Parents, activists rip school board

Parents, activists rip school board

There are 468 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Nov 8, 2007, titled Parents, activists rip school board. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Anti-war and free-speech advocates joined angry parents and students in their battle with Berwyn school district officials who may expel a group of students who took part in an Iraq war protest at a school last ...

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Brampton, Canada

#84 Nov 9, 2007
As I sit in my Toronto classroom, reading this, I can't believe what I'm seeing. I was first educated 100 miles west of where this is taking place. That school taught me about Freedom of Speech. Have these people not learned anything from history? From Viet Nam? I suspect that the only reason administrators are upset is that they had to shut down the cafeteria and lost out on the day's profit. Shame on school administrators who have forgotten about teaching in their focus on :"the bottom line." The Bill of Rights is not a dollar bill!

Micoud, Saint Lucia

#85 Nov 9, 2007
One must again ask the question, What the Hell Has happened to America? I am more outraged than usual because this is the most insane thing I have heard. Most of the adults, including school officials, were either High school or college students during Viet Nam. They know and understand the right of free speech and free assembly. This is just another attempt to get rid of America, the Constitution and those who have the courage to speak up and out against the occupation by those who have stolen our country, out Constitution, our money and our way of life. In other words those who have stoken our freedome.
Own It

Norwalk, CT

#86 Nov 9, 2007
That's part of standing up for what you believe in, accepting the consequences, unfair as they may be, to affect change.
Pat Hickey

Chicago, IL

#87 Nov 9, 2007
college teacher wrote:
the most troubling characteristic of American kids coming into the college system from US high schools in the past decade is their passivity and conformity, making them unable to solve problems creatively or to take control of their own learning. The crackdown in this case demonstrates how in the name of 'security' administrators any individual initiative that doesn't fit pre-constituted programs
That - that is the most disturbing thing??

Not that the kids are universally ignorant of the canons of literature, history, political science, & etc.- but that they are not fierce Chomsky Zombie's?

Where do you teach Bub? Must be some zoo.

Gurnee, IL

#88 Nov 9, 2007
Rules are rules! What part of that don't you bleeding heart liberals understand?!

Thay broke the rules and they are being punished...PERIOD!

Maybe you want them to be able to protest their curfew time or the fact that they have to drive the speed limit!

This country is going to hell in a hand basket and it's because of bleeding heart liberals that think these kids should be rewarded!
teacher and principal

Maywood, IL

#89 Nov 9, 2007
Would that the school had policies, and personnel to address these issues in a humane way? Children are sent to school for an education, if they cannot 'learn' in the regular setting there needs to be compassionate adults in other places in the schools which will help weave them more deeply into the social fabric of our country. I believe that school suspensions only increase the social alienation and educators need to have other plans.

Ashburn, VA

#90 Nov 9, 2007
I agree, it is improper to punish them. All through school we are taught about freedom of speech and freedom to assemble. In theory, if these are non-violent, then people are not punished. Are you jailed for attending a peaceful anti-war rally? Not usually. So the same should apply for the students.

But, then again, let's remember school is not about learning or freedom - it's about forcing every student to conform to be exactly the same as the student next to them - and to never invoke a moment of free-thought.

Free-thought could disrupt the lull this country has been placed in thanks to the schools.

Murfreesboro, TN

#91 Nov 9, 2007
See Kevin, posts like this can't be bothered with a response. "Never Drive a Hybrid" isn't even on point with this topic, all he can say is "Don't blame Bush" which, quite frankly, isn't the point and does nothing to bring about any resolution to the war. But, like a dog chasing his tail, he will repeat his mantra over and over because, it's all he has.

As for Million Air, well, I'm guessing hippies are a lot more fun than he is.
Kevin wrote:
To "Never Driving a Hybrid"-your lack of intelligence and care for others is stunning. Obviously you don't have children, don't have any family that have children, and don't care about anyone but yourself. DONT YOU GET the fact that taking care of the earth we have is not a political thing, but necessary for us to to survive and thrive? As we all get on board and start trying to leave this earth better than what we found it(rather than destroyed) you will be forgotten. A relic, they say. And, as far as "Million Air" and anyone on here trashing "hippies", tee hee, I think you are jealous, Obviously you were left out, and probably for good reason. I sure wouldn't have wanted to hang with ya! Small minded, you sure are. Good luck with that:))

Schaumburg, IL

#92 Nov 9, 2007
If you're a student you get suspended or expelled.
If you're an adult you go to jail.

Activists should always be prepared to accept the penalties.
As the saying goes: If you can't do the time, then don't do the crime.
H Sissac

United States

#93 Nov 9, 2007
If the punishment is based on GPA and athletic ability, what does that say about the people running the school. In this day and age of the "lunatics running the asylum" I am not surprised. That's how we got in the "war" in the first place
Ted Korbos

Chicago, IL

#94 Nov 9, 2007
When the hell did Dan Proft become a spokesman for District 201?

I ran for a District 201 school board seat in April 2007 and I have been to every school board meeting in the last two years. I have seen the name of every employee hired or who retired from the district (it is listed on the agenda).

Dan Proft, to my knowledge, does not work for District 201 and has never been hired by District 201.

Mr. Ruzich flubbed it in checking his facts or else the Tribune is trying to mislead people.

I ask that the Tribune correct this mistake. Dan Proft is NOT a spokesperson for District 201

Gurnee, IL

#95 Nov 9, 2007
Rules are rules! What part of that don't you people understand?! They broke the rules and are being punished for it!

Maybe you want them to be able to protest their curfew at home or the speeding laws or anything else that the poor little 16 year olds don't agree with!

This country is going to pot...And it's because of bleeding heart liberals that think that it's ok to break well defined rules of conduct!

Chattanooga, TN

#96 Nov 9, 2007
This is another step on the road to a police state where conformity is the rule. Never question any authority, even if they are an idiot.
It is drummed into the heads of the young at every stage in their lives and soon that is all they know.
Get Real

Cary, IL

#97 Nov 9, 2007
Let me see: I've PAID TAXES for teachers to teach and these kids decided to throw MY TAX DOLLARS away by protesting during the time when they should have been learning. If they were that dedicated to the protest, they could have done it on their own time.
Ted Korbos

Chicago, IL

#98 Nov 9, 2007
Why does the previous post show that I live in Detroit Michigan???

I live in Berwyn, Illinois.

Chicago, IL

#99 Nov 9, 2007
I applaud these kids. It just might be that they are really getting an education, which means being able to actually think about things and form opinions, and not just vocational training.

If there are to be consequences, let them be a sacking of the school board.

Had more adults had the guts to stand up and say no to the Bush misadministration's lies, we wouldn't be in this mess.
Jack Wilson

Cicero, IL

#100 Nov 9, 2007
Had this been a protest over illegal immigration you wouldn't have heard any 'first amendment' references, the ACLU would have been silent and the students would be sent to diversity training.
Jack Wilson

Cicero, IL

#101 Nov 9, 2007
Tim Krause wrote:
Only after George and Dick are suspended or executed for their treason and high crimes against our country
You might want to retract this one. This is stupid even for a liberal!
Keep driving your SUV

White Plains, NY

#102 Nov 9, 2007
Never Driving a Hybrid wrote:
Liberal wackos, please stop trying to pin the war on Bush. Congress is just as responsible, hold every one accountable, stop trying to make the republicans your scapegoat. Kerry and Hilary both voted for the war.
DOn't tell me you believe they were lied to. Wake up lefty wack jobs.
So, if Bush isn't responsible for the war in Iraq, then who is, Einstein? Kerry and Hilary? You probably believe Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. It's good you refuse to drive a hybrid. When gas hits $4 a gallon, you can spend $80 every time you fill up and help support your boys, Bush and Cheney. After all, they've been in the oil business, and their little friends, the Saudis, still are. Why don't you go sign up for a stint in Iraq? I think it might be an eye opener; then again, in your case it might not. If you're still screeching like a girl over Kerry and Hilary, you have no ability to learn.

Linden, IA

#103 Nov 9, 2007
If they are suspending and/or expelling students who participated in the demonstration; then ALL the students that participated should receive the same suspension and/or expulsion.

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