Justice for Emma Marie Baldwin: 2 Yea...

Justice for Emma Marie Baldwin: 2 Year Old Daughter Brutally Murdered in Virginia During October ...

There are 381 comments on the CNN story from Mar 7, 2013, titled Justice for Emma Marie Baldwin: 2 Year Old Daughter Brutally Murdered in Virginia During October .... In it, CNN reports that:

On 10/19 around 4pm, an ambulance had come to the home on Pole Bridge Road in Wise, VA.

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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh well

Laveen, AZ

#337 Mar 26, 2013
According to Mr Chavez in post #312 on Friday..

Haha, if you want to hold any substantial credit, you may want to change your alias from which you hide behind.

Monday...maybe Tuesday you so called alias posting fools will find out there is no such thing as slander and or libel without consequence.

Haha ..did Nickie get ya yet... Ha ha..

Sevierville, TN

#338 Mar 26, 2013
Well wrote:
And I forgot to mention something in my above comment. Anytime anyone has a question for Ben, whether it's about Emma or just the case in general, he will reply with something smartass and then delete and block you. Not lately, but not long ago, he would put your comment or question on Facebook and slander your name while allowing his 'followers' to bash you as well. We all know he reads this thread so some people voice their questions or concerns here so that maybe, just maybe, he will answer the question or at least acknowledge them. Now I know you and others probably think he doesn't owe anyone any answers but when he says certain things on his page and then turns around and flat out lies on another, something is NOT right. Those are a few of the reasons that people bring their issues here.
I understand what you're saying, but I think it's very clear he feels no need to explain himself. I just think he will be doing a lot of explaining when those two people stand trail and he has to take the witness stand. Yes, I agree some of his remarks have been in poor taste, but so are some of the remarks posted on here. You're right, I don't think he owes anyone on here an explanation, but again, I think you'll get your answers soon enough, like November. Well, as I've seen many times, it will probably be continued for several months but in the end it will all come spilling out. As a wise person once told me, "If it doesn't come out in the wash, it'll surely come out in the rinse."
Again, I understand you, as well as several others, would like answers, and everything will come out. Patience is a virtue.
I just don't want people who do not live in the area to think we are all inbred hicks, which is exactly what this area is known for. Please don't think I'm referring to any one person, as I too live in this area.

Sevierville, TN

#339 Mar 26, 2013
P.S. I do appreciate and respect your opinion.

Radford, VA

#340 Mar 26, 2013
I'm not here to argue and I'm glad that we can have a conversation without namecalling or make this a pissing contest. I honestly want to see justice for that babygirl. Afterall, she is reason that we are having this discussion and it seems in all of this mess, she has sometimes been forgotten. I would not want to be in Ben's shoes ever and my heart breaks for any parent who has lost a child. I'm not sure how he is supposed to act or grieve. I'm not sure what I would be doing honestly. I agree that a lot of his actions so far have been in very poor taste. Some things just don't add up and I think he has weaved himself into a web of lies actually. We can pick them apart all day long but in the end, it's not going to matter. Like you said, I'm sure he feels guilt everyday....any parent would no matter what the circumstances were. He knows he's not innocent in this, I really believe he knows. But he has the type of personality that feeds off of attention. I'll be honest and say that I don't think he was completely right in the head before any of this even happened with Emma.

Emma deserves justice and I truly hope that it all does come spilling out...I'd like to know just like everyone else. Several people are more into this case than being just a spectator and I hope they don't let it consume them. Everyone's heart broke when Emma died. She was a child and anyone will feel pain for the loss of a small child. She was failed by many and that is so sad. Fighting and pointing fingers doesn't solve anything. Emma is not hurting now and no one will ever harm her again. Those with blood on their hands will see their day one way or another. Those with bad blood towards Ben for the personal attacks he's made during this ordeal, well they can handle that however they want.

Radford, VA

#341 Mar 26, 2013
And I'm glad that you can appreciate and respect my opinion. I honestly thought you were trying to be a bitch in the beginning....I'm sorry for judging you. I got ahead of myself and labeled you before actually hearing your point.

Sevierville, TN

#342 Mar 26, 2013
Well wrote:
And I'm glad that you can appreciate and respect my opinion. I honestly thought you were trying to be a bitch in the beginning....I'm sorry for judging you. I got ahead of myself and labeled you before actually hearing your point.
I'm glad you took the time to read my comments and you are being respectful about this. I hadn't even posted on this at all until #331 because I was reading everyone else's opinion. I only responded because Tom Reed ask a question and I took the time to kind of sum up everything. I hadn't even expected to reply again and I did NOT mean to sound like a smarta$$ or bitch. I feel going on the attack isn't helping anything and I agree with you 100%, it seems with all the finger pointing and accusations, the main objective of the whole topic has gotten lost. I hope and pray the two primary people responsible for the death of this beautiful little girl is punished to the fullest extent the state of VA is capable of giving. I am choosing to NOT voice my opinion or ask any questions myself at this point is because I don't want their lawyers to be able to use anything to help them out. Sometimes my greatest accomplishment is keeping my mouth closed.
I think this will probably be my last post as I have answered Tom's question and I see no further need to add fuel to the fire. I do want to add though, I do agree with some of the comments of other posters, I just won't say which ones. I pray we all get to see justice done here on Earth and I know in my heart they will pay come judgement day.
neglect-abuse-de ath-FACT

Garden City, MI

#343 Apr 1, 2013
whatever wrote:
<quoted text> excuse me my son has his 3 kids, if a parent is bad they will give the other parent custody but if both is bad, well!
Who is your son? GO BEN!!!
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh well

Mesa, AZ

#344 Apr 10, 2013
Very Quiet ....
wise va
#345 Apr 11, 2013
wish everyone would let this girl rest in peace and take this off topix,,,i feel so bad cause this girl was so young and noone is letting her rest...

Mesa, AZ

#347 Apr 16, 2013
Still wondering what the plan is for the 22nd ,there are ppl who want to march with him ..where is Ben these days

Jersey City, NJ

#349 Apr 19, 2013
He is such a jackass....

Mesa, AZ

#350 Apr 19, 2013
I would think both parents would have to agree to remove her from life support,I do agree he is a sick twisted freak and I do not believe he was ever there for those children,his videos are all staged and spliced from other videos to make people think he was a wonderful father,the Christmas video is so staged and fake ...The truth will be told at trail

Mesa, AZ

#351 Apr 19, 2013
Ben will not be going to the DC march on the 22nd He's going to march in his town ...

Guess he had no money to get there ..how many ppl will march with him ...

Mesa, AZ

#352 Apr 20, 2013
So,he is pawing the other child off on others so you can rant and rave all over the internet.

He has no job,how does he live ..

Since: Mar 13

Middletown, PA

#353 Apr 20, 2013
Grow up! Your making a ass out of yourself. Why do you people care what Ben does what are you stalking that boy. How would you know if he has a job or not. Did you notice he doesn't care about what you think. But keep on ranting and raving about how that so called mother is so good. Nobody cares what you think.
Emma Rest In Peace, Your Daddy loves you no matter what anyone says.
Just so you know this is not Ben I don't even know him. I just know he's doing the best for his baby girl. So if you want to comment on this go right ahead, I will be canceling the topix feed.

Big Stone Gap, VA

#354 Apr 22, 2013
What happened to his Washington trip for today? Looks like a ton of people showed up. From the looks of it just him and one other guy. I guess he couldn't get a free ride to Washington.

Vinton, VA

#355 Apr 22, 2013
Some of you are way too caught up in this case. Too busy stalking Ben and his friends to see the big picture. I would consider that a borderline obsession for some of you. You might want to get some help.

Big Stone Gap, VA

#356 Apr 23, 2013
Some people may need to get help from stalking topix. Think about it......
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh well

Gilbert, AZ

#357 Apr 24, 2013

Antioch, CA

#358 Apr 27, 2013
EmoSly wrote:
You have no idea how corrupt cps is. I hope you NEVER have to deal with them and have them be on the other persons side. Custody battles get ugly. Even the most simple ones can get brutal...you need to know what you are talking about. If you "knew" Emmas dad you would know that everything he has said is DOCUMENTED. HE sent pictures to CPS and the POLICE and anyone else who had any "authority" and they didn't help Emma, and they didn't help him because they just figured it was just another custody battle.
This family has been through enough without morons such as yourself making statements about something you don't really know anything about.
Every one grieves differently. It is is right to post what he wants. Those pictures of Emma impact people they show you what happens when you don't know your boyfriend. When you leave your kids with an offender...not saying all offenders would murder a child...but you catch my drift.
Emma should have been with her daddy the whole time. Watch the videos look at the pictures. She was happiest with HER DADDY!
To the stars Emma! <3
I agree with you..I have delt with CPS..I cslled on a neighbor who was always drunk and on drugs..she didnt take care of the 5 year old..I did..she hit her..didnt give her baths..I fed her.bathed her..showed her love..anyway.ong story short..cps told me that it isnt against the law for the mom to be doped up and passed out and not watch the child...it took me 19 calls for them to finally remove that baby from the home..So dont judge the Dad!! Maybe if you were in his shoes u would feel diffrent!!

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