Toontown glitches
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Since: Feb 09

San Marcos, TX

#1 Feb 23, 2009
Hi I know most all glitches i think ALL but if you saw me on another post i want to know more glitches than just!!!
plz look for me;i know every glitch so here ,TTC)walk next to gag shop and run tordas a little slanted you should slowly slide out of playgroung,above punchline place jup light ly and youll be floating,keep going through street and the first wood door on ground get on top and jump to side of bldg your out side street and KEEP going towds tunnle and you should come out a weid way,SECRET ICE CREAM CONES;do first glitch then you should come near doodle shop and see a ice cream behind fence No steling that!!!DD;flying glitch posted,fence not relly glithc but a fence area you can walk through, major glitch is fishing glitch you do stairs glith walk backwards down into water till swimming go to peir click esc you have rod,also insted of peir try trolly its funn.Dg;omewhere on the edge of dg lege when almoust inside ledge and press esc you have been teleported under it)PS also works in Toon hq fenceing)not much at dg.MML;next to gag shop were you see boxes do same thing as in ttc gag shop slide ove lightly then your out of there!!!no much there ether!!!Brrrg;no one but me and my friends no this easy way out of hard ways next to sleet street were snowbound do smae thing as fist glitch again LOL!!!!DDL;pellow glitch first to get there is to ways my favorite way is near fishing spot do smae thing as fist glitch slde but not alot or youll POP back up then walk back wards for inviable stairs :) aline with platform float over to pellow then other way is get some one to teleport to you when you run up to clothing store(i dont like it takes to long -_-) so now sbhq;my favorite can be proformed at every HQ float
3.)esc and report same time
4.)cancel and esc same time
5.)click exit toontown
6.)click yes
7.)quickly move forward then jump your floating =)
next is walk in battle in sbhq when you get past first part of vp quickly click esc(most of time wont work)but you should be able to walk around but youll get to walk around when sos toon talking quickly run to vp and hit him a couple times and you should walk in battle)))Cbhq;get hit bye train to be lower than 66 or 71 then walk up to the elevator keep sign above head ( this is used in may glitches) go in battle click it can be any where your walking next i for got)))it can be in any HQ it may get the toon stuck.dont have enoph merits cog bucks you get the idea go up to elevator let too teleort they can but you have to stay next to elevator while they tp)to many in mint to say because they all invole floating glitch but ...lbhq there is nothing special about...bbhq is great when go in mole stop in kart go to side there a hole ( ps all the glitches ant fake they have been preformened ok i dont like kfakers)warning if you know the speed bug DONT DO IT you get SUSPENDED)golfing;go get the thing to walk in battle go in kart click cancel your inviable =)) and if you go next to hole in front of kart as far as you can go get someone to tp there back there do it again you out side the gate )))acorn acers; tap esc on gyser spot when gyser comes you should be floating gyser like :0 go up to fencing get someone to tp you see the efect there out side gate(another thing this is alot you prbably cant do it all in one try some is hard)esate go in house go in atick turn dresser or phone aroung theres your way for more space and my be jump and make stairs i did BUT now i have all rugs no furniture :((( exept phone bank and dresser)bank glitch srry but trhey fixed that :( smae with cog suit playground) next is my favorite its the best glitch i think and last one i have GET THE SIGN FROM CBHQ OR BBHQ GO TO ANY WHERE PRESS CANCEL AND ESC SAME TIME CLICK EXIT TOON TOWN THEN YES MOVE FORWARD JUMP QUICKLY YOUR FLOATINNG BUT ANY WHERE THRO ANYWHING))) I HOPE THAT HELPED PLZ SAY HI IF YOU SEE ME)I HAVE A TTC FOURMS BRAKESK8 BUT THAT IS EVERY GLITCH IN TOONTOWN

Since: Feb 09

San Marcos, TX

#2 Feb 23, 2009
I know more but cant post alot but here rest

ooo hi again ik more glitches now YAY btw im lystining: i found a extra part to floating now you can ENEYWHERE,you click ignore and wait to fall asleep then exit toontown yes move forward and jump
DG hendge glitch; go to the part thats looks sharp and do same as ttc gag shop glitch
wall glitch,warning you have to have cannons;
you go to estate go do stairs glitch walk backwards into water go to cannon click esc launch at roof and tp too another toon in hq or bldg( best works in gag shop) and namless toonNAMELESS TOON ( make your toon get to name place hold alt and type 0160 on the side numbers) YOU CAN"T DO THIS ON LAPTOP
Dottie Frinkelberry

Valley Stream, NY

#3 Mar 2, 2009
Hey, this is a really tiny glitch that nobody ever notices but are really cool too.

Stand on Random Objects
You can actually stand on things like the bridges in TTC, crates on Donald's Dock/Donald's Dock Streets, etc. All you have to do is jump over them and at the right time, press F8 or open your Shticker book. You must do it when you are RIGHT OVER the object you're standing on. Then close your sticker book, and voila, your standing on it! Wave to anybody passing by. LOL!

Big and White
Visiting Hibernation Vacations on Polar Place and saying "Howdy" would cause your toon to grow and turn white. However, it only works in the Brrgh, so if you go into another neighbourhood, you wonÂ’t be big and white any more. So just get it again! And also, it only works for ONE SESSION. It stinks, but you can just get it again! LOL!

My Fav Glitches
The REAL Fishing Glitch
Go on your fishing dock at home or at Donald's Dock Playground. Click exit, and then jump into the water and swim straight foward, and then straight back to the dock.(Don't flip around!)Then, your toon's head should be under the dock. Keep on going back some more and then you will be on the dock and able to move.
NOTE: Usually this works one time per session.

Cut Off Your Head
First, you need to fly in Donald's Dock. Then, instead of walking straight foward into the sky, walk backwards. Go under until only your head pops out. This works really great if your toon has a huge head. LOL! If you want, you can keep going under until no more of you is left. then go to emotions and click Happy and you will jump out of the ground! LOL!

By the way, y isn't there anybody else on this forum then Weird Jake Lemon Boom?

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

#4 Mar 8, 2009
Hey can somebody tell me how to do the Cog Suit in playground Glitch? PLZ PLZ PLZ i really need it!

San Diego, CA

#5 Mar 13, 2009
i know how to fly!!!!!!!!!! not the boring way in donald's dock where you need open water or the one in chip and dales where you have limited time. the good way!!!!!!!!!!

step 1. go to law bot hq.
step 2. go to the place called DA'S office(i dont know why they call it that either lol.)
step 3. go to one of the places you cant go into. If you can go in to all of themthen here is the solution: loose laff points.
step 4. run into one of the places you cant go into.
step 5. you get the mesege dont close wait until you fall asleep.
step 6. then step backwards.
step 7. open your book go to the place you want to fly in or walk i perfer teleporting.
step 8. then press F8 and the exit on the mesege at the same time.
step 9. press exit toontown and then jump!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. to carrot cake tada!!!!! by the way mine is way better

San Diego, CA

#6 Mar 13, 2009
king romeo

North Hollywood, CA

#7 Apr 15, 2009
to get into bossbot hq club house go to middle six.p on both sides until you get into to the wall of the clubhouse in grey.walk through the wall and your in.
King Chip Loopentoon

Gardner, MA

#8 May 10, 2009
I know the fishing glitch... ok Here is what you gotta do. Number 1. Go to the dock at your house,
Number 2. Jump towards the dock. Number 3. Open your shticker book right as you land. Now you should be able to walk anywhere around the land while holding your fishing pole!!!
hows ya mum

West Jordan, UT

#9 May 21, 2009
im a awesome glitch master! you can meet me in nuttyboro toontown central for glitch lessons!! i can tell you how to fly with NO water or... i could tell you how to be in the back of a toon hq (without teleporting!!) or be a toon hq officer!!(its not so hard to do it) or... to get free beans! there are LOTS more glitches i know!(i knew so many i forgot about some and what they do... OOPS!) i can tell you how to get no name!(or get the name clerk clara or the name flippy)

ah! i just LOVE being a glitch master!
glitch club opens in nuttyboro toontown central and if you already joined then i can teach you lessons whenever you want!(my assistant is princess bananamush so she can help you and tell you some glitches) but i warn you that lots of the glitches are hard!(like be in backround of LBHQ attorney office A) so... yeh! i have tons more glitches to tell!(you can NEVER EVER even get a CHANCE to get the credit for a glitch that I did!)
Cecil Twinkletoes

Ashland, PA

#10 Jun 23, 2009
does anyone know the speed glitch for racing?
crazy about cats


#11 Jul 15, 2009
wats the big head glitch?
toon master

Cadwell, GA

#12 Jul 16, 2009
here is a glitch only few people in the wrld know. if you have type chat say " my name is"And in that little section after it you can say anything. but yu have to do it each time yu wanna say something like that. i cuss people out.
multi-color mouse

Midland, GA

#13 Jul 18, 2009
hi hi hi h hihihihihihhi teach me ALL glitches!!! mwahahaahahahahahahaahaha!!! XD
Gober goble

United States

#14 Jul 19, 2009
Gober goble

United States

#15 Jul 19, 2009
i know glitches because i to am a glitch master mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!1

Casa Grande, AZ

#16 Jul 24, 2009
add me as a friend can you help me out with how to do the float in the air glitch in HQ's
heres my sf code TT 4gk tf8

Saint Albans, UK

#17 Jul 26, 2009
wow all my compliments 2 weird jake lemon boom cool posts man tried them they all work! wicked!

Saint Albans, UK

#18 Jul 26, 2009
also like 2 say anybody know how 2 get bhind the desk @ gag shop saw sumbdy do it once but cudnt do it myself, plz post!

East Brunswick, NJ

#19 Jul 31, 2009
Yes, the cog suit in playground glitch, it was FIXED. I am VERY sad.
Fat Fireball Mcnerd

Columbia, MO

#20 Aug 10, 2009
I want to know how to get in the glassed area of the toon hq places, and how to get behind building desks (and if there is one, how to jump off the middle floor balconies in cog bldgs). Ty

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