how to get a boy to like you in 5 days

George Town, Cayman Islands

#64 Jun 12, 2012
Shayla wrote:
Hi,i like this guy named Kai however,im not sure if he likes me. The girl who sits right next to him Erika hates him but he might like her. Erika is able to get him to laugh alot but i cant get him to laugh.He said he would go out with me someday but im not sure thats gonna happen. He makes fun of my friends Emily and Maliya who like him. Emily sits on the same table group as him. Kai makes fun of both of them Kai laughs with Erika about Emily and sometimes Alessandro laughs at Emily or Kai and Erika and maybe Emily are laughing at Alessandro. The other day Melanie, a girl in my class, asked him who he liked but he said nobody. Kelsi,who is Erika's friend doesnt like Kai either and asked him is it Shayla 5 times but he said no every time. Kai said he was going to be nice to Erika for the rest of their lives. He did that to Emily but he gave up on being nice to her like if he hated her. Kai said Maliya tried to flirt with him but he said nuh uh. I really like him but he i think he likes Erika more but Erika hates him. In lines it looks like when she is in front he directs his friends to front with him and when she is in the back he directs his friends to the back. He always ends up being near her all the time like he wants to. I love Erika as a friend i love her personality but she isnt the prettiest person ever. She is pretty but she wears glasses without the glasses she wouldnt look better. I think he likes her for her humor not for her looks. Do you think he likes me or Erika so i can get over it. PLZ HELP ME!
Shayla he likes Erika he posted it or it is someone playing a trick on u. But to me it sounds like he likes Erika more. Don't worry u will find another boy!

Halifax, Canada

#65 Jun 19, 2012
tell him you like him. Just before you leave on the last day. Kiss him.

Riegelsville, PA

#66 Jul 22, 2012
ur relly cute

Adelaide, Australia

#67 Aug 20, 2012
I like this boy I do not think he knows me but I like him.
One of my friends knows him but I am to scared to talk to him :)

Please answer!!!!!!!!!!

Douglas, Isle of Man

#68 Oct 19, 2012
Help! I rilly like this boy in my class I'm 9 he is 9 but he doen t like me what should I do

Douglas, Isle of Man

#69 Oct 19, 2012
Rosie12341234 don't be scared ask him something tell a joke

Douglas, Isle of Man

#70 Oct 19, 2012
Helpme plz

Bristol, UK

#71 Oct 21, 2012
me and him are together forever

Bristol, UK

#72 Oct 21, 2012

South Africa

#73 Oct 23, 2012
Hey,I'm 12 years old and in midlle school.I have a MAJOR crush on this athor guy in my class and he's 13 he'll b turning 14 and I'll b turing 13.I have afriend in my class wich is she is always borrowing him stuff and he always ask to borrow stuff from her.well I'm not sure wats really goin on buT she doesn't like her but they have dated b4 but now I have the FEELINGS for him,how can I tell him about my felings?he knows I like him(thanks to my friend)BTW he's white and I'm black-if u nEed to know)PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Leicester, UK

#74 Oct 25, 2012
Try calling im names to for a joke try and get to be good friends with his friends maybe they can try and help u find out.

Leicester, UK

#75 Oct 25, 2012
sos wrong person

Leicester, UK

#76 Oct 25, 2012
Niara 825 wrote:
i am in a similar situation. i like this boy in my class he rotates. first he liked this girl, Larissa, then he said he liked my friend, and now i think he likes me because he keeps smiling at me and trying to make me laugh and being really nice to me. so now i just need to either get him to tell me he likes me or i need to tell him but i am really nervous. i only have a little bit of time before he moves to liking another girl, what do i do?
This guy sounds like hes a bit of a player u should make him wait a bit see if he sticks around if he dosent then he wasnt the one dont let one boy bring u down.

Leicester, UK

#77 Oct 25, 2012
Kai wrote:
Hi im a boy easy to tell. Ok i like a girl named Erika but she doesnt like me what should i do to get her to like me?
ok u may not have seen but a girl who really likes u has posted that she does maybe u should try and clear it up between u two and just for the record i mean no offence.


#78 Nov 23, 2012
kai shayla loves you btw whatdo boys like in girls


#79 Nov 23, 2012
what do boys like in girls

Birmingham, UK

#80 Dec 1, 2012
I'm feelin it for ya cause its the exact same thing for me but my mom doesn't like his mom n I think he likes me because in maths all he does is stare at me n then he gets told off for not paying attention n we just smile at each other n I'm trying my hardest to look pretty so he'll like me can someone help me please?

Middleburg, FL

#81 Dec 3, 2012
I'm a guy (I'm here to help out don't think im not straight by clicking how to make a guy like you)
So, what most of my friends like is a note or a text. Personnaly I like texts better because it tells you why this girl wants your phone number all of a sudden. Be the persons friend for a while, laugh at their jokes even if they are lame, if they do, follow them online on FB or twitter and give them gifts in that facebook farmer game! Boys love getting free things! Show little hints, poke him around and be playful. Never change yourself for anyone though. It will make you uncomfortable after a while and that is really bad when your in a relationship!

Middleburg, FL

#82 Dec 3, 2012
If the guy doesn't like you, I advise you not to try. The "love at first sight" and the "spark" thing is true amongst most boys. "most"

Snover, MI

#83 Dec 6, 2012
i like this guy. we have known each other for 6 years (im 14)and irely like him my friend told me that he liked me. should i ask him out?

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