Hi, I'm a final year student studying Product Design Engineering at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. For my project I am considering how to increase engagement within STEM for students in this age range by using product design to produce a product which can initiate and facilitate a problem solving group work experience for young students. I plan to use the product in an extra-curricular environment in groups such as Young Engineers, scouts, guides etc. I'd be very interested in hearing experiences of teaching STEM and encouraging people of this age to become involved and more engaged in the area of STEM. I also have a couple of surveys which I'd be grateful if anyone could spare a few minutes to complete.

This survey is for adults involved in running STEM activities;

This survey is for students aged 14-19 to complete and simply gauges their opinions on the area of STEM;

Any help or comments you could give related to this area would be of massive benefit to my project. Thank you for helping.