The Voucher Program WILL COST the Taxpayers A LOT MORE MONEY. Jindal is a RINO (Republican In Name ONLY). His New Education Reform WILL DUMB DOWN Our Kids. I know, for I've been a Teacher for OVER 30 years and have seen the State and Federal Government do this to OUR Kids for over 25 years now. I say, "ELIMANATE Dept. of Education PERIOD". The NEW Bill Jindal put in Place is even worst. Teachings of Communism, Dumbing DOWN even MORE than EVER! The Gov't needs to GET OUT of EDUCATION and the PARENTS need to DEMAND Reading, Writing, Spelling, Science etc. that WILL be taught like before 30 to 40 years ago. Did you know that in Jindals Bill that EVERY YEAR 10% of the 4 yr Degree Teacher will be FIRED and replace with "Teachers of America" that ONLY have 5 WEEKS of TRAINING? Sooner of later that will be ALL the teachers, NO 4 year Degree Teacher will be left. Yes, this is who will TEACH YOUR KIDS. WAKE UP AMERICA! We are heading FAST for 'The UN AGENDA 21 Plan" - ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.