Someone please clarify -- The teachers are saying they are working with no contract. Wouldn't they just continue working with the last contract?

I see both sides of this situation. Who doesn't want a raise? There are so many people out of jobs right now that aren't getting a paycheck at all, and yes that's happening in Grayslake too. The taxes are rediculous and the taxes are mainly going towards the schools/pensions, etc. Are the grades of the students reflected in the high taxes? Not for sure, but recently I saw a report card and it looked like Frederick and Park have lower scores now?

With our economy in the toilet, I understand the BOE side too. When does the spending stop? How are the bills going to get paid? As a responsible adult I don't spend more than my family's budget. Our country wouldn't be in such a mess if everyone did that too, so I understand completely why the BOE doesn't want to spend more than our means.

I guess what bothers me the most is seeing the teachers on the sides of the road having a good time. That's very annoying because really what's so fun about this? My kids and I were driving down 83 yesterday and noticed a bunch of teachers shaking some kind of noise maker, clapping, and yelling. My child said that's my teacher. Yep! It sure was. Why can't people see our kids are suffering? They want to go back to school. Striking isn't supposed to be fun. I just hope when they do return to school they have respect for their teachers. I hope they see their teachers as someone to look up to, and not some partier on the side of the road.