Having learned to kiteboard in La Ventana and now owning a kiteschool here, I feel I should spread the word about this life changing vacation spot.
Kiteboarders like regular, steady and strong wind on a sandy coast. Beginner kiteboarders like all of the above, and especially look for warm waters, scenic beaches and easy-to-get-to locations. I know that La Ventana has it all, that's why I came here in the first place.
Here are the top 5 things that make La Ventana #1 in my eyes:
1.) Thermal wind from Oct-April, average of 6 days of 25 kn a week.
2.) Side shore wind that comes in at 10:30 am and stays until sunset.
3.) Sandy and wide beaches, ideal for launching and landing.
4.) 2 hrs from Los Cabos International airport, and cheap domestic flights in to La Paz Airport, 40 min away.
5.) Cool beach scene, everybody is here to kite and the wind. Evening tacos and beer, good restaurants and Hotels.
The reason I say La Ventana is a life changing spot is because once you come, you will probably make it an anual trip like most people who come to kiteboard.
For further information on lessons & accommodations, feel free to visit: www.playacentral.mx
Regards to all kiters and soon-to-be kiters,