Sen. Eliot Shapleigh: EPISD engages i...

Sen. Eliot Shapleigh: EPISD engages in 'cheating'

There are 254 comments on the El Paso Times story from Jun 11, 2010, titled Sen. Eliot Shapleigh: EPISD engages in 'cheating'. In it, El Paso Times reports that:

State Sen. Eliot Shapleigh has asked the U.S. Department of Education to investigate the El Paso Independent School District, which he said has manipulated standardized tests so that certain low-performing students did not take them.

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bowie bear


#24 Jun 12, 2010
Idiot Shapliegh wrote:
"Heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard it from another you've been messin' around."
Nice that you can base a career on innuendo and hearsay. It should be plain to see that Idiot Shapliegh is gunning for Sylvestre Reyes position, and needs to try to slay a few dragons in order to make himself look like a viable candidate.
So, he takes on a smokestack, and now a public entity that cannot defend itself because of the laws that he himself put into place. The district will have to spend millions of dollars fighting this, money that could have gone into the classroom.
Nice job Idiot.
Sad to say, this is exactly what's happening at Bowie. the principals move the students to freshmen or junior status so they don't take test. Have kids go to cafeteria or library, they call it shuffling the numbers. Tax dollars are a waste at Bowie. Students still can't speak or write english. Main concern is sports and passing TAKS. Vote no.
poor students

El Paso, TX

#25 Jun 12, 2010
When you were in school and were cheating:

did you copy every answer right and get a hundred or were you smart enough to build some plausible deny-ability in and miss a couple?

Bowie with the ESL population they are claiming for testing purposes is the equivalent of turning in the teachers key in their handwriting to the teacher you stole the test from.

Identifying trouble students and manipulating their classification by giving them computer classes in elective courses may not be illegal but it is immoral.. but nothing new for Dr. Garcia and his cronies.

Whatever it takes to make me look good, should be our motto
Just Me

El Paso, TX

#26 Jun 12, 2010
Chip wrote:
Well Mr. Shapleigh after I had voted for you in the past. Probably will change the vote in the future.
You are against a bond for the children and to help offset the recent cost increases of school employees health insurance. Health insurance rose for the majority nearly 300 plus percent and barely cost of living adjustment over the years.
Voted Yes for the children for general well being in the functioning of schools. This is about El Paso's best resource the children. Vote Yes for the children.
Do you not keep up with things? Shapleigh did not seek re-election!
Our next senator will be Jose Rodriguez! VOTE NO!
central insider

El Paso, TX

#27 Jun 12, 2010
Thank you Senator Shapleigh, someone must put the children of El Paso first. It's true what's been happening at Bowie. Admin decided who were the chosen ones and who were the outsiders. Dr. Garcia and Dr. Murphy encouraged these practices. Administration was given free reign to do whatever it took to get out of stage 5. My family has voted no. EPISD needs new administration and mission statement.

El Paso, TX

#28 Jun 12, 2010
vote no. episd is bad.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#29 Jun 12, 2010
It’s quite obvious Shapleigh is a bigot. He can’t accept Hispanic kids applying themselves to succeed in the classroom. Instead of praising their success he insults EPISD leaders, the kids, their parents and teachers. And for Bulloch, "if" what she states is true, why wait 24 years to announce to the world that something might be wrong with the testing process? If true she is as much to blame for not stating her concerns earlier. It's people like these two malcontents that make the state of Texas laugh at El Paso.

El Paso, TX

#31 Jun 12, 2010

United States

#32 Jun 12, 2010
We need a revamping of the whole testing system. The Senator needs to dig beyond the surface. All El Paso districts need to be investigated.

El Paso, TX

#33 Jun 12, 2010
I will be voting yes on the TRE.

Corpus Christi, TX

#34 Jun 12, 2010
Seems to me that every time the goverment wants to squeeze a tax hike on the citizens they put the words ITS FOR THE GOOD OF THE CHILDREN. Oh really? Same thing was said for the Children's Hospital etcc.. Yes, there may be some benefit to the kids ,but the the administrative burocracy take the biggest chunk always. Good for Sen Shapleigh for not making a deal with Garcia to shut up. Don't let them play on your feelings,look at he facts and vote NO. It's YOUR hard-earned cash.
more of the same

Troutman, NC

#35 Jun 12, 2010
Good old el paso, never lets the taxpayer citizen go without another bond issue = tax increase.

For what?

Always "for the children"...blah, blah, blah and then all the district gets a pay raise.

Truth is, the current amount of tax paid to live in el paso compared to the quality of life, schools, local government, entities and services is way out of sync.

And here comes another "ask" to the poor people of el paso.

Vote NO on this "ASK" and make them take care of the "children" out of the current budget.

Would Garcia, et al, even consider a 10% pay cut across the board for the "children"...what a load of crap all of them are. Disgusting.

Looking for the first opportunity to get out of this hell hole.
Goose Step

El Paso, TX

#36 Jun 12, 2010
movin on wrote:
Sounds like the good old boyz political crap again, Mr Garcia must be a conservative and Shipper is using this as opportunity to make him self look good, but it is making him look like more of an idiot than normal. His political crap is why the women will rule in 2010 and 2012. His kind help my cause. My cause is supporting people that love and support their country, people like Sara Palin, Jan Brewer,Susana Martinez and Candy Rice. Keep goin, Shipper you are doing good
We will all watch, and we will all cheer as you and the rest of the Republican't Cretins Goose Step into oblivion! Be sure and high a marching band - one with lots of brass - morons and children are attracted to that! Patriotism is the first and last refuge of incompetent morons - hence the battle cry of Republican'ts and Tea Baggers!

Pea Ridge, AR

#37 Jun 12, 2010
What Shapleigh contends is true, and EVERY SINGLE PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT/SCHOOL IN TEXAS DOES THE SAME THING!!!! Perhaps it's time to overhaul the whole NCLB system; it is from NCLB that you get the whole unethical system in the first place. Schools/Districts are desperate to stay off of probation, so the books are cooked as it were.

Ironically, one of the mandates that NCLB insists on is the use of research-based teaching methods and ideology. Why is that ironic? I teach ESL. Research says it takes a person 5 to 7 years to master a language academically. So what's put into practice? Give them 2 to 3 years per state law and exit them. Then deal with the fallout when they fail the state/federally mandated exams. See the catch 22 here, folks?

The same state that gave us the 2 to 3 year law, now gave us a crazy funding law as well. Thanks a whole lot. BTW, I HATE that he tied a pay raise for me and my compadres into this thing. Most of us don't want it. We want more teachers so we can have fewer students (another one of those research-supported ideas), enough books, technology, and classroom space. And, yes, we want the low-wage workers (clerks, custodians, lunch-room workers) to get raises. The insurance hike has hurt them terribly. Yet, many of us don't want to support this administration because we don't trust them to do what's right for the students. See our catch 22?

If it's voted in, it will be our faults for being greedy. If it's voted down, believe me, administration, which has been pushing us like crazy to support this, will crack down on us like never before. See the catch 22?

The real losers in all of this? The students. Ultimately, they are the ones let down by the federal, state, and district political bodies.

Windham, NH

#38 Jun 12, 2010
What in El Paso is on the up and up? City and County governments? City council? Police and fire departments? City attorney's and Judges? 5 different property tax entities? Electric, gas and water conglomerates? EPISD and YISD?
The great tax dollar! Keep sucking more and more tax dollars to fatten your coffers and give you that feeling of power and super wages and benefits while the working class continue to exist on frijoles.
b teacher

El Paso, TX

#39 Jun 12, 2010
Chip wrote:
<quoted text>
The majority of retired educators and employees will VOTE YES!
They understand the shortcomings. Who do you think many of the ones voting?
Surprise retirees who know what the struggle entailed during their time employed
by the school district.
Not true, the majority want Garcia and thugs out and are voting NO!

El Paso, TX

#40 Jun 12, 2010
EPISD does not need more resources. I concur with Senator Shapleigh. Remove Lorenzo Garcia and hierarchy, clean up Bowie, give the southside a quality education like, Chapin Coronado and Franklin. The taxpayers have been duped long enough. Vote no on the TRE. EPISD quality of education, excellence, does not deserve or require additional funding.

Monument, CO

#41 Jun 12, 2010
Juarez ISD wrote:
On another note aren't you tired of paying for the education of the thousands of Juarez children that cross over daily to get a free education at El Paso schools?
The EPISD cannot be the Salvation Army of educating foreign nationals.
According to Muninet, Bowie is 99% Latino. It appears Bowie is a bigoted school for Latinos only. Courtesy of US tax payers.
EP Coach

El Paso, TX

#42 Jun 12, 2010
Thanks Senator! Maybe we will get relief and Garcia and cronies will look for employment elsewhere. We do not support the TRE. At EPISD we are puppets and our master Owen tells us what to do. VOTE NO on tuesday!!!!

El Paso, TX

#43 Jun 12, 2010
Did any see a bout a week ago about the early voting locations? There seems to be something new. "Mobile Voting"! This was presented as a voting "bus" that went to all of the major schools and the main offices on Boeing. It almost seems as though the EPISD personnel were told to go outside and vote yourself a raise. The rest of El Paso in EPISD voting areas will be too lazy to go to the polls on voting day.
The Tax will pass and you will pay.

El Paso, TX

#44 Jun 12, 2010
Erin wrote:
It’s quite obvious Shapleigh is a bigot. He can’t accept Hispanic kids applying themselves to succeed in the classroom. Instead of praising their success he insults EPISD leaders, the kids, their parents and teachers. And for Bulloch, "if" what she states is true, why wait 24 years to announce to the world that something might be wrong with the testing process? If true she is as much to blame for not stating her concerns earlier. It's people like these two malcontents that make the state of Texas laugh at El Paso.
You need the facts...Dr. Garcia has only been with EPISD approx 6 years. Bulloch saw the change 5 years ago. EPISD is run with terror and threats to job loss, teacher /employee civil rights are violated all the time. Senator Shapleigh has always been supportive of all children, he is not a bigot. Vote NO for change!

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