"The increased costs of providing power will be borne by the consumer, either directly through higher energy bills or indirectly as higher energy bills are passed on to the end consumer. Zycher predicts that consumer costs will rise by 13 percent in 2020 due to the 33 percent RPS mandate."

He's talking 5 billion dollars, which comes out to
$20.00 to $30.00 dollars a month added to a typical power bill now. SCE has already put a bid for 16% to the CPUC and the CPUC has allowed a 5% increase. I'm sure Edison has already submitted at least another 5% increase for next year. What ALL of these power utilities are NOT doing is adding storage to the grid in order to smooth out sags and surges. It also makes intermittant power sources like wind and solar PV more reliable. If the research now being done gets to the market at a low cost. You will see individuals install their own solar PV with battery storage and use the power company as a backup source or not at all.