Chapman family receiving 'Extreme Mak...

Chapman family receiving 'Extreme Makeover'

There are 68 comments on the The Capital-Journal story from Nov 11, 2008, titled Chapman family receiving 'Extreme Makeover'. In it, The Capital-Journal reports that:

Ty Pennington and the designers from "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" are in Chapman today where they gave Patrick Tutwiler and his family good news: They're getting a new house.

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Sierra Vista, AZ

#1 Nov 11, 2008
God bless You, to the Tutwilers and to the Home make over teams and vulenteers. CC

White City, KS

#2 Nov 11, 2008
I think the show is great and in the past has done great things for people that give and give to their communities. I cant say that I agree with this decision to go into Chapman a disaster zone where probably 30 other families need houses also and only build one very nice house. A better decision would have been to team up and build several modest houses. I am sure there are several others families struggling to rebuild I imagine this may cause some issues in the community when other families are still disconnected and this family is getting a $250,000 or higher house built and furnished for them. I am a retired veteran and respect his service to our great country but also understand that he is and will be getting well compensated by the Department of Defense and VA for his injuries. Homeowners Insurance was designed for disasters, in my years of watching Extreme Home Makeover all the projects seem to be related to a family with great community outpouring or families that have such special needs that their home will not meet their needs, not a family that is using Extreme Home Makeover in place of Homeowners Insurance. So just what did this family do with the home owners insurance check they got or should be getting for the home destroyed by the tornado. Their homeowners insurance should be paying for the new home. If not this family will be well off a new home plus the insurance check from their destroyed home. I also question the whole part time job, every news article refers to him as Specialist and says he has been living on a neayby military post (Fort Riley) until his discharge is final, this leads me to believe he is still active duty, if he has not been discharged yet he is still receiving a full military paycheck, so where is all this money going. Not to mention that if he was living on base he was living for free with free utilities while others in this disaster that havent rebuild yet are probably struggling month to month. Still very disappointed in the decision of this family.

Colorado Springs, CO

#3 Nov 11, 2008
I am referring to the article posted by Michael
and I would like to point out a few things that
homeowners insurance would have to go towards.
First they probably had a mortgage perhaps the insurance covered the entire mortgage. They have
4 children to feed )3 of their own and a nephew
who lives with them. When he was shot in Iraq
I am sure he was then flown to walter Reed and
there were expenses for the wife to fly there and
Washington DC is not cheap. This poor man was
in Iraq and was shot (probably left for dead)
and now you have the nerve to say he is not a deserving person. Living in a foreign country not knowing if you will ever see your family again
that is deserving enough. I know alot of soldiers
who have second jobs to help their families. Some people would go on Medicaid or seek financial help but no. Did you know that someone
in Chapman vandalized their only storage shed????
Sure they had free housing they deserve it but I
know alot of soldiers who would love to get out of on post living quarters. Why don't just think of today "veterans day" and give this poor family a break they deserve along with a nice vacation. Not a local but wish I was......

Wakarusa, KS

#4 Nov 12, 2008
In reply to Colleen. The purpose of homeowners insurance is to rebuild your house not to pay off your mortgage and hope someone gives you a handout. I am a retired and disabled vet and I can assure the wife and family incurred no cost for transportation or housing if the wife indeed had to go to Walter Reed. I am just saying if you took all factors into consideration and overlook the fact that he was a injured soldier I am sure they would have found many more families in much greater need of this assistance. And just to clarify I have full respect for our soldiers and what they are doing for our country, as I was once in their shoes myself. As far as your comment on the free housing and knowing so many soldiers that would love to get out of post housing, if this is the case why are the post housing list so long and the wait to long, who would give up the ability to have a nice place to live free of rent and being able to run your AC at 60 degrees in the summer and your heat at 90 in the winter, and water your lawn everyday without the worry of utilities bills. If you know people that are so wanting to not live in post housing why did they take it to begin with? I do give this soldier the respect for his service and sacrifice for out country but believe the choice to go into a community that has suffered such great loses and in so much need and just build one big house is wrong. And get off your soap box about this poor family, this was a US Soldier doing the job he enlisted for and all soldiers know the risks they take when they raise their right hand and swear to defend our great nation. I respect all veterans but at the same time donít feel they should be given handouts just because of it, I have seen the military community in the past several years turn to depending upon and expecting handouts from people and communities for just doing their job.

United States

#5 Nov 12, 2008
There always has to be one person in the crowd who has to be negative . Why i ask ? That's the problem with society nowadays to much hatred and not enough good . This man served his country and someone felt he was deserving of this house and sent in a video to have them selected . Now let the Extreme team do what they do and build these people a well deserved house . God bless this family and enjoy your new house .

Junction City, KS

#6 Nov 12, 2008
Actually a video was not sent in showcasing this family. The EHM team came to the area looking for a house to rebuild and probably choose this family because he was injured in Iraq; hence, announcing it on Veterans Day. However, this family was not involved with the Chapman community as previous families on the show are involved in their communitites. In fact, this family had talked about once he got out of the Army they were moving out of KS. The insurance check they received for the house was spent on a new Harley Davidson motorcycle. I would like to give this family the benefit of doubt, hope they will appreciate this house and live in it and become active members of the Chapman community.

Hutchinson, KS

#7 Nov 12, 2008
I am very excited that EHS is in Chapman. This community went through hell when the tornado hit and did not get the assistance that was much needed. There were no trailers or temp. housing that was brought in to help those that lost everything! I believe that we are finally getting some light shown on the devistation that that happened in June. I am greatful that EHM will be here and I can't wait to help make this families dreams come true!

Lawrence, KS

#8 Nov 12, 2008
Well i'm very glad they got it but I think the high schooler is a bit mean I think that's what my girlfriend Doe John billy Bob Deer the 5th or maybe the 12th were both not for sure really

Colorado Springs, CO

#9 Nov 12, 2008
In reply to Michael,. Maybe you should get off your soap box the only reason you are teed off is because one of your own did not get the make over. Do you know what this makeover will do for the entire town of Chapman. How can you not call this family in dire need the wife is battling cancer she just had a baby before her busband came back. From everything I have heard they are not just building one big house there are several other projects going on (SURPRISE) It sounds like all you do is sit in the house and b...... and b.... Wait until the next tornado comes and
blows your house to Kansas City I am sure you will be looking for a handout....looking for an extreme makeover. I sure would not vote for you
Well you just stay home and don't even get involved because you would only be a party pooper..........Don't even responded with any more of your trash!!

Wakarusa, KS

#10 Nov 12, 2008
Colleen, I am well aware of the Community Center Project and the Park Project and I completely support those it is just to choose one lucky family out of all those in need, I believe that all the projects should have been community based this community needs a lot of help in fixing 2 destroyed schools and several destroyed churches, while this family lives in their new house the entire community will still for years be going to school in trailers. Are you so sure this is a good thing how would you feel if you where there neighbor and still living in a motel or trailor somewhere while waiting to get you house taken care of and here this family is getting this free hand out. I beleive this may in the long term cause more problems within the close community that it helps. Plus read the post from Milford, is a family that spends their homeowners insurance check on a new Harley really deserving? Not to mention it has been stated on other news forums that this family had absolutely no involvement in the community and where actually considering moving from KS once Patrick was discharged. And as far as my house being blown away, I am responsible and ensure I have adequate insurance to cover my family and our possesions, by annually reviewing with my insurance agent, so if this where to happen to me I would not have to be looking for a handout because I took shortcuts on my insurance. And I dont bitch just questioning and putting my thoughts out on whether this was the best decision for this needy community.

Milwaukee, WI

#11 Nov 13, 2008
I totally agree with Michael's comments. I can also see Colleen's side. However I live near Chapman and work with alot of folks who lost their homes and are still trying to get their insurance companies to settle with them. The community NEEDS to be rebuilt. It makes no sense to me to come into a small communtiy and just rebuild 1 house, while the rest of the community is leveled. The schools and the churchs are what should have been rebuilt. The kids of this school district need a school, not a trailer. These kids are OUR FUTURE. I understand that this family is battling alot of issues. So is the whole communtiy of Chapman Ks. This family's house was not leveled by the tornado, it is still standing, yes it does need repairs. Like I said I work with people who's houses were completely destroyed. I think that the decision to rebuild just 1 home was not the BEST choice that was made, however that is just MY opinion.
Irish native

Wichita, KS

#12 Nov 13, 2008
What is important to realize here is that this is a television show. Their goal is not to find the most needed and deserving project, it is to produce a show that has a "story" behind it, and to make the rebuild "extreme" enough to keep their audience. There are probably 200 deserving families in Chapman, but only one show can be done. If this family moves away in a few months or a year, the house stays in the community and will be sold to someone there. ANY attention and publicity that this project brings to the community should be a benefit.
caleb ross

Lawrence, KS

#13 Nov 13, 2008
Chapman wrote:
I am very excited that EHS is in Chapman. This community went through hell when the tornado hit and did not get the assistance that was much needed. There were no trailers or temp. housing that was brought in to help those that lost everything! I believe that we are finally getting some light shown on the devistation that that happened in June. I am greatful that EHM will be here and I can't wait to help make this families dreams come true!
i disagree so much this community came together and help everyone out. i live in chapman and i was ther the night of the tornado and you would not belive how these people came together so u saying that the communtiy went to hell is rong it is the exact opposite of what reall happend you dont know so dont talk about it if you want to leave a comment about the town atleast make it true or know what you are talking about before you post somthing. thank you!!!

Manhattan, KS

#14 Nov 13, 2008
Caleb - Chapman said the community went "THROUGH" hell, not "to" hell.

Hays, KS

#15 Nov 13, 2008
After the tornado their house did not meet the guide lines for demolition, not enough damage. So the family had the house demolished before insurance or FEMA could assess the actual damage. They also had to pay an extra fine, because they could not get a demolition permit, so they went ahead and did it anyway. After receiving their insurance check. They moved onto post where they would not have to pay rent and bought Harleys. I think it would be an amazing task to control the Harley when you are suffering from a tramatic brain injury... No wonder they couldn't afford to buy or rebuild. Rumor also has it that they still owe over $26,000 in back taxes.

Lawrence, KS

#16 Nov 13, 2008
Can anyone validate the claim as to what 25 year old Crystal Tutwiler told the press that she has cariocarcinoma cancer and had cervical cancer prior to that? This is a very rare and aggressive cancer. People I have talked to from this community were not aware of this. How is she able to have all these children one after the other and be struggling with her health issues such as this type of cancer and not receive Chemotherapy?

Since: Nov 08

Milwaukee, WI

#17 Nov 13, 2008
Lewis, I don't know where you get your infor mation from, but the family did NOT have their house demolished. I work with a lady who lives right behind the family. Grant you the house wasn't liveable and all the families were told they could not do anything before the insurance or fema had a chance to assess. So, i think you might want to check your resourses

Silver Lake, KS

#18 Nov 13, 2008
fishnnut wrote:
Lewis, I don't know where you get your infor mation from, but the family did NOT have their house demolished. I work with a lady who lives right behind the family. Grant you the house wasn't liveable and all the families were told they could not do anything before the insurance or fema had a chance to assess. So, i think you might want to check your resourses
Ask anyone in the town and they can tell you that the house was NOT leveled by the tornado. After the tornado if you looked at their home from the outside it did not look that bad, then the next time we passed the house it was demolished. NO ONTHER house around this home was heavily effected by the tornado nor demolished. Just theirs. Sure, their story sounds good for national TV but the residents of Chapman know the true story of this family and the house. We just hope this family will appreciate the new house and will become active members of the community.

Manhattan, KS

#19 Nov 14, 2008
Listen, this is ridiculous. First, as you seem to care very deeply about these issues, why aren't you out volunteering to rebuild the community. My husband and I are volunteering for EHM Sunday and Monday. They need the help, so why not give a few hours? Second, EHM is not doing only one house. I've talked with other volunteers who say EHM is building at least one other house in Chapman (only one is going on TV) and there are a dozen other worksites around the town. So get out there and help! Even after EHM leaves, there will still be work to do. So plan a fundraiser or something,'cause you're not making a difference by talking about it online. Whether or not this is a "perfect" family is not the issue. They need help, so lets help. Then lets help the next family. This kind of national attention brings money that can be used for more than just this one family. Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. Hope to see you in Chapman, working your hearts out!
Rita - Manhattan KS

Topeka, KS

#20 Nov 14, 2008
How do I volunteer? Who do we contact?

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