"As things stand, Arizona Public Service Co. estimates that its roughly one million residential nonsolar customers pay about $18 a year each to subsidize the utility's 18,000 solar customers. "Everyone who's using the grid ought to pay their fair share of the grid," says Jim McDonald, a spokesman for the utility."

Jimmy boy doesn't explain why those who have no solar but take the company's recommendations on electricity savings like setting thermostats to a higher temperature during the summer and lower temperature during the winter, using CFL or LED lighting, energy star appliances are still getting billed higher electric rates. Jimmy doesn't want to talk about how much money the utility doesn't HAVE to pay out to build a new power project because of Distributed solar PV installations. No EIRs, no court dates to defend projects, no cost for land purchase, power corridors or project overruns that cost ratepayers more. HOW MUCH MONEY does the utility SAVE and why doesn't this go back to the non solar customer in a rate decrease? Jimmy wants to create a have and have not situation. Then he doesn't have to justify the utilities arcane century old business model to the customers. Jimmy, APS and SRP should ask David Crane of NRG energy what to do about saving their jobs.