Lyndonville Schools: Teacher's nude p...

Lyndonville Schools: Teacher's nude photos taken by students

There are 92 comments on the Journal-Register story from May 3, 2007, titled Lyndonville Schools: Teacher's nude photos taken by students. In it, Journal-Register reports that:

Lyndonville school officials sent a letter to parents this week detailing the theft a teacher's private, self-posing pornographic pictures from her cell phone by students at the high school. via Journal-Register

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No More Bull

United States

#73 Jun 5, 2007
timbre wrote:
<quoted text>Guess what? The teacher HAS morals! She did nothing except love and care enough for her husband of 21 years to take some pictures for him to send to him while home on disability with their 2 year old. A wife and Mom of seven kids. Call her ignorant; I choose to call her TRUSTING. I am tired of people harping about STANDARDS. Last I knew, having a stable marriage and sex life was a healthy thing. People like you obviously don't know the full story. The teacher is totally in agreement that she made a mistake. If YOU make a mistake and leave your keys in your car is it your fault when a thief steals it? Can the thief blame you? How about the "high moral standards" of the public who continued to send the picture all over the country? Where is their sense of what is right and moral? This person has suffered enough public humiliation not to mention lawyer fees and now I hear she has removed herself from her position at the school. Please take some time to rethink your position. If more people would learn to forgive others for their mistakes and help restore people the world would be much better off. The teacher didn't even press charges in an effort to express that sentiment.
If I leave my keys in my car and it is stolen, my insurance tells me it won't pay me. If I leave my spare keys in my car locked and my car is stolen using those keys...they won't pay either. Sometimes it just sucks that way REALITY is. Plus...ever heard of a digital can even print the pix at home!!! Sounds more like you want to have a pity party...Grow up!

Since: May 07

Fairport, NY

#74 Jun 6, 2007
No More Bull wrote:
<quoted text>
If I leave my keys in my car and it is stolen, my insurance tells me it won't pay me. If I leave my spare keys in my car locked and my car is stolen using those keys...they won't pay either. Sometimes it just sucks that way REALITY is. Plus...ever heard of a digital can even print the pix at home!!! Sounds more like you want to have a pity party...Grow up!
No pity party,sir. Your insurance won't pay, but the criminal will still be prosecuted. That's my point.I am only suggesting a fair and reasonable assessment of the entire situation. You obviously have your views based on what little info you have gleaned and won't listen objectively to comments. It is unfortunate but as you say, reality sucks.

Since: May 07

Fairport, NY

#75 Jun 6, 2007
P.S. To No More Bull:
So what do you think are fair and reasonable consequences for all involved?
Brett Oregon

Vancouver, WA

#76 Jun 11, 2007
The teacher should be suspended one day with pay for bringing such material on school property and the thief should be expelled for the balance of the screw year for stealing.
oh yea

Vernonia, OR

#77 Jun 13, 2007
anyone know how i can see this pic lol

Canandaigua, NY

#78 Jun 19, 2007
This is the parents fault , they need to teach there kids respect for others , and this surly this has not been taught in that family,
She is lucky thats all she got (no jr. prom boo hoo). She should have got an ass whooping.

Canandaigua, NY

#79 Jun 19, 2007
Tell the parents to get a job a buy this "poor" kid a cell phone of her own and let her mail pix of her own tities .
italian wifey

Rochester, NY

#80 Jun 24, 2007
No More Bull wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't bleed for the "poor children"...I am sick of people not being held accountable for their behavior-especially the "educated and professional There was a reason that photo was on that phone...please figure that out for YOURSELF!!! If this were to happen in my workplace I'd be fired and I don't work with CHILDREN~!!!!!!!!!
the reason the pics were on the phone was due to the fact that her husband is overseas in Iraq - trying not to die for his country. she took some pics of just her breasts to send to him. my heavens what does the world come to. and then she lent the phone to a student during an EMERGENCY = unfortunately probably forgetting that they were there. I know that if I borrow someones phone - I have no business looking at anything but the keys to dial the number. Beyond that is snooping - that is ok though i see. Well next time I have to pee I will ask to use your bathroom and them rifle through your medicine cabinet and then blab all over the world about what you had in there.(wouldn't it be embarassing- hypothetically-if you were on valtrex, or viagara, or prozac - and I told) Don't be so one-sided. But yes the teacher should also have some accountablilty too. But dont anyone make it sound like she did it on purpose. I hope that noone here ever makes a mistake.

United States

#81 Jun 25, 2007
Her husband is not over seas. He is home on disablity with an injured back.

Buffalo, NY

#83 Jul 10, 2007
Ya know I live in Medina and grew up in Lyndonville and I've heard alot about this and seen the pics I personally feel that the students were wrong whether she lent them the phone or not hypothetically say a teacher invites a student and his parents over one evening and the student asks to use the bathroom after using the bathroom they go into the teacher's bedroom and finds private pictures of the same nature of this teacher and scans them and sends them to all their friend's E-Mail's would you still say it was the teacher's fault for letting them use the bathroom?? The teacher didn't give the student permission to enter their bedroom and This teacher didn't give the student permission to go through her phone so leave her alone and crack these kid's heads it's just wrong to screw someone over that tries to help you But that's just my humble opinion

Copenhagen, NY

#85 Sep 10, 2007
Dude Fools This Teachers is smoking if you got the pictures sell them on ebay there gold
Amanda Sullivan

Rochester, NY

#86 Sep 11, 2007
I used to have this teacher (before the cell phone incident) and everyone admitted that she was the best teacher the school has ever had. The a couple of idiots looking to steal her bright pink Motorolla Razor cell phone stole her keys, went inside her office, unlocked her desk drawer and stole it. The thief sent the photo to everyone on their baseball team... and they sent it on. Last year someone (most likely the same person) stole $200 from her wallet during the musical. My mom has known the teacher since college, the teacher's daughter's my best friend and the teacher's in a very successful family. The teacher is also my flute teacher; meaning I see her every week. She quit her job because she couldn't stand to look at the thief and think that she once trusted them. The teacher's spouse is retired, the teacher no longer has a job, their oldest child is in college and their 17-year-old is the only one making money, and not much at that. Everyone in our school misses this teacher... and if you knew this teacher, you would miss her as well. So whoever's saying it's all her fault, you're completely wrong. I know the REAL story and let me say that it's very very rude for you idiots to judge someone you will never meet. So keep that in mind... I can tell her what you people say.

United States

#87 Sep 13, 2007
You people who ask to see her pictures are immature and disgusting. There are plenty of people willingly showing their bodies on the internet--go there if you've never seen a breast before. I'm a Lyndonville parent and it's a shame what's been done to a moral, outstanding human being. Her mistake was not in taking pictures (we all have a private life we don't expect to be exposed) but in leaving them on the phone. I hardly think this was the first time these kids saw nudity and I'm sure they were not traumatized by it. Everyone needs to put this in perspective and stop acting like she raped the class. The whole thing is embarassing enough to her without your continued crucifixtion. Just imagine those bratty kids in YOUR home snooping to see what they can embarass you with.
And I've lived here for 20 years and never heard this town called "Lyndontuckey". WTF?

Otto, NY

#88 Oct 19, 2007
i live in that damn town aiite! first of all the lady whos pics got stolen was like my best friend she always was there to ppl who needed damn help and them whores who stole her phone had nothing better to do with thier damn life and did this shit. and yes to the getagrip lady most ppl call it lyntucky .. open ur ears and listen hun, seriously lyndonville is the dumbest down that ppl get overwhelmed by stupid shit and go on and on about it and make the biggest deal outta nothing. so to hopefully be the last word here. the teacher was my hero, the kids who stole it are back in school!!! shes gone for good!! not right ... they ruined her carrer but the ppl dont see that side of the story.



Otto, NY

#89 Oct 25, 2007
I believe the teacher should be punished. You dont let kids use your phone if you have dirty pics on it. It makes no sense. I did see the pic and all i can say is she;s hot if you like 40 year old women, i prefer younger people but hey thats me.

Fairport, NY

#90 Oct 25, 2007
asdfg wrote:
I believe the teacher should be punished. You dont let kids use your phone if you have dirty pics on it. It makes no sense. I did see the pic and all i can say is she;s hot if you like 40 year old women, i prefer younger people but hey thats me.
When will you people get it right????? The phone was STOLEN! Let it go. That's somebody's mother. Hope you don't get prosecuted for possession of stolen property. Sick that you want to be in other people's business like that. Just remember what goes around comes around. Look up the word voyeurism.

United States

#91 Oct 28, 2007
ok i go to the school the kids were punished, the teacher is no longer there, all of her kids who went there are getting teased, but guess what it's a new school year u people need to get over it already it's done and over with theres nothin u ppl can do about it so stop complain about it

Fairport, NY

#92 Jan 27, 2008
Nothing else to do in lyndonville except pry into the private lives of people...... teacher and children both. the picture was intended to be viewed by this woman and her husband only and that is no one else's business. i assume she does her job and is genuinely concerned for the betterment and welfare of children. she SURE does NOT teach for the great money. and, SO WHAT some students saw some breasts-those things designed to feed babies. the parents need to reprimand those children for stealing both personal and what would legally be considered "intellectual property". they also need to remind their children (assuming they ever taught them in the first place) to respect others.

Ormond Beach, FL

#93 Feb 12, 2008
Aaron wrote:
i wanna see these pictures
your gay

United States

#94 Mar 19, 2008
Ive seen the pics. Big dildo with her in one. Thats not the point, I was most concerned in learning that 2nd graders would pick this phone up and look at it and open it up because it was left right on her desk and it was hot pink. I think knowing she had those pics on her phone she should definately had them locked. or left it in her car. Do I think she should have had to leave her job no. but she was in the wrong bringing them into the school. Is it ok for a male teacher to bring a porno magazine into school in his brief case> No... The kids that stole the pics were in the wrong. and the way I heard it not all kids were punished that were involved..My concern was that little kids very easily could have seen these, they know how to operate these phones...

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