Spotlight back on Patricia Adkins case

Spotlight back on Patricia Adkins case

There are 171 comments on the ThisWeek Community Newspapers story from Feb 21, 2009, titled Spotlight back on Patricia Adkins case. In it, ThisWeek Community Newspapers reports that:

Union County Sheriff Rocky Nelson hopes national attention from the "America's Most Wanted" Web site will lead to new clues in the 2001 disappearance of Patricia "Patti" Adkins.

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Excelsior, MN

#24 Jan 11, 2011
I was very intrigued by this case after watching Disappeared last night. I agree - I feel really bad for her family and hope they catch the person (no doubt the boyfriend)that is the cause for her disappearance, but I am just dumbfounded over how women can have such a complete lack of judgment when it comes to men. I remember one of her sisters on the Disappeared show saying that they thought it was odd to be doing the things he asked her to do (like riding on the back of his covered truck so she wouldn't be seen) but that she just seemed so "happy." Oh yeah, well that makes up for it. Obviously, she was a grown woman and there was nothing they could do to stop her from seeing this man, but wow, this was just covered with red flags, beginning with the biggest one of him being married, which should be enough to turn a woman away in the first place. She had a young child at home. You would think she would be acting in a more responsible way for her child. Regardless of all this, I hope the family can find her and get some peace in their lives. I imagine they are going through hell not knowing where she is.
U R Dumb 4 Real

Columbus, OH

#25 Jan 11, 2011
hondroid wrote:
Did the TV show tell bout all the cheap speed she was gonna score in canada then peddle it out 4 $1 a hit 2 all the hondroids?
Are you for real? If you are making this stuff up, that's like so low. This girl is dead, and even if she was doing that stuff...think about her daughter. No one had the right to take her life.

Columbus, OH

#26 Jan 11, 2011
his name is brian flowers of dola ohio.wife,boy and a girl.he quit honda right after-couldnt take the heat.wifeis a beautiful woman with long blond hair just like patti.she and her kids deserve better.he will crack.
the real story

Bellefontaine, OH

#27 Jan 11, 2011
hondroid wrote:
Did the TV show tell bout all the cheap speed she was gonna score in canada then peddle it out 4 $1 a hit 2 all the hondroids?
It sounds like you have hit the crack pipe one time too many! YOu did not know her just by the comments you have made!Patti worked hard all her life not peddling drugs! one dollar for a hit of speed didnt give brian flowers 90 grand. that was a women that was promised a future with some one and worked hard to make it happen and all he did was take a mother away from a young daughter! its people like you that make me sick! please respect her family! and your comments you can keep to your self because they have no merit!
free soil mohel

Danville, OH

#28 Jan 11, 2011
Just saw Disappeared show

Columbus, OH

#29 Jan 12, 2011
Here's what somebody said on another msg. board, not sure if it's true but just an FYI: "ok well the Brian Flowers from kenton is 26-27ish and was a jr.@ KHS in 2001 he graduated in 02....hes always lived w his dad and they NEVER dug up any concrete at their house! lol....he just got out of prison on drug related charges....leave it to Kenton to make this situation something its not. esp when the Brian Flowers they are talking about is from Dola. Look it up people!"

Mount Gilead, OH

#30 Jan 12, 2011
I watched this show and my heart breaks for the family. I pray they get the answers soon and have some peace. I really believe that this case will be solved and "someone" will end up behind bars. May GOD be with the family and give you the answers you all need!!
viewer of Disappeared

Tazewell, TN

#31 Jan 13, 2011
boston_bob wrote:
I also saw this Disappeared episode. The boyfriend (if he is the cause and I'd bet the mortgage he is) was very devious and deceitful in keeping the relationship quiet and accepting all that money and not allowing a paper trail to be created. He also didn't want anyone to know where they were going. I take it he stressed "secrecy" in their relationship to have "plausible deny-ability" in later saying he didn't even know her beyond work. And he obviously had planned this whole thing down to Perry Mason detail. But I thought they had a DNA process where a tiny amount could be copied and recopied (millions of times) to make a larger amount that could then be tested. Hope the family one day finds peace.
They did have the capabilities even back then of testing DNA. But the blood sample was so small that it would have taken every single bit of it to test. Using the type of technique that was current at that time would have used up all the blood evidence, and there would have been nothing left. The chances of getting a good result from that technique being used back then, using that small of a sample, was very narrow. I can understand why they are choosing to wait for a better technique to be developed... and it will be, it's only a matter of time.

Salina, KS

#32 Jan 13, 2011
There are women that are that unbelievably naive. I've had friends that match that category. They always go for the bad boy or someone inaccessible because it makes it more exciting. People can be so blind by choice. It's so sad. Her cat's hair was on the tonneau(sp) cover he says he only had on for a very short time(when she disappeared). He thought he covered it up so well. I hope he hasn't done something like this before because he seemed pretty methodical about it. It sounds like he is used to controlling and manipulating women. His wife most likely too. I feel bad for her sister who is so obviously in much pain from Patty's loss. Her daughter too. Here's hoping that DNA comes back soon. I won't say what I think about the married man. I'm sure you know.
free soil mohel

Danville, OH

#33 Jan 13, 2011
I don't think theres anyone certain that hair is from any paticular cat, and if this drop of blood is so small they can't test it than it may be a drop of dirty hydralic fluid for all anyone knows.

Whats clear is that this lady got herself into something that she never got out of like she figured.
The writers can make a movie if they want. But in reality this is a nothing deal.
Mostly it seems like another drug deal gone bad is all but that would not be a very good seller so go ahead and say she was going to get a honeymoon sweet at niagra falls or whatever.
Her caring sister did not call until she was gone fore like a whole week. Nothing I have seen says anything about who the little girls real dad is?
I've seen firsthand many homes and marriges belonging to honda associates crumble in bankrupt ruin to buy any of this bogus story about how well off she was with high paying horse malarchy & all!
U R Dumb 4 Real

Columbus, OH

#34 Jan 13, 2011
Are you insane? You can't even write complete and literate sentences!! You are NO ONE to be judging this situation when you can't even make sense in your postings!! Go watch the show again, and this time, lay off the crack pipe while watching. You might actually learn something.
free soil mohel

Danville, OH

#35 Jan 13, 2011
Not insane or even a smoker,,no drama here.
I don't even suscribe to no cheap cable shows niether. Do care bout spellin none either.

Patrica Forbes was missing about 6 months or so then she started more often refered to as patti adkins as I remember.
Her kid was born out of wedlock as far as I can tell & I have no idea where she graduated HS or any of that other basic normal info,,in 10 years even. She was married a brief time to a mr adkins & she mortgaged a hose on sorsen & land out on 739 where her former husband did build on.

Whenever I see a lady using different names and going to canada then I suspect a drug problem. Then when you couple the mess she created and the money & her coming up missing ,,its pretty clear this was a drug deal that went bad.

Im 99.999% positve that the case will never be solved.

Eau Claire, WI

#36 Jan 13, 2011
Wow! That is all that I can say. Lima, OH you are a very cynical person. Yes, she was a young, niave girl that was taken advantage of.
free soil mohel

Danville, OH

#37 Jan 13, 2011
OK then saddened
Since you (or anyone) think you know patti/patrica/patty forbes/adkins aka so well, do me a favor and tell us about her.
When/Where was she born, rasied,where did she go to school or any of that usual info?

Yea, I didn't think so, you can go back to ur cold case fantacy TV progam now.

Ellicott City, MD

#38 Jan 13, 2011
hondroid wrote:
Did the TV show tell bout all the cheap speed she was gonna score in canada then peddle it out 4 $1 a hit 2 all the hondroids?
I do believe that if she was out to peddle drugs, that would have been stated in the police reports, newpapers, and TV shows that have followed this story. I personally think Brian Flowers did something to her after he "borrowed" all that money. Looking forward to the testing of the blood. Time will tell........

Martinsburg, WV

#39 Jan 14, 2011
Tic Tock
jacob ram jam

Danville, OH

#40 Jan 14, 2011

Waterloo, Canada

#41 Jan 14, 2011
She grew up in marion ohio and went to fairpark elementary. What else you wanna know. Those who knew her know you are WRONG.
jacob ram jam

Danville, OH

#42 Jan 14, 2011
Let there be NO disupute about:
Patti Forbes Past!
You peple come here assembling fugly element, ridgelinez, & crossturdz....
I KNOW u !!!!!!!!!!
wood river

United States

#43 Jan 17, 2011
marysville wrote:
his name is brian flowers of dola ohio.wife,boy and a girl.he quit honda right after-couldnt take the heat.wifeis a beautiful woman with long blond hair just like patti.she and her kids deserve better.he will crack.
I think this,guy drives,a semi truck now. Is that him

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