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Lancaster, PA

#1 Jan 22, 2010
Update Eritrea End
I left to MASSAWA, with old but efficient bus at 60 Nfk luggage inclusive (very cheap!).
I had booked in a supposed new hotel that the main travel agent of ASMARA had told me near the center: wrong. Avoid SEGHEN HOTEL, on the mainland, probably good, but at 4 km at least from Old MASSAWA.
However so was my booking!
And what a surprise! Yes, my booking was registered. But the reception lady apologized: the hotel was full! Why: because President ISSAYAS had invited his friend KHADAFI for a weekend and ostruch racing in the desert with 4x4! And KHADAFI travels always with a smallah of hundreds of people. All the hotels of the city had suddenly been requisitioned three days before by the Mayor of MASSAWA (upon instruction of the President) and were suddenly full!
I remained smiling, but said to the lady receptionist:« so sorry, you see, I arrive from ASMARA; so is my luggage; it is 4pm; I have to sleep somewhere: in the corridor of the hotel or in the Manager's bed!
She called the Manager, who also apologized (the lobby/hall was full of Libyans); I continued to laugh. Finally he told me:« wait a minute; come with me » I accompanied him at 200m. In a small hotel of low standard, but OK. I agreed for this room and my luggage was brought back. The price of the room (370 Nfk) very expansive for the standard. But it was rule of supply/demand. It did not take long that the place be full by other « tourists »(expats/residents) arrived from ASMARA for the week-end and also squeezed!
I immediately took a collective taxi to cross the causeway and explore other existing hotels for as soon as the Libyans would leave. I made a pre resa in RED SEA HOTEL (subject hypothetical availability) where finally I shall effectively spend my second night (450 Nfk); good room even if renovation would be a plus.
My preferred choice for another trip will be CENTRAL HOTEL because of a nice terrace with sea view.(but was full)(380 Nfk)
Exploration of Old MASSAWA; dinner; cyber.
For girls: looked very quiet. However, as I was just leaving around midnight, a girl (true pro, but acceptable looking) caught me with a vulgar « Hello, do you want to fuck?»(I was not accustomed to this kind of language in ASMARA. But here it is a harbour!
I was surprised. And more surprised to see her with a clearly underage girl who was terrified.
Of course, I refused: I did not want to be involved in an illicit deal I condemn. In her shelter, not to talk of my temporary hotel!
It was 00.30; as no taxi; and safety better than in any European city; I did not hesitate to hitch hike one of the few motor vehicle passing by, alone on a large avenue, in the deep night. Finally a 4x4 of Italians from ASMARA stopped; we had a nice chat and they brought me near my hotel.
CONCLUSION: tired by my bus trip and

Lancaster, PA

#2 Jan 22, 2010
hotel problems; I went alone to bed. As in ASMARA, it seems that girls do not appear before midnight and it seems pretty rude in this harbour site.
Second night: I had been approached by another pro, heavy smoker, who showed me her location. So sorry, I was looking for another standing of girl!
Two days were enough for visiting MASSAWA. As I had not found a nice bird to bring with me to the beaches (which are 20 km far –pretty expansive taxi to go, around 300 Nfk) and which would have been my prospect, should I had found my stuff.
I went back to ASMARA on Monday; having just passed a pleasant tourist week-end on this historical and so bombed city (in Old MASSAWA you get the impression to be in a city bombed yesterday. But it was in 1990!)
ACTION: Based on this February 2009 experience: when visiting ASMARA, I suggest you bring your girl from ASMARA, visit the city and go to one of the two hotels with beaches at 20 km with her. It will add only around 5 Euros for the bus (two ways) and between 2 and 5 Euros per person per meal; no supplement for the rooms.(however for the beach hotels: around 300 Nfk each way. Except if you find the appropriate bus. Very rare)
To be honest, as I felt horny, I had made an appointment with Sara for dinner (cf. Infra). But she did not come (clear conclusion: this girl had serious personal problems). I had my dinner alone at ALBA BISTRO.
Accordingly, I decided to try to find fresh fish at GREEN PUB. And on the way: I met Shalom! ASMARA is so small. She was with the fat girl who was also at her table in HIDMONA first time I met her. She is surprised to see me so fast back from MASSAWA.
That will be another night with Shalom!

Lancaster, PA

#3 Jan 22, 2010
However, she knows that I wanted to womanize beyond her. I talked again of Nardi. This time, wishing to satisfy me gently, she said:« yes, OK, I shall reintroduce you Nardi ».
A very good and honest girl!
Next morning she only said that it was the day to pay her house and that she would like 500 Nfk. Of course, I paid it willingly.
Over the phone she later arranged the meeting with Nardi as promised. Fair girl.
In the meantime; an evening in a bar of Harnet ave; I had met another gem who attracted me: on the left of the new pic: Selam.
A drink was planned at the bar of Keren Hotel (understand ALBERGHO D'ITALIA. But it is the old name!). Most elegant place for a drink in ASMARA. But always reasonably cheap.
She arrived with another girl speaking good English (the girl on the right with red dress).
I had an interesting conversation with these two beauties and even conveyed them to dinner at AL SICOMORO as I was interested to understand more on ERITREA from her two.
The girl in red was already married to an American. And proud of her success!
The American guy was an engineer who spent several months in ASMARA. She explained that she already married with him in ASMARA, and that her husband was presently doing the process of transcription in US and would be back soon for several months in ERITREA before they both leave for the States. She was proud to say that she married a wealthy guy, having alreday his own house in Ohio. And that she would find an American friend to marry her friend Selam afterwards. In the meantime both girls were spending good time together.

Lancaster, PA

#4 Jan 22, 2010
I invited both girls to ZARA bar (the most trendy and expansive night bar). And after some drink Selam said she was sorry for tonight as it was her « periods », but that she would go with me next day.
I shall never know if « periods » was a wrong pretext. But she will never be available to me the coming days when I called her on her mobile.
To be honest, after this ZARA bar drink I decided to womanize back at GREEN PUB. As meeting points are so few. When I left GREEN PUB around 12.30. The two girls (Selam and the future American) were arriving and surprised to see me with Shalom. On the way to bed!
Finally I had had nice chat with these two interesting girls, no more.
CONCLUSION: Maybe she never had the will to sleep with me. My feeling is that she was looking for guys in their 30s. Better than over 60. I fully understand that. The fact to see me the same night with another girl decided her ultimately.
As promised, Shalom came at a lunch time with Nardi.
Nardi was OK for an affair with me. The pics of the two girls I provided previously together has been taken that day.
This time, I did not want to loose Nardi for any mobile or any problem reason.
She agreed to follow me immediately to my hotel to have an afternoon session.
Registration on the ledger; no problem; from this moment she is « habilitated day or night to my room »!
Nice smile, attractive eyes, thin legs, small buttocks, long hair.
She caressed my own thick hair. As Eritrean are accustomed to short hair of their men
I enjoyed her thin body. We started by a long soapy shower with all our pending elements rubbing eachother with shower gel.
Back in bed, I discovered her small pussy, perfectly shaved (as Shalom's). I licked it nicely; then introduced my own intrument. She looked to my pleasure with great interest; but honestly, during this first session I believe that there was more curiosity than pleasure for her.(In a sort of apology, she told me that she had drunk some vodka the night before in HIDMONA and that she was not in her normal shape). Both of us took a nap.
We started to talk on the pillow before going to dinner.
She is 22. She says that she is sorry for her tits which have been affected by motherhood. As she decided to have a baby just to leave the country at a moment when the rule was that when a girl had a baby, she was allowed to go to work to Dubai (and she said, her will was in this prospect, to never come back!) But between conception and birth: the government rule changed: even with a baby, girls were no more allowed to leave the country to work in Dubai (maybe the government observed that even with a baby. Most mothers never come back!). So she get sticked in ERITREA with this « administrative » baby!

Lancaster, PA

#5 Jan 22, 2010
Dinner ALBA BISTRO, then back to bed.
In the next few days Nardi was my regular for dinner and bed.
She was always dressed and maked up with elegance, to honour my arm.
She was clearly a semi pro.(She told me that Shalom had the ability to sleep with three different men the same night! And that it was not her case. She clearly needed some romance)
Next day, I wanted to taste a new restaurant: ROOF GARDEN. For info, it is clearly the most expansive place of ASMARA. Not worthwhile. I was stunned by the price (usually 5 E per person), this time it costed me 854 Nfk for two!(50 Euros). I had not enough cash in my pocket. She lent me some additional money to pay! She was a perfect trustworthy escort!
At the beginning she had clearly stated that she did not want to suck me. But her long hair caressed my most private areas.
More the time pasted, more she became relaxed in bed with me. She told me she liked very much my kisses on her neck. She was now in long wet session over me. She loved that position. But I did not see her reaching orgasm. Maybe it needed more romantic time with me.
I also think that our 40 years of difference of age mighthave been psychologically difficult for her. But she never made any wrong remark. She was a pure honey to me with grace and elegance.
When I asked her to guess how old I was. She answered exactly with the right age.
Each morning I discreetly put 300 Nfk in her handbag. We never talked of money, as I like.
On my question she answered however that 10 USD would be better for her than 300 Nfk (I. E. Half of official rate)
From my experience, there are two categories of girls (I observed same situation in MADAGASCAR):
-those who love sex with all men (as Shalom): they are the most appropriately shaped for mongering;
-those who need real personal attraction beyond money: of course it is more difficult for them (as Nardi), even when they go only with men they previously agree. So it takes more time to have them relaxed and even to have them reaching true climax.
After less than 3 weeks I had to leave.

Lancaster, PA

#6 Jan 22, 2010
Let's face it, having great sex with a woman half your age is not normal so cash is expected at some point. The Piccadilly club on Harnet Ave downtown just beyond Cafe Impero is full of semi pros and some pros, especially on Friday and Saturday. I got a great bar girl for only 150 Nakfas but I think she expected more given my longer stay. Problem is that if you pick a bar girl you have to wait until 5am before she gets off work. The going rate seems to be around 500 Nakfa for an overnight fling but if you have dollars I would highly recommend bringing them undeclared.
Another place is the "I Bay" club right next to the Asmara Palace hotel where they have a great disco on Saturday nights and Friday is not bad either. It is true that the only hard core hookers hang out is the Green Pub at Asmara Palace hotel but 50 Nakfa for a beer compared to everywhere else at 15 Nakfa is criminal.
So far they don't search your body for dollars, just your bags for electronic stuff so bringing in hard currency for payment may be a lot cheaper and you don't have to worry about getting caught changing dollars. Just tell the girls if they want dollars at 30 Nafka for 1 dollar, black market, or 500 Nakfa.
The Macambo club does not rocking until after 2am but it can be slow at times with girls and the "Benefia" club at the Expo grounds 5 minutes walking distance from the Asmara Palace I hear is a good place for girls. I will post updates on that.
Surprisingly, all of the girls I've been with so far have clits even though FGM is at 80%.
I have a phone number of 1 hard core hooker who is pretty good but may expect 1,000 but you can get her down to 600 Nakfa and she does 3somes. Send me a private message if you want it.

Lancaster, PA

#7 Jan 22, 2010
I came back to HIDMONA and my group of eyes appealing girls: IT WAS SHALOM AND NARDI: cf. Pics (with another fat girl/lady I had no interest in) eating injera and strongly willing I join them.

I was just close of Shalom (nice bobs and smile); Nardi with her long black hair and magnetic eyes was next.

Shalom spoke good English, was clearly very opened; Nardi –who honestly was my first choice- was less talkative, more shy, but looked same.

Shalom tells me she already had a Franch boyfriend.

I tell her that next morning, I am going to Keren (tourism: countryside and famous camel market on Monday). She says that she wants to go with me for the Sunday and will come back later by herself.

I had booked my hotel in Keren; ignored what would happen if with me; and I have to know her more. And, in my mind, my first target remains the other girl: Nardi. However, the one who has the mobile in hand is Shalom.

And as I imagined: the one who has the communication tool. Is the one to get the deal!

On Monday, from Keren, I had called on the mobile. And Shalom answered. I said that I invited both Shalom and Nardi for dinner at ALBA BISTRO on Tuesday.(Dinner around 5 € per head. Quite affordable!)

In the meantime, I thought that as girls are in competition. I am skeptical on the venue of Nardi. However the shape of Shalom was also suitable to me and I felt increasingly horny after all this dry tourism.

Of course Shalom came alone. I said nothing and started to imagine my session with her.

Lancaster, PA

#8 Jan 22, 2010
She told me she was 28, with no baby (exceptional, as baby is the way for girls to escape military service. Where the nicest are also the sex toys of the military bosses. If they are nice they will have a softer regime, if not open to chiefs'lust: sent to mine fields on the border with Ethiopia.)

But she told me that she had a « cousin »(?) who was a general and who had obtained for her a favour of exemption.« Cousin » or not « cousin », maybe she had paid with her sex. My most favoured guess.(Later on Nardi told me that this story was wrong that she had had a baby and was only 23. I shall never know the truth. But in the meantime I deeply enjoyed).

As expected, during dinner she appeared well acquainted with men: told me she hated Africans, Chinese and Indians, but was fond of white men.)

I told her honestly my story with Sara; the fact that accordingly I am fond to stay several nights with the same girlfriend when I enjoy in bed; without talking of money but doing my duty through appropriate daily gift. She agreed without question.

In Eritrea, with girls as with hotel, the longer the contract, the best the deal. And I can say that Shalom is really a trustworthy girl.

Taxi; BOLOGNA Hotel; of course, as a good pro, she had her ID and used to register on the ledger. I started to pet her fleshy buttocks in the stairs.

In bed her will was clearly to satisfy my wishes. Chubby, fleshy, nice buttocks to knead, generous tits (honestly, I prefer Greek sculpture).

She started by long French kisses, then as I always like, my tongue started to lick her most private part: she had a widely opened **** with distinct inside fleshy ovarian soft parts when digging with two fingers (I always thing at sea urchin flesh tasting with girls of this complexion)

She moaned and groaned with pleasure; then I moved 6/9 to continue her **** tasting. Of course she immédiately swallowed my prick in her mouth and sucked delightfully.

Back to missionnary position I abandoned my load in a long rattle.

Lancaster, PA

#9 Jan 22, 2010
We rested. Then she excited again my little boy with her very professional tongue. Again sweat session.

The next morning I put 300 Nfk (16 €) in her handbag and suggested next appointment for dinner at BLUE NILE restaurant.

She taught me how to eat Eritrean injera.

Back in bed, I shall do all possible position, offering her nice buttocks to my view, acting with gluttony as with injera with ragout sauce trickling down, as she was frigging her clitoris to increase her pleasure. She had a clear clit, even if smaller than what I am accustomed, but she told me she had not been cut. Effectively when figging she had clearly a little button.(As I shall observe same with Nardi who sait not cut, I wonder if it is a local disposition. As it is well known that there are some sex difference between races. Japanese men have smaller pricks. Maybe Eritrean girls have smaller clits?). Long session next morning. A very good balls licking from her.

I put 300 Nfk in her hand bag and invite her for dinner at AL SICOMORO. Another Night. Same same.

From all my discussions with her, it is a girl I highly appreciate.

She tells me she wants to escape through Sudan from Eritrea.

I try to explain her that it is very dangerous; crossing Mediterranen sea involves many casualties. Life in Europe, far from friends is hard. She smiles: I have no future here:« I want to go to Europe, especially UK: as soon as I arrive in Sudan I join a Red Cross camp, and it will take time but I shall reach my target ». Impressive girl. It is clear that she is not cold eyed. She will do with her sex what will help to obtain favours of all intermediaries. She is straight and determined.

Next evening fish dinner in a yemenite restaurant: AL KHAIMA.

I had spent four pleasant dinners with nice escort talking of her and her country; and juicy nights with Shalom.

Cost: 300 nfk x 4 = 1200 Nfk

+ 4 dinners (1person)= 400 Nfk

Total: 1 600 Nfk = 83 Euros at official rate (42 Euros if I had pay at black market rate)

Lancaster, PA

#10 Jan 22, 2010
- The present dictator: President ISSAYAS AFEWORKI is the hero of a 30 years war of independence from ETHIOPIA won at the end of the 1980s when internal struggles in ETHIOPIA succeeded to kick over the socialist Menghistu regime as when USSR was declining from cold war. From 1993 it is an independent country.

- As it seems that President ISSAYAS, trained in China, concluded that the best way for him to remain permanently in power is to perpetrate a military regime and keep the country under military pressure: he launched a war (40 000 killed) in 1998 against ETHIOPIA following a border conflict. After 2 years, UN succeeded to come as interposition force from 2000 and several thousands soldiers of various nationalities –mostly African- stayed in ERITREA. More recently (mid 2008) ISSAYAS launched another little border conflict with an other neighbour: DJIBOUTI: some dozen of killed and each army remains facing the other. That creates a situation of state of siege to perpetrate the regime.


-This historical background is not without influence on the mongers scene: UN troops stayed during 8 years and wanted to be entertained injecting money in the girls pockets. But ISSAYAS kicked out UN troops beginning 2008 –considering they were of no use for his conflict against ETHIOPIA –(by cutting their goods access through MASSAWA harbour) and as ERITREA interests nobody in the international community (no mineral resources; no strategic position) UN Security Council groaned. But remained idle.

-Consequently: today lack of demand; but good basic education to entertain men!(no problem for BBJ.).

-Moreover it is widely known that girls who are cute and under Army rule are very often requisitioned by their commander to entertain them! If they refuse, they are transfered in the most dangerous area of the border against ETHIOPIA with mines. Night clubbing is more comfortable!

-The regime is laïc regime and on the high plateaux (ASMARA at 2500m) most of the population is Christian; so there is no Islamic interdicts.

-To escape from military services, a legal way for a girl is either to be married or to have a child. Accordingly most girls found in night- club get a child as price of freedom. Other blank married then divorced or offered there favors to high ranking officials as counterpart to their freedom. Difficult to know the truth! This understanding is the consequence of my interviews.

- A basic economic rule is: demand induces supply. So it is with girls. With few foreigners coming, few girls are active in the monger scene. If you like night clubbing in Pattaya style: forgot ASMARA. If you look for a peaceful rest, drinking tea, cappuccino, excellent juices, on bar terraces, in a relaxing atmosphere, with no hassle, few cars as in Europe 50 years ago, quite no beggars, comfortable but cheap hotels with Internet free of charges (in ASMARA)–all hotels girlfriendly, only with a strict registration of the girls on the books with their ID with no additional charges, no thieves in the streets and good time with 2 or 3 girls in three weeks time to enjoy and maybe travel with in the superb countryside: it is for your next trip!


Except in June-September (peak tourist season) all rates are negociable if you stay more than 3 nights.

Lancaster, PA

#11 Jan 22, 2010
Nearest hotels (3 stars hotels in European standard) for girls collection by night are:
-ALLA SCALA (on the major axis –with taxis and buses downstairs). For 10 days I negociated the rate at 420 Nakfa per night (22 Euros per night)
-BOLOGNA (farer from all traffic –5 mn from buses or taxis) where I finally stayed: Regular rooms 400 Nkf/ 21 Euros per night (Suite: 500 Nkf/ 26 Euros per night; Simple: 300/16 Euros per night). The manage/ owner in his fifties speaks no English –but fluently Italian- but the receptionists speak English; very sympathic, very open to girls coming, as far as the strict rule of their registration is respected and enforced by receptionists at any time of the day or night. Free Internet at the top. Perfect nice and clean room. I enjoyed this hotel very much and will go again willingly.
ASMARA is a city where it is nice to walk day and night without any fear.
In fact there is only one place where you are sure to find girls (usually from a handful to over a dozen of girls in their twenties) and preferably on Friday and Saturday night after midnight is GREEN PUB of ASMARA PALACE HOTEL. It is the 5 stars only luxury hotel of the city where you can come on day time to the swimming pool where it is likely that you will be the only or one of the two or three guests (!).
ASMARA PALACE is located 20 mn by foot from abovementioned hotels.
The girls are of very good attitude and elegance; thin girls are scarce, usually girls are more or less fleshy as Arabs like.
When you start conversation they usually ask how long you stay. As for hotels, the longer you stay the better rate you can bargain. That does not mean that you will have to stay day and night with the girl but only she will become your regular girlfriend at you disposal during your stay. It is a kind of escort girl deal. And ASMARA is so small that if you pick another girl, it will not take more than 1 or 2 days before the first one be aware of. You will call her at her home and she will come to your hotel or for dinner as your escort. So, in the first bargaining your interest is to negociate and say to the girl that if you enjoy her very much in bed, sure she will remain your girlfriend. And after nice caresses and BBJ you will decide. Having however in mind that the choice is scarce and if it is after the week-end, you might have to wait several days to find another attractive bird. Read SHAKESPEARE in the meantime.

Lancaster, PA

#12 Jan 22, 2010
For me it took more than one week to discover that what I imagined a kind of administration city with big gates. Was in fact the recreation area of the city built during the socialist ethiopian era! 10mn by foot from BOLOGNA; 5 mn from ALLA SCALA.
It is there that on a Saturday night a couple of girls in HIDMONA dancing club eating injera attracted me at their table and one, then a week later the other, became successively my girlfriends at 300 Nfk per night (16 E)
(All that at official rate. The black market is half rate. But I discourage to take such risks.
However, as all girls dream to leave the country and escape through SUDAN to any Red Cross Camp, 10 USD or 10 EUR instead is warmly welcome as all girls will prefer strong currency at black market rate. However, it supose that you underdeclare your currencies when entering the country as there is a strict control when you leave: we are in the typical 1960 USSR system!)
Harnet Avenue is the main avenue in the center.
Eritreans come to chat and drink tea or cappuccino from 5pm to 7 pm.
It is another oportunity to meet girls if you are at the right place at right moment. Look at girls glance and come at their table.
But have in mind that you are quite always the only white man among all Eritreans!
For all touristic information there is only one guide dedicated to ERITREA: BRADT Guide to buy on AMAZON.
Superb and relaxing country. Under state of siege! The country of paradoxes!
killkillkillagam e

Estell Manor, NJ

#13 Jan 25, 2010
Eritrean hoes are sexy and freaky!!!!!!!!!1


#14 Mar 24, 2011
Hey bud Can I get that phone number from that pro-babe I will be in Asmara for two weeks.
[email protected]
killkillkillagam e wrote:
Eritrean hoes are sexy and freaky!!!!!!!!!1

Nairobi, Kenya

#17 Oct 16, 2011
Hey Whoelse

I would also like th threesome willing gal's number.
[email protected]

Thanks...I am in Asmara now.

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