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Candle Heater -- New Invention Captures Heat from a Candle

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Doyle Doss

United States

#1 Feb 14, 2006
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I am an inventor in Northern California (Fortuna) and I have invented a device which captures the heat from a candle and radiates it into a room. I call this the Kandle Heeter(tm) Candle Holder. I have written a brief Press Release (below) and have been cruising the net searching out email addys for editors and reporters and magazines, most anything. I am not "spamming", but selectively sending my information to parties that hopefully will be interested.

I developed the candle heater in October of 2005, and was able to make up 3 production runs for my local market (VNC--Very Northern California). Everyone who actually had a chance to touch my demonstraton model was awed at the amount of heat that can be captured from a dollar store jar candle. The external ceramic surface gets as warm as an old fashioned steam radiator.

I have been able to go without heat at night all winter, relying on my candle heater to keep the cold out and the chill off. I have an informational website at heatstick(dot)com. I would appreciate any help/advice on moving my product forward until most everyone who burns candles has one. My goal is to create jobs here on the North Coast, a great place to live, but difficult to make a living. Here's my press release:

Thank you very much,

Doyle Doss



The Kandle Heeter(tm) Candle Holder is an attractive ceramic radiator suspended above a candle flame on a solid steel frame. And it really works! The steel and ceramic radiator collects and concentrates the heat from the candle flame, becomes hot (but not burning), and gently radiates the heat from the candle into your room.

Invented and manufactured in Fortuna, California by Doyle Doss from solid steel and ceramic components the candle heater is just over 9 inches tall and just under 7 inches wide and deep. It weighs over four pounds and ships in a 200 lb test cardboard box.

The steel and ceramic radiator is comprised of three nested ceramic modulators held together and separated by a solid steel inner core. The steel inner core is positioned directly above the candle and is driven to very high temperatures by the flame. It gets very, very hot!

The nested ceramic modulators transfer and moderate the high temperature of the inner core, one to another, until the outer ceramic modulator becomes a gently radiating thermal body that releases the concentrated heat from the candle into your home or office. If you burn candles, it only makes environmental and economical practical sense to capture the heat that is normally lost to the ceiling and use this heat in your own environment.(A typical 4.5 oz. jar candle contains over 1,000 Btu’s!)

“The Kandle Heeter(tm) Candle Holder makes a real difference in a small room or bedroom,” says inventor Doyle Doss.“And if there is a temporary power outage you will be able to create a warm room for your family and friends.” Light and warmth (both from the same source!) makes an encouraging difference while you wait for the storm to pass.

Jim Osborn (Eureka, Ca.) purchased a candle heater for his wife.“It actually takes the chill off in a room. It’s amazing,” Jim has commented, with just a slight hint of incredulity.“The surface of the radiator can get as warm as an old fashioned steam radiator,” says Mr. Doss. It is very surprising how much heat is actually in a candle. If you have a recreational vehicle or camping trailer the candle heater can help you conserve propane while you are enjoying the Great Outdoors.

“We specialize in energy and environment invention,” says Mr. Doss of his company, DOSS Products.“We want to help America stay warmer in winter by making practical use of wasted and overlooked heat sources.” Additional information is available at .”
Doyle Doss

Arcata, CA

#2 Dec 4, 2007
Good Morning,

We have created an "electric candle" to work with the Kandle Heeter tm Candle Holder. Since 90% of the energy going into an incadescent lamp is "wasted" as heat, we like to say that 10% of the energy going into the GlowWarm tm Electric Candle is "wasted" as light :)

The electric candle takes the place of a flame based candle under the steel multi core radiator assembly of the candle heater (now going into its third year of cottage industry production). Candle heaters have been shipped as far as Scotland and all across the States.

The electric candle is based on a 60 watt Quartz Halogen Lamp. The lamp is mounted on a ceramic lampholder with a ceramic base, an 8 ft cord, and an in-line switch. Place it under the radiator assembly, plug it in, and turn it on.

60 watts is a very small amount of electrical demand, especially when the benefit is dry radiant space heat. It can be "burned" for 16 hours for 1 Kwh, that is two thirds of a day. Turn it on when you get home from work, turn it off when you leave, or leave it on to keep the chill out of the room. That would just be 10 cents if you are paying $.10/Kwh, or $3 a month. About the price of a latte for a month's worth of "keeping the chill out" of your room.

The electric candle burns "hotter" than a flame based candle. Temperatures in excess of 700 degrees Fahrenheit have been measured on the surface of the lamp. This is about 100 degrees hotter than a typical yellow candle flame and drives the radiator assembly 10-20 degrees warmer on its surface (180-200 deg.).

We are a small scale small footprint cottage industry manufacturer specializing in energy and environmental products. We do not have an advertising "budget" and rely on proactive net oriented individuals to share what we are doing with the rest of the globe. If you have any questions or would like more information please visit our website, .

Warm wishes for a joy filled holiday season,

Doyle Doss

Since: Jul 07


#3 Dec 4, 2007
Doyle Doss wrote:
(I am an inventor in Northern California (Fortuna) and I have invented a device which captures the heat from a candle and radiates it into a room. I call this the Kandle Heeter(tm) Candle Holder.
This is a plant pot with a bolt in the middle over a candle.

What happens to the heat if you did not have a pot over the top of the candle? Doesn't all the heat go into the room anyway?

Arcata, CA

#4 Dec 10, 2007
A candle flame creates an invisible chimney of rapidly rising very hot air. Hold your hand about a foot over a candle flame and you will see what I mean. This chimney runs the thermal energy of the candle straight to the ceiling and then out of the building envelope. The radiator assembly shorts stops this heat loss by trapping and concentrating the thermal energy internally. Steel has the ability to approach the temperature of its heat source, so the steel inner core will approach temperatures of over 500 deg Fahrenheit. This very hot inner core now becomes a "thermal energy engine" that drives the surrounding ceramics into an infra-red radiating body. As long as the flame is centered under the steel the candles thermal energy is effectively kept at "ground level" instead of above your heat. The principle is the same with the electric candle except the 60 watt quartz halogen lamp has been measured with surface temperatures of over 700 deg F. It usually will drive the radiator assembly 10-15 degrees warmer than a candle.

Lynton, UK

#5 Dec 10, 2007
GigaTOE wrote:
<quoted text>
This is a plant pot with a bolt in the middle over a candle.
What happens to the heat if you did not have a pot over the top of the candle? Doesn't all the heat go into the room anyway?
If people want to buy his product, don't discourage him. In fact I am curently developing a candle-powered clothing range - the candle-waistcoat (tm) and the candle-pants (tm). Made of highly inflammable cotton, these concemtrate the heat from the candle and by a technological process, started by holding the candle to a corner of the garment, intensify and re-radiate it and thus raise the temperature of the wearer's whole body. Once I have fine tuned the process to eleiminate certain undesirable side effects, I look forward to big sales. You'll wish you had thought of it first!

Columbus, GA

#6 Dec 10, 2007
There is truth, half truth and no truth by parts in the candle-maker's claims. Indeed there is an invisible chimney of heated air above a candle flame. At one foot above you should feel the rising heat, 2 feet maybe a little, and 3 feet and higher, none. That means the room does in fact absorb all the heat energy before ultimately being lost to the surroundings. So by using a metallic or ceramic heat sink near the flame, the heat of the candle is held closer to the floor before being dissipated to the room.

This may improve your personal comfort by a considerable amount if you buy a lot of "Kandle Heeters" and don't mind putting up with the by-products of combustion inside your home, which are soot (unburned carbon), CO (which is partially burned carbon, also known as carbon monoxide and also known to be toxic) and completely burned carbon, which is CO2.

The oxygen consumed by the process must be replaced by outside air which is cold, thereby negating much of the gains (BTUs/hour) in heating the house by candle power. On the other hand, it may save your life if you are freezing to death in an unheated house or automobile. But this should be thought of as a temporary emergency measure only. On the other hand (oops, ran out of hands), you can make your own "Kandle Heeter" out of an empty coffee can and a rusty bolt.

A heat engine it is NOT, because no heat engine can pull heat from its surroundings and discharge heat back to the same surroundings and produce any measurable effect. To do so would be creating energy, which has never been done because it is impossible. That is why the laws of thermodynamics are known as LAWS, not theories. The only effect is the release of chemical energy from the candle mass (fuel) as it is converted to heat by combustion.

The electric version of the "Kandle Heeter" is also known as a "Space Heater", a product already developed and widely available on the market and it does not need an exotic light bulb.

Please respond to this message agreeing to pay my consulting fee, after which time I will provide payment details in a special g-mail account. Please have your Social Security number and credit card numbers available.

This has been (another) commercial message presented at no cost to the advertiser. Offer void where prohibited by law.

Arcata, CA

#7 Dec 12, 2007
The best comments come from the folks who have one. A common comment is "I wasn't sure it was working ... until it went out and the room got suddenly colder." Most encouraging are the repeat orders from customers last year for another one.

It does all depend on the "fuel" -- the higher the grade of candle, the greater the thermal output.

As far as electric "space heaters" are concerned, try to find one that works on 60 watt and still gives out some light.

Sure, it is a simple thing, not full of techo-whatever to break, fail, or become redundant -- isn't that nice.
Concerned Citizen

La Habra, CA

#8 Aug 13, 2008
Mr. Doyle Doss is a registered sex offender. I just thought everyone should know.

Houston, TX

#9 Aug 14, 2008
I thought everyone should know you are a son-of-a-bitch, but I kept it to myself as it was no relevant to this discussion. People make mistakes, they learn from it, and move on.

Olivebridge, NY

#10 Sep 19, 2008
anti-Judgemental wrote:
I thought everyone should know you are a son-of-a-bitch, but I kept it to myself as it was no relevant to this discussion. People make mistakes, they learn from it, and move on.
I think his product will give him some degree of success. I only hope that he uses it to stay on the straight & narrow. It's not easy but he should thank God for his success and live accordingly. He may have been given a second chance; let's see what he does with it.
Shawmam Fritz

Cut Bank, MT

#11 Oct 18, 2008
The human body release about 300btu's/hr at rest. Much more if you dance. A small apartment can be easily heated by ten or so of your friends dancing vigorously. Doyle Doss either has a very limited base of engineering knowledge or is off his rocker, and thinks he can find other people who are just as dumb, and will buy his nonsense idea. Actually he is partly right about finding suckers. Example? Look at the market of sex enhancing gimmicks. Their making millions! Also, a kilowatt of electricity costs about 15 cents. A 100 watt bulb on for then hours releases 3300 btu's. And it is much cheaper than candles!
Chucklikesjudgme nt

West Mifflin, PA

#12 Jan 17, 2011
Wait, is "anti-judgemental" judging?
"You are a son-of-a-bitch."
Sounds like it.
Also it's *judgmental.(just hit spell check next time)
Is anti-judgemental, mental? I think the statement "People make mistakes" applies when someone gets into a drunken fight, or drops a bowl, not so much when Doyle here had "LEWD OR LASCIVIOUS ACTS WITH CHILD UNDER 14 YEARS" I'm here to tell you that I do judge. Judging is how we are all made it this far. Example: Does the lion 100 yards ahead look as though he might rip my throat out if I keep walking towards it? Should I stay away from the drunk guy who is looking for any reason to fight someone? Should I question the man who has been alone at the playground watching children play for hours? All of these decisions require judgment. Having a cutely misspelled invention that could possibly heat a room with a candle,(though the science seems to be a little shaky) made solely to take gullible peoples money, doesn't really seem like "turning your life around". If he is getting a "second chance" from molesting a CHILD UNDER 14 YEARS, I would hope it would be to donate some time and money to people who have been affected by crimes similar to his. Not a scam.
But I could be wrong. That's the risk you take when you actually take responsibility for a thought, and make a judgment.
Chucklikesjudgme nt

West Mifflin, PA

#13 Jan 17, 2011
anti-Judgemental wrote:
I thought everyone should know you are a son-of-a-bitch, but I kept it to myself as it was no relevant to this discussion. People make mistakes, they learn from it, and move on.

United States

#14 Dec 18, 2011
Just wanted to mention your candle idea is not so crazy as some claim. several years ago, i wondered if my water heater would work if i turned the gas knob setting to "pilot light". This keeps the flame on "pilot light" and the burner NEVER KICKS ON. It's like a candle-flame to heat my 30 gallon water heater. I blocked the chimney of the water heater so the heat would not escape. I was surprised that our water gets up to about 120 degrees hot and it works GREAT! We are only a family of 2 however, and only use HOT water for showers and some dish washing. The only disadvantage is RECOVERY TIME. It takes about 12 to 20 hours for the water tank to get back up to 120 degrees.... just in time for the next days showers. Drippy faucets must be fixed to retain the hot water. Otherwise, it works great and i figure im saving about 5 to 10 bucks a month. There are some safety and fire hazards associated with this.... so anyone doing this is on their own responsibility for your own safety.

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