Hello! I have created a "We the People" White House Petition for a Study to be conducted over the next six months on the efficacy of a plan I adapted from a plan for Australia to convert its energy economy to LFTR reactors.

My adaptation is for the conversion of all USA 572 Coal Fire Plants to LFTR reactors.

The original study was done a few years ago. I am hoping for a Manhattan style project to convert these reactors while taking note of the lessons gleaned from the India reactor that is going live.

The plan would have a huge impact on global warming and would only have a capital cost of 1.6 Trillion which would serve to extend the life of the Coal Fire Plants to 80 years. Amortizing it over half that period would be a conservative move.

I think its worth a 6 month study to actually look into my figures and the original proposal.

I want the study to be a fully public end-to-end cost study completed within no more than 1 year preferably 6 months.

Here is the petition: Please Sign! It's not public till I reach 150 signatures!
http://wh.gov/VZM5 I need to get the now required 100,000 signatures in a month to make it happen!

See my math figures at http://rawcell.com