As of June 6, 2014 The Incomplete Wind Turbine Inspection Report Shows More Failures of Due Diligence

Posted by Bill Carson , June 06, 2014

Wind Turbine Blade Robot- Testing

Incomplete Wind Turbine Inspection

Portsmouth RI

The Portsmouth Town Council is aware that the wind turbine inspection is incomplete. In Section 7 of the report it states : " External blade inspections were not completed during the inspection."

The report goes on to say that Rotor problems with being able to lock the wind turbine blades in place prevented inspectors to do a rope inspection climbing down the blades. The report suggests that the exterior blade inspection be done while the blades are on the ground during the gear box change.

A rope inspection was the old way of inspecting the exterior of wind turbine blades. Today robots and drones have taken over that job and are far better at it because they carry ultrasonic & microwave scanners along with cameras.

The last page of the town report states :"Due to the risk to the Town of blade failure,DAR recommends an NDI inspection by a qualified ultrasonic inspection service with wind turbine blade experience be performed when the blades are on the ground for gearbox replacement."

The link to the report is here :

The Town of Portsmouth is prepared to pay $ 885,000.00 to repair the wind turbine and do an exterior inspection of the blades while the crane is at the location taking down the blades, rotor and gear box.

What the public needs to know is there is a robotic crawler that climbs wind turbine blades and inspects the blades. The robot carries up to 200 pounds of equipment. The robot carries both ultrasonic & microwave scanners along with cameras.

The larger wind turbine manufacturers are already using robots for wind turbine inspection making exterior blade inspection more reliable and faster.

The Town of Portsmouth still has time to do a robotic test of the exterior of the wind turbine blades prior to the commitment of $ 885,000.00

Do you think Portsmouth should do an external inspection of the wind turbine blades with a robot before taking down the blades ?