noisy neighbour problems not always a...

noisy neighbour problems not always as it seems

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#1 Jan 26, 2013
problem. Not always as it seems .gary flowers· 1 video
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0 0 .Like About Share Add to .Published on 21 Jan 2013

Personal experience in an ongoing situation

It's a tale of dishonestly and injustice to innocent people

1. Council private sector housing unit dishonest behaviour
2. Managing landlord behaviour, amount to corporate negligence
3. Pollution and noise team, not fit for purpose e.g.

Council fist

a. Blunder in property assessment, root cause of problem.
b. Then dishonesty, protect some of their own houses
c. When challenged change the word into concealed what they have done
d. Council suggest landlord breaks the normal law of protection, he has to evict noise causing tenants after 3 warnings
e. They ignore professional conduct with correspondence.
f. They make suggestion to innocent neighbours, to get over their own incompetent behaviour.
g. They offer tax payers money to pay for all damage caused to private rented houses on their own system
h. For the benefits offered by council landlord scheme the landlord have to say he chose the tenants to break the chain of come back to the council
i. Obviously if the landlord does not go along with the above he won't be getting much more business past his way, type of coercion. They ignore the content of letter sent to them for a detailed response, by inappropriately passing the can, or answering them deceitfully.

The list is properly endless if studied further.

Managing landlord

a. As no anti social behavior policy, start of failure
b. Applies 3 warning s to a tenant over a approximately 3 months with no intention f enforcement, dishonesty
c. No professional conduct with correspondence
d. After 3 months of wasted suffering , past onto council pollution and noise team
States tenants are leaving - then not States tenants have vacated -- then haven't States tenant's application for eviction -- but nothing happened

Then after over 1 year of exposure to criminal behavior and one neighbor moved out, managing landlord write to say they longer manage the property. Well schemed up when they about to sink,

f. An official 3rd party had to be involved to obtain answers from them, due to not responding to large number of the letters.

Again the list could go on.

Environmental health pollution and noise team

Is simply not fit for purpose, imagine police paying no attention to evidence and witnesses then saying we will have to be in your house, when a crime is committed, there would be very few crimes solved .yet it is exactly what noise team do of course it serves the ulterior council motives to delay justice and abuse public over and over causing serious distress and health problems, which they are, suppose to protect against. Sadly this is a very common tale that hundreds if not thousands of people have been exposed to.

Further uploads as further situation progresses

This issue is for information only

No response to comments will be available
re gary

Huddersfield, UK

#2 Jan 26, 2013
for video see you tube under heading neighbour noise problem not always as it seems and for latest up dates on this issue you tube only

Huddersfield, UK

#3 Feb 1, 2013
Published on 21 Jan 2013
Latest update no1
1. The behavior is like a cartel, which deploy their abuse onto innocent people, if they were in finance world or similar would be prosecuted.
2. They have motive -- opportunity and commit the crime. Law hunter them self's
3. Freedom of information request, to environmental health
a. Number of noise complaints in 2012 = 3103
b. Number of prosecutions 15
c. Customer satisfaction survey report, none
Need i say more
4. After 16 months
Council private sector housing unit, have made no attempt to
a. To correct wrong house assessment on noise
b. Or the cheating way to protect council houses
c. No response to latest correspondence
Managing landlord
a. Still allowing abuse, failure in duty of care.
b. No response to last 20 letters
Council pollution and noise team.
a. Not fit for purpose
b. Deceitful and biased
c. Supporting reversal of law, damaging communality
d. Unjust detection system, intending to prolong harm
To support their behaviour in this issue placed a research report by world health organisation, simply covering them self for the harm they are causing, and trying to normalise the odd one or two that may be driven to suicide due to long term sleep loss etc from noise.
Thank you

Huddersfield, UK

#4 Feb 4, 2013
Published on Feb 4, 2013

Update no2

No response from council or managing landlord. They have stated no point in evicting criminal behaviour tenants, because its just moving the problem elsewhere. The content of this statement is criminal
a. It admits intentionally exposing innocent people to further abuse, also harming local community

b. They have to no policy in place to re-educate the drug habit that is responsible for the criminal behaviour
c. Yet, in no part of the tenancy agreement, are they thought about the anti social behaviour rules, also no drug rehabilitation program, so there can be little or no improvement other then spreading the suffering on innocent people
d. It states in Guidance notes that landlords should not accept tenants with anti social behaviour history. Common sense. but they do for the perks given by the council, as mentioned briefly in earlier texts
e. Everybody has to live somewhere. It is also clear that the house has to match their needs, as stated in media story and a wakeup call, they have to do better. This is why the council have protected some of their houses, by stating over 45 year old, over 60 year olds, also preference given to assist medical needs etc. But not applying this same rule to council schemed for private sector houses, corrupt
f. So noise that is the greatest neighbourhood problem, is the one they have given least concern to, then this allows their deceitful, biased hidden agenda to play out, it is a crime against the people, elderly and young alike. It is not ok because we are paying them to do it
g. Their needs to be a inquiry into their behaviour to halt the damage being done to our communities through their incompetence and not following government rules and guidance notes. This corrupt behaviour which also damages the tenants they are placing, they then retaliate in vengeance in more insidious ways, which council and pollution noise team want to ignore, due to the lack of understanding, motive or hidden agenda, on the well documented effects of persistence insidious noise during the sleeping night times hours.
h. Police quoted a little while ago it is not working, in reality it is very clear, that it is not working
Yours Gary
Further updates to follow
Thanks you

Huddersfield, UK

#5 Feb 16, 2013
1. Since managing landlord supposed jumped ship one day after they received an official letter on their conduct surrounding this appalling behaviour. The supposed ex-managing landlord is withholding any contact to landlord. More questionable behaviour
2. When I first mentioned to council pollution and noise going on through the night, he immediately gave an excuse why it should be, e.g., it could be a late finishing shift worker. Of course this was a disgrace to use a decent hard working person to excuse criminal noise caused all night, this shows the twisted biased motive to defend at any cost.
3. Also he remarked it would be difficult for them to prove, this is true, when pollution and noise team are doing their best to disprove any grounds they can for action, due to being incapable of being impartial.
4. Also he remarked that only prosecution would work, that we had the common standar4d noise problem, yet in freedom of information request, there was only 15 prosecutions out of 3103 noise complaints, as can be seen his statement does not add up more deceitful behaviour. Majority of people have to work well to keep their jobs, in this case they work bad, and have guaranteed jobs for life.
5. Also when I mentioned intentional noise through the night, pollution and noise quick biased response, people do not stay up to do that, I am speechless to this remarks. He again was denying truth and evidence.
6. Beware of phone calls from them, this is when the authorities abuse the issue worst, say things they would not mention in writing.
7. Pollution and noise team, base their decision on how they feel or opinion, so as be seen, in previous text with their proven biased intention through cartel motive, their will be great injustice to the people, and spoiling the peace and enjoyment of our homes, also our health as a result suffers. Pollution and noise team state in writing it is beyond our scope, a number of matter i have raised. Then in the next paragraph, answer all the above matters that were beyond their scope, because they had to destroy the truth, but of course it does not it just confirms their deceitful corrupt intention.
8. Pollution and noise wrote to say, their is no retrospective requirement for sound insulation, meaning we know the sound insulation is not up today standard, for normal living people, so we are going to place statutory tenants in this unsuitable properties, which doubles up the noise nuisance on innocent people, creates hassle for their tenants, who then retaliate. Total failure. Big bully by tactics, because we can't affords to expose them in court.
9. This house in question was deemed unsuitable for these types of tenants 2 and half years ago, yet council do it again. Building control said this type of property was well known for poor sound installation. Yet council use it again.
10. Cou7ncil pollution and noise team state it's got to be loud enough, to be a nuisance, yet during the night due to the neighbour noise, any regular noises will be harmful, also even if you don't be awaken up with them, you may well be stressed even when your not even conscious of them. So biased response again.
11. It was openly stated we don't need planning permission to use houses for rehabilitation purposes, of course they would excuse themselves from this. They have reversed normal civilised law, so authorities are committing a crime or are accomplices, by placing statutory nuisance, into a law abiding location which is an act of harassment etc.
Ruining the peace and enjoyment of our homes, by illegally and incompetently exposing us to mental violence
Further updates to follow
Thank you

Huddersfield, UK

#6 Feb 16, 2013
update no 3

Huddersfield, UK

#7 Feb 27, 2013
update nuPublished on 11 Feb 2013

Update no4
1. The abuse still goes on by Kirklees council private sector housing, are still refusing to act with any degree of competence
2. The ex managing landlord , key properties I hope they have learnt something from the harm caused to innocent people due to their negligence behavior and total failure on this issue in duty if care.
3. Kirklees environmental healthy pollution and noise team with their biased, unjust incompetent behavior are actually damaging people's health in allot of cases, as already explained in previous text.
4. Good news hopefully the land lord acting now for his own property, appears professional and honest on first contact, after key properties did finally disclose his contact details. He states tenants are refusing to leave, and eviction order is in progress.
5. Correction to number of prosecutions for noise nuisance is now 10 out of 3103.
6. They have now sent a copy of public survey report, they were 32% response rate, due to some reality on present issue, its value and credibility is unlikely,

Further updates to follow

Yours Gary

mber 4

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