The Girl Scout murders revisited

The Girl Scout murders revisited

There are 254 comments on the KFOR-TV Oklahoma City story from May 23, 2007, titled The Girl Scout murders revisited. In it, KFOR-TV Oklahoma City reports that:

“I couldn't wait to write. Love, Lori.”

There is new information on a haunting event that changed our state. It was a stormy June night thirty years ago at Camp Scott near Locust Grove. via KFOR-TV Oklahoma City

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Tyler, TX

#178 Oct 26, 2011
Thanks for the link Billie. A lot of different info there.

Kingston, OK

#179 Oct 26, 2011
Your Welcome Terri

Kingston, OK

#181 Oct 27, 2011
big bad john wrote:
<quoted text> Yeaa I know this may be off topic here but are you both two men in love?? Thanks billy, thanks terri??? I din,t know there were gay people these days making love on a topix forum.
I can see why several others have such a problem with you on this Topix you are very Rude how dare you try and take this Topix and turn it upside down show some Respect.
And Thank You Billie for sharing new information I pray that the Truth will come out and Justice will be Served.
big bad john

Fort Worth, TX

#183 Oct 27, 2011
Billie wrote:
Your Welcome Terri
Don,t worrie billy I have to leave this topix forum but before I go let me ask you. Does your girlfriend have to take up for you on all your battles? I don,t like people who set here and defend crimnals because in my mind the kind of people that do this are usually trash. I ,am very very rude to trashy people billy. I can set back and be so sure that you all are but you sure sound like it. Goobye my freind I have to go now it was nice knowing a bunch of crimnals..

Bristow, OK

#184 Oct 28, 2011
This Topix is about 3 Little Girls who were Brutally Murdered and you are being very Disrespectful. Iam sure their family really appreciates reading your Rudeness and Disrespectful behavior on here.
Saying means things on this Topix just shows your Ignorance.

Jersey City, NJ

#185 Dec 23, 2011
With the holidays approaching I ask that everyone take a moment to look around and look at what they have. If you are a parent please take a moment to really appriciate them. Because there are three families down in oaklahoma that will never get to have another holiday with their baby girls. As I have said other times on this post we have to take a look at the real victims in this case and every now and then say a few words for their families. Thanks

Tulsa, OK

#186 Mar 12, 2012
Let The Truth Prevail wrote:
I feel the cases should be re-opened. My grandfather, Roy Martin and grandmother, Mary Martin lived near the gate entrance of the Girl Scout camp. Their son, Terry, who is my dad's brother lived in the home at this time. Terry was molesting his many nieces plus other victims (total of known 8 so far that has spoken up) and I am a survivor. I remember during this time of the murders, the news media was camping out in my grandparent's yard. My relatives were wondering where Terry was during this time. He was known to always run off. Terry was molesting the children (ages 4-13) in the family. The family was told of this news not until 1984 and the years to follow the victims came forward. Terry was violent in his acts unto us. I have wondered could he be a part of this horrible crime? Now Terry resides in his home by the gates of the once entrance of the Girl Scout murders. He knew the woods well. He was molesting children during those years. He was on drugs and the conditions were right for a child molestor. Since the statue of limitations have passed, he lives freely. Should the Girl Scout murders be re-opened. Yes. It would bring answers to the many questions.
This case has never been has remained open, unsolved and inactive since the acquital of Gene Hart.

Newark, NJ

#187 May 12, 2012
After speaking to an officer who was around ( not directly linked to the case but worked closley with those who were) had told me that yes the case remains open however, its a cold case and it became a cold case the minute GLH walked out of the court room. The police believed they had the right man and because of this there were no other true suspects. Unless any new evidence pops up it will remain unsolved likley forever. But that doesnt mean that he didnt do it. It doesnt mean he did either. It just means that they cant prove it. Hopefully they will one day for the families but in all honesty its a long shot. Ive done research on this case for years and after following my own advice and coming to my own conclusion in my heart i believe that GLH was the killer. I dont believe he acted alone but i do believe he did it.

Maumelle, AR

#188 Jun 25, 2012
doug wrote:
I was in troop 17 that year. we went to john zink instead of camp garland because of the murders.
Troop 17 hadn't gone to camp yet when the murders happened. We were scheduled to go to Camp Garland a few weeks after the murders but went to Camp John Zink instead.

Saint Helen, MI

#189 Jun 29, 2012
sweetdreams wrote:
I think its funny how people close to GLH say he didn't do this and how he was such a great guy. When in reality he tied up, raped and left two women for dead previous. If he was such a great guy why was he always in jail that he escaped form in the first place? While I am not saying that murder and rape are the same but take a look at reality, there were three little girls killed three families destroyed. Let's make the case about the case and not about a man who was truthfully not such a great person as people want to make him out to be. I pray that one day those girls families will have closure and one day they will be able to look back and know that so many people are here looking for truth for their babies.
If you want the truth, you have to be able to accept the whole truth and not just bits and pieces of the truth. If Gene is indeed innocent, that should just as well come out as finding out who killed these little girls. I am not in any way, shape, or form sticking up for a rapist, but a human being who could be wrongly accused of a crime he may not have committed. If the truth comes out, it is going to exonerate him in the process of finding out who really did this, if he is not guilty. I am not taking away from the fact that three little girls died that night, I have friends who were there. I lived through years of nightmares after this happened and it haunts me to this day. I have been doing research to gather as much information as possible on this case and in all honesty, I do not think he did this. And if he did, he did not act alone.

United States

#190 Aug 7, 2012
i think wrote:
i think if they jimmy bryan had something to do with the killing then they should check out his killers.i dont remember all involved but one of them is wesley j duffield he is still prison in oklahoma
i know that Wesley dugffild killed the girl Robert Brian known as crome told me he was jimmy brother the ruffled father made the boys tell aficials where the Brian boys body was and when the boys dad was summons to court that found him dead he was going to tell that also kill the girl scouts

Cincinnati, OH

#191 Aug 24, 2012
Sarah wrote: irlscoutmurders/
I was a Girl Scout in the Western part of the state for many years before these murders and there were never enough adult volunteers to keep us safe. Although we never saw strange flashlights in the forest, a man looking in our tent, or a man grabbing campers in the dark leaving the latrine, I hope our leaders would have taken immediate action to keep us safe unlike what happened at this camp. From the description documented on this site, the adult leaders were aware of several alarming issues, but they did nothing. Although cell phones were not invented, one leader could have left in her car to get the sheriff and retrieve additional adult volunteers, and the camp could have been lit up with flashlights sitting on the grounduntil the other adult volunteers arrived to evacuate the girls in the morning.
Even though rape is more an act of violence than a sexual act, GLH had a history of abusing adult women, not tiny little girls. One of the neighbors living near the camp was a known pedophile that had molested numerous little children in his family. He should have been more seriously investigated by the sheriff's office and the OSBI.
While we can't blame the counselors for these murders...I do have to admit that they seemed to have brushed off a lot of reports from the campers about strange incidents. Was it merely because of the time period? After all, things were different in 77. Hell, I can remember being in the 3rd grade and running the street after dark, camping in the backyard with friends and never having my parents check on us once. And as for GLH. I am in TOTAL agreement with you on that one. Men who rape women, don't move onto children. This was the work of a pedophile and a psychopath, in my opinion.

Tyler, TX

#192 Aug 25, 2012
You know what I think would be interesting? and maybe it's been done, But I would like to have a criminal profile like they do on Criminal Minds, then see if GLH fits the profile.

Newark, NJ

#193 Oct 13, 2012
To tay:
I never said i was convinced that he is guilty or not, but what i do not want is for people to defend his character. If he was innocnet then he was innocent if he was guilty he was guilty but either way, he was not a good person. He was a convicted rapist that had escaped from a prision sentence that he WAS found guilty of. And as for telling me that i need to accept the truth, yes whatever it is i would accept it. But you dont know me so dont talk like you do. And if you would read the post you quoted, i never once said that he was guitly of the murders i said he was guitly of rape. And if you also read the same post you would see that i want the case to be about the case not about your own beliefs and opinions. Because i honestly think that should see GLH for who he really is, a horrible excuse for human life. Doesnt matter if he was found guilty of this crime or not. So next time you want to quote someone and tell them what to accept and not accept and what to think and not to think please, READ. Thanks.
LG granny

Kent City, MI

#194 Oct 18, 2012
simply fed up wrote:
Kimberly did the face you saw in the dark framed glasses look caucasion or native american? to the woman who said her child molesting uncle lived near the gate, did he wear dark framed glasses? Was he ever questioned by the police?
Also, wasnt there a camp counselor that wore black framed glasses?
LG granny

Kent City, MI

#195 Oct 18, 2012
I thought GLH was accused of raping his wife.I read the cry for the children book and thought it was one-sided. Since I am from LG and know certain people-- that book doesnt represent facts.I know of other people around here that could have done it. Thats the problem.If GH did do it, I dont think he acted alone.The problem is proof.
I was attacked in the fall of 76. I was 17.He told me one of these days he was goig to get him a little girl and he knew exactly where to get one. My cousin had a blind date with a guy from out of town who said the same thing. She refused his advances and he said thats okay--he prefers little girls anyway. There are just too many possibilities of who could have done it.We were both traumatized to say the least---then the following summer the girls are murdered.

Cincinnati, OH

#196 Oct 21, 2012
I just recently found this case and I'm not so sure that GLH was the guilty party either. I think that the murderer got away scott free and that is a travesty of justice in every way. I wish that things could be different. It would be nice to find out the truth. This case reminds me a lot of The West Memphis Three case.

Sulphur, OK

#197 Nov 17, 2012
Sounds like it was way too easy to get away with a crime of this nature back then. I wonder what all has changed since then.

Dallas, TX

#199 Jan 4, 2013
Man Convicted Of Broken Arrow Murder Dies In Prison

Posted: Dec 31, 2012 10:46 AM CST
Updated: Dec 31, 2012 4:17 PM CST
Russell Hulstine,

McALESTER, Oklahoma - A Rogers County man sentenced to death in the murder of a Broken Arrow woman in 1996 has died at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester.

Karl Myers, 64, was convicted of killing Cindy Marzano in March of 1996.

According to a news release from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, security personal noticed Myers unresponsive in the Penitentiary's medical unit on December 28th and notified medical personnel.

He was pronounced dead a short time later.

Karl Myers had been on death row since his 1998 conviction. Court records show Myers served time in Oklahoma and Kansas for burglary, assault and rape before he was convicted in Rogers County of first-degree murder.

At the time, the Rogers County Sheriff's Office connected Myers with the rape and murder of another woman, Shawn Williams, in April 1993.

The bodies of Williams and Marzano were both dumped in the Verdigris River.

John Russell believes Myers was also the man who molested and murdered three girl scouts at a camp near Locust Grove in 1977.

He's making a movie called "Candles" about the murders.

Russell said Myers confessed to him when they were both in jail together in the late 1970s. Some argue Russell's criminal history takes away his credibility.

Gene Leroy Hart was originally arrested for the Girl Scout murders, but later acquitted, then died three months later of a heart attack.

The Department of Corrections says it is believed Karl Myers died of natural causes.
lg granny

Onaway, MI

#200 Jan 7, 2013
Does anyone remember the guy who used to drive a Boomer Sooner van around LG? He used to hang out with Jeff N.

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