Let's see, writers and producers create this female warrior so they can put women in leather and fur bikinis for a season until something better comes along but then she becomes this over night Warrior Icon men and women adore.

After five seasons when Xena develops a cult following, when the writing actually appeared to get better and people recognize the real talents of stunt women like Zoe Bell, Xena is suddenly killed off in the most disrespectful display of contempt for TV fans ever shown. After all Xena was just a woman and there were more important stories about male conquerors to tell. The die hard fans would still buy all the props, photos, what ever junk was laying around.

I am still a huge fan of the character Xena and I adore the fan fiction Xena followers create. I wanted to care about Lucy's career but I don't, no matter how many times she strips and sucks face with a woman in other projects. It's still the same person playing another disposable blow up doll character for 18-39 year old boys.

If Lucy wants to be taking seriously she should try faking interest and civility when on camera with past co-workers. Take a look at this episode commentary done by Renee O'Conner and Lucy. The fan clubs still want people to believe they are best buddies until death and beyond but these things are hard to watch. Renee and Lucy strain to have a civil conversation in many of these. Watch the very end when a very patient and polite Renee reacts to Lucy's many personality flips, going off over the most trivial of things such as discussing wardrobe changes. Why would I invest money to watch Diva behavior when I can get the same snotty treatment at home from my teenagers for free?