Registered sex offender found working...

Registered sex offender found working at Westminster Walmart

There are 101 comments on the Fox 31 KDVR story from Aug 3, 2010, titled Registered sex offender found working at Westminster Walmart. In it, Fox 31 KDVR reports that:

He's a registered sex offender. So how did he pass the background check at a Walmart in Westminster? That's the question Walmart officials are trying to answer after a FOX31 News investigation found a 19-year-old who has been convicted of sexual assault on a child was working in a place packed with children.

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Denver, CO

#86 Aug 11, 2010
indefenseofmom wrote:
<quoted text>
sounds like your HIS lawyer...hmmmmm....i agree with newby..if it was YOUR 4 yr old daughter that he molested i am SURE that you would be thinking differently...
I admit I don't know all of the details, so if you do please enlighten me, but since this was a step brother, step sister situation wasn't mom supposed to be watching this 4 year old? I would think the responsibility for keeping this child (and other children) safe should fall on the parents rather than Walmart.

Denver, CO

#87 Aug 13, 2010
madmadmad wrote:
<quoted text>
I admit I don't know all of the details, so if you do please enlighten me, but since this was a step brother, step sister situation wasn't mom supposed to be watching this 4 year old? I would think the responsibility for keeping this child (and other children) safe should fall on the parents rather than Walmart.
i believe the story said she was in fathers care at the time and boys were not supervised. so it sounds like mom trusted dad to take care and protect the four year old daughter and failed.

Denver, CO

#89 Aug 24, 2010
WhoIsASchmuck wrote:
You have no idea. If it was MY 4-year-old, I would be adult enough to not hold a grudge against an 11-year-old for 8years! Fact is, none of us have ANY idea what actually happened to that girl.
hey schmuck, if you actually WATCHED the video, you would hear that there is nothing that they did not do to that little girl in a sexually abusive manor. Just FYI, and if it WAS your 4 year old little girl, i do truly believe that you would think differently!
YourKiddingMeRig ht

Denver, CO

#92 Sep 8, 2010
Dazed and SICK wrote:
Does anyone stop to realize that the 11 yr old in this story could have been a victim as well? If this all did happen, how does an 11 yo learn this behavior. Abuse? Access to inappropriate materials??
The comment above says it well...RSO...should they have no job, should they have no life, should they shoot themselves with a bullet, should they be put to death to avoid a life. This child has a right to rehabilitate his life.
COULD have been a victim? He sure did not seem to say that on the video as an excuse as to why he took the innocence of the 4 yr old little girl away. And if i am not mistaken it was both brothers that hurt her NOT just the oldest one. The younger one only did not get prosecuted because he was not 10 yrs old i'm sure. And to have a job where no children are would be smarter, wouldnt it? and no life? seems like his life is just fine if he was allowed to work at a local walmart, and never once did the mother say in the video that she wished they were dead, did she? a rehabilitate his life is fine as long as it wouldnt involved 1000's of children coming around him 24/7!

Captain Obvious

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The Other White Meat

#94 Sep 13, 2010
citizen wrote:
It's interesting that if he killed a 4 year old and was convicted of MURDER as a juvenile no one would know about it today. I agree that what he did was terrible, but to register an 11 year old as a sex offender for LIFE might be going a little far.
I agree. To be honest, I wouldn't want anyone who was convicted of such crimes as an adult working there, but this person was 11 at the time. I don't think anyone should be branded for life for something they did at the age of 11. I can see why some people would be freaked out about a sex offender working at Walmart though, with the way a lot of parents just let there children run wild in the store unsupervised.

Worcester, MA

#95 May 3, 2012
newby wrote:
<quoted text>
yes walmart hires these people. heidi said that they did a background check, but clearly, she went to the cbi website and found him on there as having been charged and arrested for sexually molesting a 4 yr little girl. and because he was a juvenile when he offended, it seems he has more rights than the victim does. and walmart is only worried about cheap hiring practices, not protecting their patrons or their children. they were recently sued back in south carolina for the same thing, but he re-offended and abducted a little girl from walmart. he was using it as his playground. and had it not been for this mother that went into the walmart and saw this young man working there, walmart would not have even known any better.
how dare you people speak in this manner..not all sex offenders are bad as you guys think..i am married to one and he has paid debt to society and has proven that people make mistakes..nobody its perfect..we all make mistakes and we learn from those mistakes not to do it husband is a great man .and deserves a chance ..i am sure you guys arent any better...why dont you actually sit down and imagine just for once what its like to be in there shoes..

Houma, LA

#96 Jun 16, 2012
I totatly agree with u that is all true my bf has felony & its hard for him to get a job cuz please look him down & judge him they should have a decent life like the rest of us he is a nice hard working guy & tries & tries to get a job but ppl turn him down cuz he got a felony like damn ppl need second chances in life, i agree with u & fuck the haters!!!!

Cincinnati, OH

#97 Jun 27, 2012
bla bla bla bla wtf ever lmao
Another tear

United States

#98 Jun 29, 2012
Do any of you think of all the child has to go thru? The victim has a life sentence, yes they can go on, but at the same time it's not that easy for them to overcome. Hardest thing is to forgive the person that hurt them. God gives these people a way out and they should of thought that at the time and walked away, instead they stole something from that child that will totally change that child and that family for every. The Child receives shame and distrust, think that is right? Shame on their selfishness. And I do agree people need a second chance, but they have to truely be sorry for what they've done and prove themselves, because again it was their chose, they could have walked away. Ya reap what ya sew! The Bible says we have to forgive or how do we expect the father to forgive us for our sins, but that doesn't mean it's easy and it doesn't mean you have to trust that person or even be around that person again.

Westwood, MA

#99 Aug 11, 2012
Way to go Walmart for giving people a second chance. I would love to know how many of the people bashing the offender on here are didlers themself. You would really be suprised

United States

#100 Jan 8, 2013
Okay. Lets be logical here. If you don't allow felons of any kind to re-enter society, recidivism rates will increase. Furthermore, with the restrictions that are placed on sex offenders, it increases homelessness. You want to track people with your "feel good" laws, then I suggest you make a place in society for them before they're forced off of the grid. I don't care what the man did or how old he was we he committed the offense. God loves him and you should too.
walmart worker

Piedmont, OK

#101 Mar 5, 2013
I work in a walmart and there is a sex offender working there. He admits his felon and that it was with a 15 year old boy and said Walmart didnt ask him if he had any felons on his record. I constantly see him eyeing young boys,(he even goes as far as letting them use his discount card for attention). He wanders off from his job to follow some of them around and in the past he even had 2 customers complain that he was stalking them. It just amazes me that nothing has been done about this. I know everyone deserves a second chance, but when thier actions show they haven't changed, then what?
onespeaksoutothe rsfollow

United States

#102 Mar 26, 2013
Speak out when this happens, tell your employer or call the police or hotline yourself. You might help save a young boy......or you might think of it this way, if you know what he's done and you're seen signs and not saying anything, you are just as guilty. Please tell who needs to be told. Thanks :(

United States

#103 Apr 5, 2013
all you haters don't realize that every person in the world is not perfect i await the day that one of you makes a mistake and is shunned by everyone and as a side bar if he did kill someone and it had been more than 7 years which is how far walmarts background checks go he could work there. so you can kill a four year old and you think they could work there but not assault one hhhmmm someone has a strange look on life

United States

#104 Sep 24, 2013
Does anyone here know that a company criminal background check merely gives that agency information. The company still has the final say if that prospect can work on their property. Oh yeah self righteous folks, Remember King David, Moses, and St. Paul. Each committed crimes including adultery, murder, and even genocide. Just asking every person whose never done ANYTHING wrong if they should've been given a second chance?

United States

#105 Feb 18, 2014
all sex offenders didnt molest a 4 yr old. How could you blame them all for this one mans mistake he made..Yoy could be seen taking a piss in public behind a dumpster and if they call the cops and you get convicted you have to register as a sex offender.Everyone that has to register is not the same, only thing in common is they have to register. Some women screamed rape on a pay back level after being prostitutes and didnt get paid..its all types of problems in this world and just because someone made a mistake doesnt mean they cant get a job and support there family. Most of you dont have a job and the day you decide to get a job, your mad and finding anything and everything to critisize the persons working. I know alot of people on welfare that sell all they shit to smoke and get high allday.I bet they wont get up to get a job. This 2014, I can care less who working where.If you was being a parent and watching your kids in these stores you wouldnt worry either.I worked fast-food and watched employees touch food without gloves and they did everything from scratching to wiping there nose and didnt wash they hands.I quit for that same reason. So all im saying is do you, stop worrying about who working where and just be grateful you are who you are.Lets see someone be honest and post what they done wrong.To be honest i dont care about nobodys wrongs or there past. I pay attention to my kids, and they are well mannered in public and i dont allow my children to just run wild in no place other than childrens places.Wal-Mart is not a childrens playground or child event center.So they hire who they want to get the job done.

Lexington, MI

#106 Oct 8, 2014
Not a judge

Fort Worth, TX

#107 May 16, 2015
Arch Stanton wrote:
Sex offenders deserve what they get. Ruining the life of an innocent victim through sexual assault, rape, etc. is not a "mistake." Folks, MURDER is more humane than sexual assault. Sexual assault will eff with someone for the rest of their life. REHABILITATION? THE VICTIM WILL NEED REHAB FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE, AND SOME OF YOU IDIOTS HERE ARE CONCERNED WITH WETHER OR NOT THIS LOW LIFE CAN GET A JOB????!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!?????
Yall are all wrong stop judging people ur not god let him judge . EEver one has done something wrong . I know a guy that got a bull crape charge did his hole 7 urs cuz he stood on being innocent and has been home since 2009 . Has not been in any trouble since and bust his but to prove he is not that person .so what about him ???????

Wilkesboro, NC

#109 Jun 7, 2015
Some ppl are narrow minded u judge ppl by the label thts put on them for the crime tht is committed not by individual an not all facts are known about the situation everyone sld b given a 2nd chance especially if they have proven themselves to b worthy of one u sld Leave the ones alone who have done this who lead normal lives an have become great parts of society an who have not re offended they just want to live like everyone else an leave the past behind them they have paid their debt an sorry for what they have done an highly pissed at the ppl who reoffend BC of tht they get judged as well

Houston, TX

#110 Feb 18, 2016
Let me be the g first too tell u all not all sex offenders have raped anyone u can piss out side and can be charged as a sex offender the little shit g hat u too for granted will get u in the slammer not all sex offenders are bad some may be got caught up over family issues or even just got put in a fucked up situation involving a 17 year old and he might of been 20 or the girl or boy might of had lied on she or him no ones knows the story on any one of these ppl till it happends too ur self so watch wat u say cause u might become a sex offender ur self

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