Principal pleads not guilty

Principal pleads not guilty

There are 21 comments on the - The Times Herald-Record story from Oct 28, 2010, titled Principal pleads not guilty. In it, - The Times Herald-Record reports that:

Washingtonville High School Principal Michael Rossi pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of having an inappropriate relationship with a Washingtonville High School student.

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Bridgewater, NJ

#1 Nov 4, 2010
Mr. Rossi is not guilty. He was my principal since 2006. I graduated in 2009 and I believe that Rossi is innocent. I trusted Rossi and I still do no matter what. He is an amazing principal and role model. All this stupid publicity about him is ruining what some people think about him. He is NOT a pedophile and never was. I mean, at the silent rally we had at New Windsor's court, teachers [from Hastings and Washingtonville], students [from Hastings and Washingtonville], and parents were there. Do you really believe that a man with a family that grew up in Washingtonville would sink to that level? No, I don't and I never will. As the facebook profiles say, "FREE ROSSI!" I will help free him of this monstracity of this stupid thing!

Belmar, NJ

#2 Nov 9, 2010
183 Main Street
Cornwall, Ny

Poughkeepsie, NY

#3 Dec 23, 2010
Mr. Rossi is innocent he was my principal
I graduated in 09. He is a great principal a great guy && a wonderful father to his son pat. There is no way in hell he did any of that. As I am told by people the kid that was involved has many problems && is a liar. Rossi been trying to help him graduate. I've know rossi for awhile now && he has helped me. He even helped me get through highschool && made sure I passed. He is a wonderful man && they should just let him go and leave him alone. && stop ruinin his rep && his family they dont need that their amazingly sweet people and what their doinq to them is wrong.

Jersey City, NJ

#5 Aug 10, 2011
brian wrote:
your wrong Mike Rossi reaches out to certain marginalized young boys and turns them into prostitutes and he is their pimp. Several young man talk about the same pattern of enticement . Michael Rossi shows an interest the boys are usually from broken homes and are marginal students.Rossi suspends and disciplines the students for various minor infractions and then plays on the boys by being their savior when in fact he is grooming them for the next process of his move which is getting the boys to trust him and then he spends lots of alone time with the boys even in his own private home where he asks the boys to work out while he masturbates did I mention the boys are removing their clothes as Mike Rossi promotes the boys to more stranger and intimate acts. Michael Rossi then pays his victims for their silence but the money is given as a gift. No one asked Michael Rossi for money he gives it to these boys and then he trolls the Sunoco in Washingtonville . In a professional capacity Michael Rossi may have been competent but he is a SEXUAL PREDATOR who grooms the boys till he can sodomize them. it has happended many times over the years. The boys remained silent and many will continue to be silent because Michael Rossi has the position and support of the community but he is still a heinous criminal. All praise should be given to Chief Richard Hovey of the New Windsor Police Dept because he has had courage to arrest Michael Rossi. God Bless Chief Hovy, but the Orange County District Attorney's Office goes easy on sexual predators in the schools and the police dept's ...
Wow, a little rambling at the end but Wow.

Cary, IL

#10 Aug 30, 2012
Is this the same cold blooded killer Michael Rossi that worked in John Wayne Gacys crawlspace with his cold blooded killing friend David Cram? Those 2 Gacys associates killed a lot of people in 1976-1978 in a quarry in Illinois. Illinois secetly blamed Gacy for the whole thing and then secretly cleaned it up. Rossi and Cram fooled the police back then. I hope the whole truth will come out now. It will be interesting to see how Illinois will handle this. Those were some rough times back then. Someone needs to ask Michael Rossi if he was the same Rossi who worked with Gacy and then ask him to turn himself and David Cram in. Search Rossi Cram Gacy shadowreports.

Warwick, NY

#11 Oct 12, 2012

Lake In The Hills, IL

#12 Oct 13, 2012
Joe, Did this Rossi ever admit to being the guy who worked for Gacy?

Warwick, NY

#13 Oct 18, 2012
Michake J. Rossi of New Windsor needs to take a POLYGRAPH and his buddy Francis Phillips Orange County District Attorney should be hooked up with him.They admit nothing but thier complicit actions and continued abuse and preying on children is proof of their sexual predictions.It will all be exposed because Rossi is a severe recidivist he can't help trolling.

Lake In The Hills, IL

#14 Oct 19, 2012
Holy crap, I have read stories about people looking for these Gacy guys for years. I hope they finally found one. The cops here are not admitting to the minimum 30 murders yet but some people are finally starting to believe it happened. Nobody knows the real total except the cops. I can't believe that the new cops would protect the old cops on something this evil. Let me say though that the cops did not do it on purpose back then, it was an honest mistake that happened because of loopholes. But they really need to fix it now and get Rossi and whoever else was helping him murder people.Is this Rossi really the Gacy guy though? Did he admit it? Someone thinks that they recognized him but 30 years have gone by, but he is pretty sure you got him now in New York.99 percent sure that is.
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Cary, IL

#15 Oct 24, 2012
If you call the Illinois police about my Deep Quarry Michael J. Rossi story in which I identified Michael J. Rossi with 99% certainty as being one of the mass murderers, beware of the canned statement “THERE ARE NO REPORTS” by the police, this is a canned statement with double meaning potential. Look out for any deceptive canned statements that may have multiple meanings. I hate to say this but in 2-1/2 years I am still waiting for the first honest words from these guys regarding any of my encounters with John Wayne Gacy, David F. Cram and Michael J. Rossi and they were all doozies. The green light was given back in 1979 to dupe the public and this has set an unfortunate precedence that is still continuing today. You can't fight city hall, but I am trying. I would try harder but I am afraid of many people at this time. Everybody knows what happens when you fight the government TOO hard!
Rossi and Cram have families too. I have to watch my step. This is not easy
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Cary, IL

#17 Dec 5, 2012
The realization of slander lawsuits on behalf of a mass murderer in regards to Deep Quarry may unfortunately be a textbook example to show the people the grotesquely magnified effects of a non-investigated major crime, to show the people the magnified ill effects of the misuse of the blue code of silence, and it also serves to show the people how even a mass murderer can be multi-protected by the laws that were designed to protect honest people. Mr. Michael J. Rossi, who was Gacy’s employee, wherever he is, is sitting smug right now (as was Mr. David F. Cram and potentially others), multi-protected by; 1) The non-investigation of the late 1970’s mass murders covertly and incorrectly blamed on John Wayne Gacy. 2) The blue code of silence; 3) The potential volley of attorneys, through no fault of their own, who are willing to work for free, willing to take up the cause of protecting a mass murderer from “supposed” slander simply because there are “no reports”. 4) The potential Judges and Jurys, through no fault of their own, who can falsely and unjustly punish witnesses, simply because non-disclosure and non-investigation was the chosen and protected plan in 1979. All of these reasons can falsely prosecute the innocent, tie up the court systems, waste tax dollars and bring to public spotlight witnesses whose desires were to always remain anonymous for the safety of their family from lunatics and sympathizers. Unjustly finalized slander suits would be another coffin nail in the ethical protocols of justice, the protection of victims and witnesses rights, and the system of due process. If anyone needs legal protection from the misuse of power it is the people, and NOT the criminals. This all could have been avoided with simple honesty in government that used strict proper protocol. There are no valid reasons to protect the interests of a mass murderer. Is this Michael J. Rossi the same guy who worked for John Wayne Gacy? I am 99% positive but not 100% positive, I need a little help and absolutely nobody will help me.
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Cary, IL

#18 Jan 31, 2013
none shadowreports posts

Cary, IL

#20 Mar 28, 2013
The petitions shown above were cancelled but may return with required changes.

Rossi is more than just a predator. He looks just like the guy I remember from Deep Quarry in Dupage County, a confidential mass murder site that Illinois is covering up because politicians screwed up on the grandest scale possible and they won't admit it. These were powerful people who screwed up and now powerful people are protecting them because they have awards, history, and clean records. These are sad times. In the end I believe that key old and new politicians regarding Deep Quarry won't give a damn about the truth because it may tarnish their image. Witnesses are being sent away while mass murderers go free. Due to fear of the government I have to stay calm but it is very difficult. For a long time this covert coverup has made me look like a liar and a storyteller. I don't know what to do!
blue stocking

Monticello, NY

#21 Apr 9, 2013
is ernest jackson,kerry saueer,carl poff,lee harris
all close associate of michael rossi.what about
brian egan all involved in wrestling and getting
close to boys especially boys who are from single
parent homes.

Warwick, NY

#23 May 16, 2013
none shadowreports

Cary, IL

#24 Nov 21, 2013
It is starting to look like NY is as corrupt and evil as Illinois. God help us all.
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Cary, IL

#25 Dec 4, 2013

We the undersigned citizens of the United States of America believe in honesty in government and demand to know the truth in regards to the government cover up of the late 1970’s mass murder site at what is now known as Deep Quarry in Dupage County Illinois. Due to decades of stonewalling by high level Illinois officials with conflicts of interest we demand that a federal probe be launched in order to get to the truth as to this heinous mass murder site at the aforementioned quarry that was never properly investigated nor disclosed to the public. We believe that the true perpetrators are still free.
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Cary, IL

#26 May 23, 2014
The way it was explained to me, explained second hand that is, is that the police secretly removed 20-something drowned victims, young men to be precise, from a “small lake near Chicago” and that supposedly all the families were notified (please see my earlier postings). The fact that I saw a woman and a few older guys abducted, struck down and then disappear means that the police were even lying to their own men about what was really going on. This information came from a now retired high level cop soon after I contacted the Bartlett P.D. in 2010 regarding my approx 1975 Sunrise Lake incident with Gacy. About 2 weeks after I reported this incident there was a cement truck in front of the Sunrise Lake building that Gacy had taken me into, and shortly after that Daniel Noe was supposedly discovered by hunters in Utah; Noe was a young man who looked exactly like one of the men who I witnessed murdered by Cram and Rossi in 1978. Several interesting coincidences indeed that puts Tom Darts and John Zaruba’s team UNDER PUBLIC QUESTIONING, and that is exactly where I plan to put them. I have no qualms with calling a liar a liar. A witness should never have to fear the exposing of governmental lies that protects mass murderers such as Michael J. Rossi and his buddies. In a perfect society, a witness should never have to fear corruption however perfection is OBVIOUSLY NOT what our governments wants in this matter.

The quarry in Bartlett where I encountered Gacy and his associates at FOR YEARS in the Northwest suburbs is certainly “near Chicago”.
That quarry also fits the bill as to Gacy’s statement to Elrod at the time of his arrest that bodies “..were dumped… into a lake…”, a statement Gacy later recanted.
That quarry also fits the bill as to Frank Mains Becker-Stephenson article regarding the associates going to where “bodies were all over the place”.
That quarry is also where I took a murder weapon from Cram and Rossi in 1977 that I turned over to the authorities. This weapon also matches the rods I saw in Gacy’s trunk.
Probable cause exists in many facets of this heinous matter, yet our government refuses to lift a single finger to investigate this, or so it seems.

At that EXACT timeframe that this quarry was being cleaned up I had a friend in Hanover Park (John Whitten aka John Jensen) who supposedly drowned in a quarry near Elgin somewhere. If John Whitten was a murder victim at Deep Quarry and if the government spread out these victims throughout several counties and then lied to the public where they really found these victims then this would implicate the Feds and the state. There are very few people who could order separate counties in Illinois around.. the feds, the governor, and that is about it. This is high level corruption by men who probably thought they were doing the right thing but screwed up instead, men whose proclaimed history is OBVIOUSLY more important than the lives of the past, PRESENT and FUTURE murdered and molested victims at Deep Quarry, NY, IL, MI and who knows where else; the “where else’s” we may never know because the liars are good…. very very good….and very very important…OBVIOUSLY.

Witness stand anyone else besides me?
-Felix Francis Marcus, Eyewitness to mass murder.
you be the judge

Cary, IL

#30 Jul 1, 2014
You be the judge.
Is this the same Rossi from 1987 and 2010?
you be the judge

Cary, IL

#31 Jul 1, 2014
You be the judge.
Is this the same Rossi from 1978 and 2010? ...

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