didi solomon azar achieve safe fusion

didi solomon azar achieve safe fusion

Created by lightning fusion on Sep 24, 2008

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“i solved the energy crisis”

Since: Sep 08


#1 Sep 24, 2008
Thank you Nikola Tesla for you contributions to mankind, of the many valuable gifts you have endeavored to find, many still hold the belief that to this day something buried in your deeds is the key to unlimited clean energy. Your Tesla coil of lightning fascination is awe inspiring.

Thank you Albert Einstein for you contributions to mankind, of the many valuable gifts you have endeavored to find, many still hold the belief that to this day something buried in your deeds is the key to unlimited clean energy. Your simplicity to take all matter to an equation of E=mc^2 is fascinating and wonderful to contemplate in mans struggle to harness the world around us in our lives upon this beautiful blue ship called earth.

My name is Solomon Azar, i have taken both of your deeds amongst many others in this wonderful country of the united states in which a bounty has been uncovered in recent centuries by the labors of many fine men that pursue knowledge and mastery of the elements. The ability to control high voltage and frequency by lightning proportions of the Tesla coil under the ideology of Einsteins theory of special relativity and its effect upon charged particles- a method to resonate and oscillate charges particles in a magnetic pinching environment as simple and similar to an early caveman with two sticks to make fire- but this time- two electrodes immersed in special water-

In the year of our lord 2008, September 24, in a world crumbling by way of energy crisis-may my deeds of labor be vindicated very soon for the betterment of mankind.

ENERGY is the key to civilization, with an infrastructure man has put in place after so many thousand years of trying to survive in nature- an opportunity to fuel this foundation with clean abundant energy.

Time will tell
solomon azar-noblefuse-of hydrogen to helium-of all things
solomon azar

Nazareth, PA

#2 Oct 1, 2008
To produce thermonuclear reaction it is necessary, firstly, to have nuclei with a large quantity of neutrons available, for example, deuterium nuclei, and secondly, these nuclei should possess sufficiently high velocity and merge together upon collision, having overcome the Coulomb barrier. It turns out that all these conditions are observed in the course of a stroke of lightning - such a conslusion is evident from calculations by B.M. Kuzhevsky, Ph.D., head of the neutron research laboratory, Skobeltsin Scientific Research Institute of Nuclear Physics (Moscow State University).

Deuterium is always present in water: on average, a molecule of DHO (water, where one of hydrogen atoms is replaced by deuterium) falls to 6,800 molecules of H2O. That means - taking into account the quantity of water vapour available in the atmosphere (i.e. 5х10^-4 g/cubic centimeter)- there will be 10^15 deuterium atoms per cubic centimeter. In lightning, these atoms turn into ions and are capable of gathering speed up to considerable energy.

With the lightning canal diameter varying from 2 millimeters to 5 centimeters, and discharge duration making the ten-thousandth of a second, it proves that billions of deuterium atoms will have time to start reacting with each other and to generate precisely two times less atoms of helium-3 and neutrons. These neutrons already possess enormous energy - 2.45 MeV. However, in the atmosphere of our planet they are capable of living at most for 0.2 seconds, during which they will inevitably meet with nitrogen atoms and be absorbed by them. This time period is sufficient for neutrons to fly a distance of one or two kilometers.

The calculation has been also confirmed by experimental data. The DYAIZA facility developed at the Institute and installed in Moscow at the Vorobyevy Hills repeatedly recorded neutron emission peaks during thunderstorms, their magnitude exceeding that of the background by hundreds of times.

Several important conclusions can be drawn from the above effort. Firstly, this helps to solve a long-standing puzzle: why cosmonauts on board the MIR space station observed high neutron background in the area of the equator. Keeping in mind that thunderstorms permanently burst out in this region, it is easy to guess where high neutron background comes from. Secondly, the same mechanism should also work in the atmospheres of Venus and Jupiter where thunderstorms are also frequent and sporadic neutron streams should arise there. That means that investigation of these planets’ neutron emission should take into account this particular fact not to confuse by accident “thundery” neutrons with some other neutrons.

Source: Informnauka (Informscience) Agency

“i solved the energy crisis”

Since: Sep 08


#3 Dec 7, 2008
Nikola Tesla did not solve energy crisis- Nor Albert Einstein- SOLOMON AZAR HAS-period!
I took the ideas of many scientists the world has grown and finalized an ideology and experiment to end the global energy crisis with no greenhouse gases-That was the easy part-now i find myself trying to gain FAITH of my fellowman to spread this story-WHY-

for i did everything alone-a garage scientists who is successful- and now i need to be proven correct- so i come upon the fantastic invention called the net- invented after thousands of years- if not millions of the monkey race of man only to be ridiculed and bullied- like the jackasses that harassed several teenagers to suicide-

what i have found is disgusting and the reason why innocence is raped killed and beaten- why man goes to war over and over again- YOU DESERVE IT-

Truly- as a scientists and observer- i have found the reason for mans madness at times- it is meant to be- to antagonize and harrass each other- hardly any time to just relax in life- always on guard- WHY-

go live one day in nature and see how hard it is- technology is great and makes life far more stable- some grandparents alive right now that remember when the automobile first came out- the refrigerator- the television- medicine for this ailment and so forth-

and to this day half the children of the earth still die from simple drinking water untreated-


wars have always come and gone- a natural part of life to keep a civilzation the strongest- or die by your neighbors hands that keeps the torch brighter than another to find answers-

and now in a century man declars war to end all wars forever since ww1-ONE CENTURY NOW-

when will it end-

I am your messenger- over one year i state these words- you will never give me an ear to listen or an eye to witness until i give you a miracle- for part of your animal ways is giving someone attention ONLY after they do something for you-


you care not to help me or investigate my science deeds because i say messenger of god- thus- only true solution will never be uncovered as YOU are an ignorant and selfish creature that says you love god by majority in the world- yet- does nothing when a disciple asks for help-or anyone for truth- and this is part of my message- i have much to say- and you will surely understand if total economy crumbles and you lose your jobs-and go off to war- for many look for answers why afterwards-

but for first time in human history- a chance comes for peace without global war- your window closes very fast as the military pawns have been set and iran russia pakistan and many others are ready-

ONLY a messenger can create peace between the nations without global war- but it seems man is still a savage monkey race-not children of god- thus- let the lessons continue
solomon azar

Allentown, PA

#4 Jan 8, 2010
the survivors of nuclear war will find out
solomon azar-repent

Allentown, PA

#5 Jul 6, 2010
America is truly a pagan scum nation of atheists. a barking biting weak of faith animal akin to their best friend the dog- when you feed a pet a human child starves somewhere. self centered pagan scum abandons Christ- yet meant to be for what better way to teach new age then to allow hippie free love atheists leading the majority weak of faith sheep to collapse nation before your eyes as recorded in media as never before on monkey planet- the survivors understand and move on as I the messiah give words from heaven to do so. God only LOVES those who adhere to biblical standards- the rest go to HELL. ..no exceptions.

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