Wolverine and Sabretooth are two mutant superhuman avatar characters in the comic book universe of the uncanny X-Men.

Wolverine is an emotionally fiery crusader, while Sabretooth is a ferocious daredevil. Wolverine is more heroic than Sabretooth and the two are historically linked in a personal war rivalry which creates endlessly intriguing one-on-one field battles.

Wolverine possesses blades in his knuckles and Sabretooth possesses razor claws. Their battles are often violent and dramatic and neither comes away satisfied with the notion that someday they may find peace.

The heated rivalry between Wolverine and Sabretooth ironically psychologically reflects the artistic value of the conflict-brooding Hollywood (USA) movie "WarGames" (1983).

Are they printing movie posters on hemp/recycled paper yet?

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