we donr live on working mans tax.like the basterds.
the basterds dont have a history in the u.k.
all nordics history german m/p/cant remember.
may be.may not.wat is the pornt of this.
see club international girlsof the past.
my old girls.ware now are thay..dead to the world.
remmember the pro,s wich was of night nurses.privert hire.wen on my back.
cut price.then privert nurces.
just think street pro,s came n.h.s.
for me back then.
thay was on bio food back then.
my life lab.
bio wars working on the l.d.s.r.c.c.c.e.ete.
to see wat happens to them over time.bio cem war.

we built this city by starship.(rock move on roll)
is hull viking name race track scans red earth.
china town be for the spanish 2 bars is me old school and me singing 4 strings.
love among the cannballs (to a black nurses )
set the night to music (two old pros..)
sara (some one how wont like at school jr)
van helsing was a nick name then football in the play ground.)
its not enough (china sand)
layh it on the line.(i.s.a good night girl)
stranger (60s singer dust)
good heart (to my kids out thar)my eyes are out thar pagons stars.
memphis one for my feet good fit.or vagas not bad for the feet. bit mor p/i on the foot ware.