy" as we rounded the corner. She was quite obviously being sarcastic. The man who held her down for the dentist to check her after the cleaning (which they also held her down for) injured her wrist (not permanently) and didn't even apologize!!!!! I felt rushed and that the only goal was to get us out of there as fast as possible. I'm going to go out of my way to be sure people don't go there. When a child AND the mother leaves a place crying from being traumatized there is something terribly wrong going on! This was at the lillburn location, so I can only speak of the staff at this particular location. The front office staff was very nice, though.

Versailles, KY

#202 Jun 7, 2013
Clean up your own mess wrote:
Please parents learn to brush you childrens teeth. 2 times a day and for 2 minutes (floss once a day). No sippy cups or bottles after age 1. Do not allow a child to drink all day from a sippy cup. Help your child brush their teeth until age 10. Become educated on dental health and ask to go back if you want, Kool smiles will not tell you no.
Amen to that!!! I work at a Kool smiles and I love it. I love each and every one of my patients, even if they are hard to reason with. If the parent would take care of their children's teeth then they never have to be in that predicament. There is no excuse for a 1 year old to have accesses in his front four teeth. That's neglect. The parents should have to answer to the law for that.
Javier Torres

Las Cruces, NM

#203 Jul 13, 2013
Most of you know by now, Kool Smiles is now accepting adults. Thinking they specialized in Children's care- I thought now that they accept adults I would give them a try. WRONG DECISION. I am currently on my 5th month waiting for simple upper and lower dentures. I kept getting re-scheduled 2 weeks at a time. Every time I was due, they would call a day or two and change appointments on me. I FINALLY had 6 of my last remaining teeth pulled last Thursday (7-11-13), my mouth is killing me as they did NOT offer after visit pain relief and to Ice the Cake sorta speak, my bottoms were WRONG! Crooked when placed. They filed them down and completely removed the molars. They still don't fit and once again, I have been re-scheduled and my next and hopefully last visit wi8ll be Aug. 1st. Never again.
Javier Torres

Las Cruces, NM

#204 Jul 13, 2013
Cass wrote:
<quoted text>
Amen to that!!! I work at a Kool smiles and I love it. I love each and every one of my patients, even if they are hard to reason with. If the parent would take care of their children's teeth then they never have to be in that predicament. There is no excuse for a 1 year old to have accesses in his front four teeth. That's neglect. The parents should have to answer to the law for that.
If you worked there then your comment makes sense. You can't spell what your own patients had. No wonder.

United States

#205 Jul 15, 2013
I'm here now and they r treating my daughter good they let me come back with her

Evansville, IN

#206 Aug 7, 2013
Megan wrote:
<quoted text> held her legs down !!! You saw it first hand and all you had to do is get up and leave and find another dentist. Shame on you as a parent.
I hate to tell people this but this happens other places to. I'm not saying it's right but parents need to realize if the kid has that big of an issue with dental wrk your options are A. hold them down! or B. Find a Oral Surgeon that will put them under! In essence its surgery and is very scary sometimes. People also need to realize there are numerous reasons why teeth go bad kids especially drink lots of acids. Juice, Milk, Sodas, Candy. Just because you brush and floss their teeth doesn't mean they aren't going to have cavities. Its also good to not that some dentist will fill a tooth based on the amount of decalcification meaning the decay may not be through the enamel but it more than likely will be so lets go ahead and fill it type of thing. Other dentist wait until it needs one for sure and maybe when more tooth structure has to be removed. I've been to school for Dental Assisting and I'm going back to Hygiene school in the fall.

Columbus, GA

#207 Sep 24, 2013
Samm55 wrote:
Kool smiles is a horrible company what they do to kids is horrifing I worked for kool smiles in boston They need to have a investigation done just like small smiles. They are probally loosing there contracts with these because of the numerous complaints they have receivec from scard parents look into it if I was you. Those faces on the clip look very familliar both dentist. I would never bring my children there ever again. I rather go to the dental offices that have been established for more than 20years in boston that is.
you so need spell check or learn??? bless your heart

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