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B-Efficient are a provider of investor funded biomass and heat pump installations. We have secured investor funding to install BIOMASS BOILERS and HEAT PUMPS at suitable premises. This means we can install a biomass boiler worth upwards of 100,000 each (example cost for primary school 120,000) for FREE and you can enjoy the savings on heating bills.
Heating costs are ever rising increasingly, the UK Renewable Heat Incentive is the Governments MASTER PLAN to reduce your heating bills, saving you money and increasing your green credentials all for FREE.
The RHI subsidy payments are paid to those who install Biomass Boilers and Heat Pumps. Companies like us "B-Efficient" work with the Government and we are paid back through RHI payments.
We are looking for suitable businesses to work with.
If you spend 18,000 a year on heating bills and use oil of gas you can expect a reduction of 50% on fuel bills every year, if you spend 50,000 a year heating bills you can expect a reduction of 60% a year, If you spend 100,000 a year on heating bills you can expect a reduction of 64% a year.
Site Criteria:
Eligible boiler sizes- Any biomass system greater than 25 kWh
Full load operating hours Minimum of 1314 hours per year
Location Anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales
Lease Terms:
The supply and installation of a biomass boiler will be fully funded and includes: boiler, fuel storage and delivery system, all supporting hardware and the cost of installation of a fully functional biomass boiler connected to the existing heating system.
Term 20 Years
Basis - lease as rental for space of boiler installation
Boiler ownership:
For the duration of the lease, the funder will own the Biomass boiler system which is then transferred to the customer at the end of the term
Opt Out clause:
The customer may opt out of the lease any time after a pre-determined minimum term (based on site details and investment), usually year 10 or later. A table of cancellation charges will be provided with the lease documentation.
The funder will receive all benefits of the RHI until either the Opt Out is exercised or the lease comes to a natural end.
During the lease period, the customer will be responsible for:
Day-to-day maintenance and operation
Routine cleaning
Provide free access to site for periodic maintenance / site inspection as well as meter reading.
The investor will be responsible for:
Annual service
Repair of boiler in case of failure*
Ash disposal
Insuring the boiler and equipment
System performance monitoring, site inspection and meter reading
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